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thanks for the advice, bec. i'm mainly just taking walks and working my booty a bit (the only thing keeping me outta my pre-preg jeans at this point! ) right now. i'll check with my midwife before anything too drastic.
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i hope today is better for you.
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I returned to work today. Let me just say, even though I make diddley squat (diddly squat added up to $10,000 in 2003) at my job, I am glad I have it. I choose my hours, I work half from home, and I can take Meryem, at least for now.

I only put in 2 hours in the office, but I made a few phone calls and took it all in...I think we're going to be OK. My boss popped his head in to say hello (he didn't know I was coming in today and didn't want to badger me about when I was returning but I saw he was glad to have me back), and coworkers said nice things like "welcome back." Wow.

Ds had a great time with his cousins, too.

Might go back again tomorrow.
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Hi girls,
Gosh I've been out of the loop for a while, I had a sick baby for a week, she had a cold and wasn't sleeping too well.
She's all better now, finally took a pasifier, so daddy can help comfort her.
I'm going back to work on the 23rd - I'm SO not looking forward to it.......
I've not had a chance to read back through all the posts..... I'll try later or tomorrow. I hope everyone is well....
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Thanks WW! I was able to mostly take it in stride. It's almost so ridiculous as to be funny, kwim?

And today was better. We took Emily in for her 8 week checkup. She was 9lb, 10oz. She looked like a totally different baby than two weeks ago.

And today was the first day she didn't need any formula! I'm hoping for only mama's milk from here on out! Now I just want to build up a stash!

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Congrats bec! What an awesome milestone for you to have already hit!!!
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Bec, that is so wonderful, I am so happy for you. Your such a great momma!

Thank you so much for your kind words everyone. I so feel the love here .

We are doing great here. Slept almost all morning. He is so happy and smiling now, how cute is that? He actually gained 5 ounces in five days! He is now 11'3.

The meds are a blessing and the sling (a hug a bub) is a huge help. I am still wearing him about 6 hours a day but he is not screaming or hurting. I am going to be one buff woman, I did 8 loads of laundry wearing him the other day :LOL . I was so worn out.

My two year old has a horrible virus, my sweet dh stayed home to help today. He was so sweet to do so.

Hugs to everyone and someday I'll be able to post more.
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Jenny and Bec -
Lots of good news!

Often when I am holding Felix or lying next to him, he will turn away from me and look just beyond my shoulder and start smiling and cooing I think he has a friend that no one else can see! Even when he was only a week or two old he would stare "beyond" me as if there was something really interesting. What could be more interesting than me, though?:

Are you mamas using birth control now ? I haven't gotten my period yet and don't really expect to (didn't get it till ds1 was 15 months and then when dd was 26 months). Dh wants to use condoms but I HATE condoms. Of course, I don't really want to get pregnant again now.
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I got a diaphragm last week as even though I'm nursing I get periods soon after. I also chart but don't have the self control it requires.

Anyway my 10wk old is now 12 lbs. She is such a good baby. She smiles and talks alot. She also laughs in her sleep. We are starting to get out of the sleep deprivation stage. Emma is a better sleeper than my other kids I have to make her nurse at night for my comfort. Although when she does stay up it is to 4 in the morning.
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Birth control? That would only be necessary if i was having sex! It's not been from lack of desire, it's just been hard to get organized enough so that our bed is empty!:LOL

I've been thinking of charting, though as my birth control. I will probably back up with condoms until I get used to it, though. I only charted for two months before getting pregnant with Emily. I really don't want to go back on birth control pills, that much I know.

Which brings me to another question. How important is it to have that 6 week post partum visit to the OB? Did anybody skip it? I'm not going back to that practice (they're the ones that missed Emily's cleft palate), but haven't had that visit.

