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Hey Tammi, I dont' think there is a set age for drinking room temp milk, but I'm sure you can't do that at birth, and I would think the digestive system and body needs to develop a little to accept milk thats not warm.... I don't want to upset her balance and give her a tummy ache. I think a lot depends on the baby as well, someone replied to my thread on the breastfeeding board and said a baby as young as 6 weeks was taking room temp milk. I think I'll try Gillian with that sometime this weekend...... I'll just pump out 2oz and see how she takes to it.
I'm SO not looking forward to work...... and everyday brings me closer and closer...... how depressing.

We also have the neck roll problem, but its milk that collects in there, and smells if I don't clean it out like twice a day! And Gillian HATES me cleaning in there, its ok if we're in the bath, but otherwise she won't let me near it without fussing..
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I can see how a breastfed baby would need to adjust to room temp milk after getting used to it straight from the tap, all nice and warm.
But formula fed babies get it room temp in the hospital.
Angelica's the same way with the cleaning in the tub vs. the changing table.
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I had no idea they did that in the hospital... how MEAN, what baby wouldn't LOVE a nice warm meal!

I have also thought perhaps she would prefer it at room temp, and then start refusing the breast....... just something new for me to worry about!
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Are you ready for this? Eve,at 3 1/2 months is 15lbs.!!!!!Woah!!!She is learning to grab stuff,my shirt,overall clasps,blankets....she is so close to rolling over,we can't sit her in the corner of the couch anymore or she rolls over,she lifts her head into a good tummy crunch(we should do those together)she smiles,talks,and squeals all day and even in her sleep yesterday!and she is starting to suck her thumb,she tries to nurse and suck her thumb at the same time!Also,Today is her conception aniversary!

Happy Valentines Day!
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that's pretty big, kindred. ellie was 13lbs at her 2 mo appt. 'course that's nothing compared to that thread about the 23lb 9 week old!

ellie does like the sling fairly well if she gets to nurse, and unlike dd1 she really likes the bouncy seat and the swing. i feel like bad AP mama using these devices, but not so bad that i don't take advantage of it. the bouncy seat has this little bee that dangles from the toy bar. she just smiles and coos at her bee. he's her first crush, i guess.

we've really been blessed with good sleepers. ellie will just snooze under the crook of my armpit and stir from time to time or grunt for her milk milk, but rarely cry. daytime is another story -- she's got the loudest squawk -- but we've been getting pretty good sleep in the family bed.

hey, do any of y'all have a fleece pouch? i got one from kangaroo korner and i really like it, but ellie's not as fond of it. i think she'd like it if she could nurse like she can in the otsbh, but i can't make it happen very well. any tips?

well, happy valentine's day. we're recovering from dd1's 3rd b-day party. only ended up 3 of her friends came over, but that was plenty. whew! i think i might make dh a romantic frozen pizza for supper. how pathetic is that! he puts up with me, though...
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she is starting to suck her thumb,she tries to nurse and suck her thumb at the same time!
That's so cute.
Jonathan used to try that with his binky.
Angelica sometimes refuses to get her fist out of the way when i'm trying to get her to eat.
that's nothing compared to that thread about the 23lb 9 week old!
Where is this thread! That's sure is one big baby!

Here's Angelica's valentine pic in her winter white fleece cover with the pink snaps. And her naked but pic.
Happy Valentines Day!
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cute pix tammi. the 23lb 9 week ol thread is here -- http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...hreadid=115092 . crazy, but the OP said he's exclusively bf. !
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That 23 lb 9week old is crazy! I read that thread the other day and was amazed. This kid is over twice as heavy as my little girl at the same age!

Emily is coming along wonderfully! My little peanut is over 10lbs. now! I'm so proud of her.

And I have a fridge full of milk now. The pumping is getting a little easier. I produced over 26 ounces yesterday! I'm able to pump less for a shorter amount of time and get more milk total. It's pretty cool. I'm keeping the middle of the night pumping for now so I can space out the times during the day to make it easier on myself, even if it means a little less sleep.

Emily is sleeping so well still! I have my fingers crossed that this isn't just a phase. She's only up usually once during the night for about 20-30 minutes to eat, then go straight back to sleep. She is also spending the beginning part of the night in her swing (we just can't get the hang of the crib for some reason, but it does make a nice laundry hamper), then she comes into bed with us.

While I love having Emily on one side of me and Katie in the middle making a Mama sandwich, it is killing my back! I've been going to the chiropracter regularly for the first time in my life.

