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leaking breasts (never been pregnant)

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My very good friend Kate (22) has leaking breasts. She has never been pregnant. The liquid comes out of three different holes in each breast. In her right breast, one hole produces clear liquid, one produces milky liquid, and one produces yellowish liquid. Her left breast only produces clear liquid. It is enough in quantity to be able to squirt. This all began in January, and Kate hasn't noticed any other changes (periods normal, no lumps in breasts, etc.). Has anyone heard of/experienced this before? Is it normal?

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You know, it's not normal but that doesn't mean that it's something serious either. It's called galactorrhea and it has many different causes.

Here's a decent link about it:


Your friend needs to see her primary care physician and possibly an endocrinologist if the first doc can't get to the bottom of it.

Good luck!

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