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Birth control.Good question.I didn't get my period back til dd1 was 17 mo.Hopefully,especially nursing 2 that will happen again and longer.I'm going to nurse,chart,and may get those cool Cycle Beads too...and cross my fingers a lot....(should we ever have sex again...): :LOL
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hmmmm...i'm with bec on the bc :LOL .

ellie had her 2mo visit today. (i guess it's really 9 weeks? i've already lost track.) she was 13lbs. dd1 and dh came along. i was really glad to have dh there. dd1 went for her 3 yr appt. poor thing is just scared to death of the dr. she hadn't been since she was 2, but i think she remembers the shots she got (we stopped about 15 or 18mo) and she is terrified just to be in the room and then the scary dr (really a _very_ nice and gentle man -- reminds me a bit of steve from "blue's clues) gets out his stethoscope and flashlight and looks at her!!! poor thing is just hysterical and beside herself no matter what we do. she sat on my lap for the whole thing, too. oh well, probably won't go back for another year for her to be examined. ellie was fine and barely cried. we're at least postponing vaxes and skipping some definitely, so no needles today. he just checked her out. maybe if dd1 sees dd2 being okay with getting checked out on the next visit she won't freak out so much. probably too much to wish for.

bec, i don't know about the 6 week postpartum visit. if you're feeling okay it probably isn't too big of a deal if you didn't tear badly or anything. you could post on the midwives board and ask their opinion. i can't remember what all they checked on me, but it didn't seem like a big deal. congrats on the pumping success, too, way to go!

jenny, glad leland is responding so well to the meds. 8 loads of laundry with him in the sling. i am sooooo impressed!

well, i've once again failed to keep up with this thread, but i hope everybody else is doing well!
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yay, bec! that's great! i'm looking to build up a stash for the katie monkey, myself, but i only have a manual pump. a friend was going to lend me her pis, but i haven't heard from her about it. argh...
birth control, eh? my midwife prescribed me the mini-pill already (so i could get them before my medicaid runs out) and told me i could start taking it right away, but i think i'm going to wait until k is at least 3 months old. we bf on demand, so i'm not too worried about getting pregnant at this point, plus i don't want a period again so soon!
we've already starting talking about the next babe we're going to have! it's so silly, we were going to try to put 3 years between them, but now we're all excited and loving being parents and have decided we're going to start "not preventing" after her first birthday! :LOL
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so glad to hear everyone is doing well!! bec~~that's awesome news about your milk!! congrats!!

I've been spending all my on-line time doing our taxes and playing star wars galaxies, (what an addictive game!) Finally got the taxes done, though, and WOW what a difference having a baby makes in the refund amount!!! LOL.

I'm going back to work Monday. I hate this job sooo much. I've tried finding something else, but haven't had any success yet. At least I only have to work this job 2 days/week instead of full time. But i know i'm going to be a weepy mess anyway. just thinking about leaving my baby makes me sad
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Christy~ I am so sorry. I know how you feel. I felt the same way every time I had to go back to work. It was terrible. Allow time to be sad about it, being sad is such a good response to have when leaving your baby. Sending you good vibes.

BC? Well, my dh (who is now my hero) is getting a vasectomy. On Valentines weekend no less!

I got one depo shot at my 8 week appointment. My period started at 5 weeks ppd. I am a fertile Goddess. I figured I would get pregnant in the three months it takes to make sure there isn't any live ones. I had to make sure I couldn't get pregnant agian.

I know my limit, and I am at it .

Funny enough, we are still both a little sad. I would have loved another girl. We had finally just figured out the birth process. It is bitter sweet. I my sweet DH, he is such a good man for this.

Can you tell we love our sling? It is so easy to post now. He sleeps in this thing all day. And I get to post on MDC guilt free

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Christy - I'm so sorry you have to go back to that job. My advice would be to keep looking for something better. If you have to work, you should at least be able to work at a nice place. Good luck.

I've been looking in my fridge all day, and the nice line of bottles filled with milk that I have produced for my baby! She is totally off the formula (has been for about 5 days now), and is about as content as a baby could be. Other than my nipples being extraordinarily sensitive right now, I'm fairing pretty well. I cut out one of my pumpings, because it was getting too hard to wake up for. I actually saw a slight increase in production, afterwards, so I think it is an all right thing. I'm starting to have to think about milk storage and all that. I know that freezing kills some of the antibodies in breastmilk, so I'm thinking that I will be have a rotation of some frozen and some fresh, once I have an adequate stash built up. I should really post some of my questions over at the breastfeeding board. I'll do that soon!

And we managed to get our taxes done this weekend. We can't actually file yet, because we still haven't received Emily's SS#, and you can't get the deduction without it.