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My internet router went out friday afternoon so I've been without the computer all weekend - sure got alot done around the house though :LOL That's one way to cure the MDC addiction :LOL

Both my older girls were sick last week and I think Jessica is going to escape the illnesses. She's as happy (and hungry) as ever. She's nursing well, but sometimes she'd rather I give her a bottle. She'll be hungry - you can tell by how she acts - but if I put her to the breast she gets ticked off and cries. I know it is a ticked off cry rather than a hurt cry so I know it isn't an ear ache issue. So I'll pump and give her a bottle and she sucks it down.

I weighed her last week (when I took big sis in to the doctor) and she was 12 lbs. She's smiling, and laughing more now too.

Dh, bless his heart, tries to change the baby. sometimes I find her in an aio with a cover on top of it, today I picked her up and she was soaked - he put a diaper on, but no cover. He says he can't tell what's an aio and what isn't - I have them seperated and have pointed out which ones need covers - I still think he's playing dumb so I'll just do it all the time.

It's a lazy rainy day so I'm going to go cuddle on the couch with a babe and a book.

ETA: Bec, I'm so glad things are going well with Emily. Congrats on the loss of the formula - and the weight gain! Go Emily!!
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sage had her 2mo check up today. at 9 weeks, she weighs 11#3oz and is 23in long, (she was 7#15oz at birt, and 21in long). the ped said she was a cute chubby baby. He was very supportive of breastfeeding, but when he walked in the room and saw that i was nursing, he apologized and walked back out. when he came back, he said he likes to give mothers privacy when they're nursing, i guess so they don't feel uncomfortable. I didn't care, but he was very polite about it.

Work hasn't been so bad. I realized how nice it is to have adult conversation, and how much i missed my friends that still work there. My boss hasn't really been mean to me yet. she even let me leave really early when josh called and couldn't get sage to take a bottle.

anyone else having trouble giving EBM to baby in a bottle? Sage hates it. And if you feed your baby EBM, what nipples/bottles do you use? We're using Avent bottles/nipples since i have an Avent pump...the nipples are silicone. I (stupidly) bought some playtex nipples, but not the bottles, thinking they would fit in my avent bottles : how dumb was that? oh well. Also, she will take a bottle from me with little or no fussing, but she refuses to take one from Josh until she has cried for several hours. and all that crying is starting to stress him out. he calls me at work yelling at me and says i should be "bottle-training" her...Um, hello...she takes it fine from me, i think HE's the one that needs practice. Oh well, any advice is appreciated.

love to all!!
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Christy ~ I tried the Avent bottles with Danielle (my 2 yo) and we had a heck of a time. They made her extremely gassy and fussy. I hated them. I use playtex bottles with the larger silicone puffier type nipple (I hope you have some idea of which ones I'm talking about with that pitiful description) I think you are right that Josh is the one who needs some "bottle training" Sage is probably just used to associating food with mama so it doesn't work with daddy. Maybe try having him give her a bottle with you at home a few times so she gets used to getting it from him. Jessica isn't very picky, she doesn't care where the food comes from, just as long as she gets it :LOL
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Sherri--i think i know the nipples you're talking about. they're kinda round or balloonish at the tip, right? Sage is also gagging on the avent nipples about 2 times per feeding, so i think they are too long for her in addition to being too hard. I'm going to get the whole playtex kit in afew days, (payday is coming soon, YAY!!), hopefully she will like those better. I guess it's good that i only work 2days/week...josh couldn't handle it if i were gone much longer than that, LOL.
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My dd's doctor just sits right down and starts yacking away. He's not bothered by me feeding her and I could care less.
We used avent bottles with jonathan and never had a problem. He started using them at 2 weeks old though so maybe thats part of the reason I had no problems.
he was like Jessi, didnt care where it came from as long as it was food for his tummy.
Angelica doesnt get bottles like he did so it is harder to get her to take it. Not that i've given her one often. I just pull up the shirt....She's never taken more than 2 oz at a time from the bottle.

My babe started rolling onto her side this week.
sounds like a nut house down there so I must go.
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Christy ~ yep, those are the ones I'm talking about. I got the playtex kit but it came with the latex squared off short nipples and she didn't care for those. At least Josh tries to feed the baby, dh has never given Jessica a bottle - she starts fussing and he comes practically running to give her to me :LOL

Tammi - thanks for the bump on the tp board. I have it posted on the diaper board and the regular tp board - really gotta get rid of some stuff. I'm going through the rest of my movies to try and get rid of them. They are all just sitting in a cabinet collecting dust here.

