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2003-Nov./Dec. Mamas and Babies (New Thread)

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Poor Jessica has a super upset belly tonight. Nothing I do seems to help. I've had her laying on her belly across my lap, I've had her over my shoulder, lying on her belly on my arm while I carry her around. She acted like she wanted to nurse so I popped a boob in her mouth - a few minutes later she spewed all over me. Of course after all that she really was hungry so she nursed again. She wants to suck on something but when she gets too much milk she brings it all back up again. I finally gave her a pacifier and she really settled down. Oh, I gave her some mylecon too and that didn't do anything. I sure hope this doesn't keep her up all night. If I don't get some sleep soon I'm going to burn out.
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Sorry to hear about her gas... I hate nights like that, where you KNOW you aren't likely to get much sleep!

Here is the first smile of Iris' to get caght on film...


She has her first cold, it's sad to see her so snuffly.

I started exercising this week, but I'm 8 weeks pp now. Doing the elliptical machine and crunches... I want to wear my jeans!
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the disability office is really slow, I've only received two checks so far, one was for the first 4 weeks, and the second check I got two days ago covered 11 days... they dont' stop to think that I've been out of work since OCTOBER, and its actually MY MONEY they're so slow in handing back.... really gets to me!
i KNOW what you mean!! i got a phone call 2 days ago from the disability insurance office wanting to double-check my info...and he said i wasn't SUPPOSED to get a check until FEBRUARY!!! but that he was going to send me an advance check since i need it NOW...that was nice of him. So hopefully i will get a check within a week or so. I've been out of work since November 15th. you wouldn't happen to be using UnumProvident insurance? that's who I'm with, and dang are they taking forever!

5 hours sleep? 6 hours sleep - is this all at ONE TIME girls? SHUT UP!!!
probably not tonight!! Sage has been sleeping most of the day. When i laid down to nap with her, she woke up, so we played and read Dr. Seuss...she's sleeping again and i know she won't sleep any tonight. she'll be up nursing all night. I just know it.

Poor Jessica has a super upset belly tonight.
try bouncing her on your lap...that seems to make Sage feel better. she also likes it when she's on her back and i put my arm under her legs and lift them up and down. it keeps her from crying, anyway.
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This is going to sound totally stupid, but it really is working - My fil has this old Mexican "cure" that his mother gave him. It is an old silver dime on a string and there are four snake bones on either side of it. Kinda creepy but FIL's mom always swore by this for gassy babies. It is a necklace and supposedly when you put it on it has some sort of "healing" properties and makes the babe feel better. We used it (as a last resort) with Danielle and darned if it didn't work. She calmed down and slept for the first time in weeks. I dug it out again tonight and put it on Jessica and she fell asleep. Maybe it's all in my head but at least she isn't screaming in pain anymore.

Sagewinna - Iris is a doll! And I love that tye-dye gown - so cute! Jessica is smiling like that at me (I'm special because she doesn't smile for anyone else ) but I can't get it caught on film. I totally know how you feel about wanting to fit into your jeans. I went out a few weeks ago and bought a couple of pair from WalMart that are larger than what I wore prepreg just so I could wear jeans. I weigh less now than I did prepreg, but my shape won't let me get into my prepreg jeans just yet - at least not comfortably anyway. I sort of like to be able to breath when I put my pants on :LOL
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Iris has a beautiful smile!
I nursed angel in the tub last night, she loved it. she wouldnt take her eyes off me. I love when she stares at me.
She was very gassy last night too. I tried the drops and exercising her legs. She eventually calmed down.
gotta take care of my boy
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Yay--I am finally NAK! Thank you Maya Wrap...I decided it was time to really start slinging this contact-needing baby.

Sherri--I think that's a talisman. I consider it akin to prayer power. If it works, use it! I hope you get a little more peace and rest soon.

Tammi--my ds has yet to show anger at baby. He's been frustrated enough to hit me once or twice...Almost every time I sit to nurse her I knock myself out talking up her big brother, though. People have also been really great about bringing him little gifts when they come to see Meryem, and he's designated gift opener in the house. He also has "jobs," including clean diaper-getter and a few other things--and any time I can include him in anything I remind him that it's something Meryem is still too little to do.