I told you all about my dog puking on me last week? The car, while cleaned, still smells. I'm hoping some Febreeze will take care of it. Anyway, the poor thing started yelping on Thursday night. We didn't think much of it (he's a weird dog), but on Friday morning, I touched his muzzle, and he yelped again in pain. After calming him down, and reassuring him that he wasn't in trouble and I didn't hurt him on purpose (he's a shelter dog, with a suspected history of abuse), I was able to feel around gently on his jaw, only to discover a big hard lump.

I had to take him into the vet to have it looked at. I wasn't able to find a babysitter, so had to bring both girls and the dog. To top it all off, the base for the infant carrier was in dh's car. The carrier can be installed without the base, but it is a gigantic pain in the a$$. I'm still not sure I did it properly. The vet thought it was just an infection and gave me some antibiotics to try. They seem to be helping. He isn't in pain anymore, and the lump is going away. Unfortunately, the antibiotics they gave me were $100 for a 2 week course! It's a good thing the dog has cute ears and my toddler is so attached to him. Next time I'm asking for the generic brand of medicine.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a fabulous week!

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Glad to hear she's off the formula for good now!
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Hello Girls....... I'm still trying ot catch up!

Christy, I have to go back to work on the 23rd, I'm not looking forward to being away from my baby for 8 hours a day 5 days a week - its going to be HORRIBLE... my dh and I are trying to work out a schedule where he can work from 2pm - 10pm and I'll work from around 5:30am till 1:30pm..... its going to be tough.

Gillian had her first doctors appt on Monday, (just over 10 weeks old) she weighs 13 pounds, and is now 24 inches long - growing like a WEED.... I'm very happy, I've always been a little nervous about not being able to see how much she drinks...... (she's only had a bottle three times)

Birthcontrol: We use condoms and always have, I can't take the hormone things they mess with me too much, and I had an IUD a few years ago - it made my period horrible painful and very heavy bleeding..... DH wants to get snipped, I'm not too sure about that, not because I want more children, but I'm worried about the side effects of that.

COngrats Bec on the milk, that must have been really hard work! I can barely pump 4oz a day or should I say WEEK... I've been trying to build up a stash since december, and I only have about 20oz so far..... as for milk storage and handling, you guys should all check out the Kellymom website.

I'm getting a Kozy Carrier soon, I can't wait .... I've been on her waiting list since december!!

Well, I'm off to the breastfeeding board, I need to find out when babies can take milk at room temp...... anyone here know?

Take care all................
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Hi Chelly!
I didnt know there was a certain age for babies and room temp milk. LMK what you find out.

Angelica had a dr appt Monday. She is doing well. Got her 4 shots. Not looking forward to the next appt.
She is still getting the yeast problem in her little neck rolls.
Seems the lotrim was keeping it at bay. When it got better i stopped using the lotrimin(couldnt find it for a few days) but i was still washing her neck with the babygreens solution that has tea tree oil in it.
Her dr said to keep it clean and dry till she gets a neck then it should stay away for good. I giggled at that knowing how hard it is to get in there and clean it all the time.
So my big girl at 2 1/2 months weighs a whole 10 lbs 2 oz and is 21 inches long. Shawn was only 9-3 and 20 3/4 in. at this age and Jonathan was 12-6 and 23 1/2 in. Funny how are babies can be so different.
She talks all the time now, laughs and smiles from ear to ear.
It so cool to see her be happy. The other day i noticed her trying to lift her head forward while she was sitting in her highchair.

Jonathan is finally learning to use the potty. All day today he glad went without even being asked if he had to go. The other night he came into me jumping up and down holding himself saying "mama, pee pee, potty" a couple of times. Paul was in the bathroom with the door shut.
Gotta go cuddle my babe and go to sleep.

No bc here yet. Just condoms.
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I plan to go in and have the Mirena IUD put in in a couple more weeks. It applies hormone to the uterus only, just enough to thin the uterine lining a lot (which can lessen your period too, possibly). It needs to be changed every 5 years, though, where the regular IUD is 10 years. I think this is my best choice.

One of Meryem's tear ducts has opened, so now only one eye gums up overnight. She's getting so big. I have no idea how big, but she tries to stand on her legs when you hold her up, and the talking and big grins are so wonderful! She even rolled herself over twice!--not really on purpose, I am sure, but her little body is very strong.

I think she went through 15 diapers yesterday. : This girl can really poop.
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