Took awhile but I finally got the girls to sleep (after cleaning a whole pitcher of RED koolaid off my kitchen floor ) think I'll try for some sleep now too.
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My kids didnt go to bed till midnight Sherri. And I have 3 this week.
That's why i'm still up. Getting some "ME" time.
I tried to email you earlier but my computer must have been hungry cause it ate my email! I was mad and walked away.
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Hi everyone! I have a 3-month-old dd, born November 18 and I have a question for you. I am wondering what your babies' daily routine is like. Do they eat and sleep in any kind of predictable pattern? How long do they nap for? This is my second baby and our first was not a good sleeper. We ended up co-sleeping and she had to nurse to fall asleep, stay asleep and return to sleep (for naps and bedtime)until she was 16 months old! We want to avoid this if at all possible now but I won't CIO or do any kind of training. I guess I just want to know what other 3-month-olds are doing and I want to foster her ability to self soothe but at the same time not put any undue pressure on either of us. dd2 has been able to get herself back to sleep from time to time but during the last few days she will only nurse to sleep and has been waking more frequently so this has me wondering if we are heading down that same slippery slope as with my first. I feel like I am rambling so sorry, hopefully some of you can tell me about your experiences!
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your first sounds normal to me. my 3 yr old still nurses to sleep 95% of the time :LOL ! my second dd, born nov 29, is starting to get into a vague pattern of a being up about 2 hrs in the morning and then having a big nap (especially if she's in the sling) then it's sorta random wakings and catnaps the rest of the time. she won't sleep very long if i'm not with her, but sometimes snoozes for 20 to 30 minutes in her bouncy seat or occasionally the swing. we have a crib, but haven't even tried it for naps. it makes a great baby changing station, though...

probably not much help, but maybe another mama here can give you a little better advice.
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Thanks, beanma. Sounds just like what my babe is doing. She usually only sleeps about an hour if I'm not with her, occasionally 2 hours. Then the rest of the time she catnaps, too. I know all babies are different and that breastfed, co-sleeping babies can't be compared especially to ff, crib-sleeping babes. I just needed a sense of what is generally going on at this age. I don't mind nursing her to sleep anytime but I want her to have other ways of getting to sleep, too. My first was waking up every 30-45 minutes at different times all night long plus she couldn't stay alseep for a long enough nap to be rested unless I was there to IMMEDIATELY nurse her. This was very stressful and if we can avoid at least some of that down the road by how we do things now, within AP reason, I want to do it!
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Octobermama ~ Jessica is my third dd, with dd1, we only bfed for 8 months, she was in daycare (I worked there) and so she can sleep anywhere anytime and never needed much help getting to sleep. With dd2, I was home with her. She could not go to sleep without being nursed down and I stupidly got her hooked on the pacifier (I'm still paying for that one) so we didn't have to nurse all the time. She only took little catnaps unless I was next to her, any little sound woke her up - and still does. She weaned herself at 16 months, still will not sleep on her own and can't fall asleep without me. Jessica (born November 12th BTW) is so completely different. She nurses to sleep most of the time, but if she wakes, she sort of talks herself back to sleep. She makes little mewing noises - not crying or fussing, just little noises and usually falls back to sleep within a few minutes. The only thing I did different with her is I don't jump the second she makes a noise, I wait until she starts making her "pick me up darn it" noises. This isn't CIO, I wouldn't do that to her and I do respond to her. She sleeps in the cradle next to my bed and when she does start making noise I usually sit up and listen to see if she's falling back asleep or if she needs to have mommy. During the day she has one good nap in the morning (she has to be in her swing though, that's where she's happiest in the morning) then she takes a few little power naps during the day and if I'm lucky she takes a super nap in the afternoon. She can sleep through just about anything - dd2 isn't the quietest child. Now who's rambling Oh, and Jessica sleeps awesome at night. Her first stretch is about 7 hours normally, she nurses and sleeps another 3 or 4, wakes up for a couple of hours and then takes her morning nap. I guess it's pretty exhausting having someone feed you, change you, cuddle you, bathe you, etc. :LOL
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thank you Octobermamma! that's exactly what i was wondering! Sage still hasn't really fallen into any type of pattern, and I personally don't think a child can be raised on a schedule, (ie: Ezzo parenting ). So i'm just waiting for her to fall into something. She doesn't really need to be nursed to sleep until night time. She usually sleeps about 6 hours, then wakes up, eats for about 30 minutes, and goes back to sleep for 3-4 hours. her naps are like this: I usually lay her down to make myself lunch or something, and i come back, and she's asleep. She also loves her carseat, and prettymuch falls asleep as soon as she's in it.

good luck to you and I hope we can both get into a pattern soon, LOL.
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