Of course, it's only been 2 weeks. But, believe it or not, I am comfortable leaving them for a shower!!! His job is to alert me if she cries. My little nerdy hall monitor...:LOL
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Jonathan wasn't showing anger the times he has hit/kicked her so far. In bed yeaterday morning I have no clue since we were both still sleepy.
I cant ask him to help out much cause he totally doesnt ever listen to me when I talk about anything. You'd think he was deaf sometimes.
He did see her binky the other day (he's a binky lover) and I asked him to give it to daddy for angelica and he did bring it out to him.
He tells me when she's crying too.
I don't try and shower when i'm home alone cause I want it all to myself and Jonathan would want to get in with me.

I have to tell you all this story:
For a couple of weeks Jonathan has been lifting his shirt and saying "belly" to me and trying to lift my shirt. So I would let him and we would touch bellies.
After a few days I knew for sure it was because he sees my belly everytime I feed Angelica.
It's very cute when he does it. I feel bad when he tries it while i'm feeding the baby.
Last night we went to sleep with our bellies touching. That was the first time he laid on top of me and stayed there.
Once or twice I did notice him put his open mouth on me and it occured to me last night when he did it again(on my arm) that maybe he did it cause he sees angelicas mouth on me.
Got to go feed my boy while my girl is asleep.
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You're right--he's likely not mad, but trying to figure out whe whole deal. It really is a whole new production, isn't it? Ds was concerned about having all the "baby stuff" in order before Meryem came, since that's what he saw in friends' homes with babies. It threw him when I didn't get a bunch of bottles ready, and he still tries to share crackers etc with baby. It's a long adjustment, going from baby to big brother. And we make it out to be so exciting (cause it is to us), but in fact that baby is quite boring most of the time.

Except when she is squalling, and then ds covers his ears.
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Today I am so happy that I post so much and tell all of you everything that goes on in my life.
I have barely filled out any of Angelica's baby book and would not remember half of what i've typed here or dates for sure!

Sherri starting a new thread has made me fish through the old one before it someday gets pruned out.
Not a bad thing Sherri.
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Just wanted to share for a minute - my talisman worked wonders last night. Right after we put it on her, she calmed down and rested. She ate at 10:00, was asleep by 10:15 and slept till (are you ready for this?) 5:45 Today is the first time in I can't remember how long that I actually woke up feeling rested! Today we are going shopping for a sling of some sort - hopefully I'll find one in town so I don't have to wait for it to be shipped. Oh, she woke up, ate, went back to sleep until 8:30, ate again and is still asleep and it's 10:45 now. I think she only woke up at 8:30 because she had totally soaked her diaper, sleeper and my sheet (that's another thing I'm getting today, a sheet protector to put under her:LOL )

The baby acne is finally going away. She still has a little bit on her cheeks, but not near as much as there was.

Have to go dress my naked toddler. I think her favorite part of bathtime is getting out and running around the house naked :LOL
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I saw another baby bjorn on the tp for 40 bucks! you should get it if its still available
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sage is sleeping a ton today, and pooping a ton too, lol.

tammi~i hear ya on the baby book thing! i can't remember the last thing i ate, let alone what happened which day.

my mom is paying to get pics made at walmart when the photographer comes next week. that means we get to go pick out a cute dress!! the only one she has is her christmas dress, and she's already outgrown it. it was a preemie dress anyway.

gotta go try to do some chores:
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OMG Sherri--that is amazing. Seems she was just as tired as you!

I arranged the clothing gifts last night before bed. My girlie is going to be a clothes horse...I can definitely see not even bothering with some of the stuff and passing it on new to the next cousin. I can't wait to find out whether my sister's having a girl or a boy.

Our well baby check (2 week, even though she'll be 3 wks tomorrow : ) is this afternoon. She's getting the hep shot . She's also definitely gearing up for growth spurt #1.
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I feel youor pain 1jooj. Angel has to get a shot today too.
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Is anyone not doing shots at all?

I'm so tired, and so worn out from this colic business, I don't know what to do anymore, I should probably get Gillian back to the chiropractor for another adjustment, but other than that my avoiding certain foods etc... has not helped at all. Little tummy massages help a little.....
Gillian has recently started to latch on, take two sips and PULL herself off the booby, this is at night, and goes on and on and on, till my nipples feel like they've been twisted and squeezed in a vice grip! I'm not sure why she's doing that, perhaps to try ease her tummy aches.... perhaps the milk is coming too fast or too slow....... I need to figure it out before I CUT my boobs OFF....

I bought some WAY cheap fabric at Walmart yesterday, I'm gonna try make a back carrier for Gillian.... I also bought a pack of 30 washclothes for $5 - I'm going to serge them in half, and use as baby wipes, I have very few right now, and have to resort to disposable wipes every so often.

Well........ I'm off to see if I can get a nap in. (Gillian latched and pulled from 10pm - 1am last night, then was screaming from 1am to sometime after 4am - dh took over at 4am, when he woke me at 5:30 she was ready for booby again)
Don't know what I'm going to do when I go back to work!!
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Chelly - I so totally understand what you are going through. It sounds exactly like what I went through with Danielle - right down to the nipple pulling - OUCH!!! I was lucky that I didn't have to work because there's no way I would have made it. Something we tried, and it helped a bit was giving her Mylecon drops, then having a nice warm bath before bed, a nice belly massage and a good "attempting to burp" session. Between the drops and bath, it seemed to relax her enough that she could release some of the gas in her belly and she didn't scream as much. I know it's horrible now, but trust me, she'll grow out of it soon and you really will look back on this later and think, "It really wasn't that bad" Oh, another thing I did was I started pumping about an ounce before I'd nurse her - this did two things, it increased my milk supply, and it gave her less foremilk and more hind milk which for some reason was more settling to her tummy. She spit up less and had much less gas. It also might have been that with the pumping, it made the boob softer and easier for her to latch onto so she didn't get as much air as she did when she tried to latch on to a fuller boob. Just a couple of things that you might try. Couldn't hurt anyway. I hope poor Gillian gets over this soon. It's hard on both of you.

Not to rub it in or anything, but last night Jess nursed at 10 and she slept untilaround 2. I thought she was hungry but when I tried to nurse her, she didn't want it. She just wanted to be close to me. I laid down with her and she slept until 5:45 - that was when she nursed finally. Then she slept until 8:30 and boy oh boy did she eat then!!! That's two nights in a row of great sleep. I don't know what to do with myself.......
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We haven't even been to the dr. yet, just had midwife exams! I am going to at least delay vaxing for a year, not sure if I will selectively vax or not at all.
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Is anyone not doing shots at all?
We are not. Ds1 was vaxed through 9 months. Dd not at all-until she fell and cut her forehead a couple of months ago and got the tetanus vax, which I am still not convinced was necessary.

DH I'm sure will want Felix to have some vax but I'm not planning on him getting any

Gillian has recently started to latch on, take two sips and PULL herself off the booby,
Could she have thrush? I have read that babies do this when they have thrush.

Felix has fussy, gassy periods at night. Last night I found that it helped if I held him upright with his back to my chest and my arms around his belly fairly tight.

I am sooo tired and having a hard time dealing with Axel and Elsa - not to mention DH. He works ALL the time, and is not helping with the housework and I am really angry about it. He barely spends time with Felix . At least he does spend a lot of time with the other 2.
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He works ALL the time, and is not helping with the housework and I am really angry about it. He barely spends time with Felix . At least he does spend a lot of time with the other 2.
I totally hear you, PL. Dh barely has time to hold Meryem--and if he's into something with ds I hate to ask him to hold her (while I pee, for example) because time is too precious to ds too, kwim? I don't want to interrupt. And forget housework. Ds and I do some together when Meryem is sleeping, and that's all that gets done all week. Of course, the couple of times dh did help out while he was on leave, he broke the belt on the vacuum (sucking up socks...I mean, really) and cracked the lint trap on the dryer (smacking it over his knee to get the lint out--can you imagine?). How much help do I want?: Dh is also becoming very bitter about not having the time to be together with us. With ds it did not matter--but now he is very jealous of the time we get.
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I confess,I only skimmed the last few pages and this one.sorry.Our computer is losing it.I just wanted to check in.All is well here.Does anyone else feel like their baby is WAY bigger than his/her peers?Eve seems HUGE!!!!!!
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