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We have POX in NY!

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Hoorah! Thanks so much Carolyn! I'll be in touch about coming over this evening. Have a great day, Carolyn
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Woohoo! So glad your drive here was well worth it!
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Just have to mapquest how close you are and then I am ALL OVER THIS.
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Thank you so much, Carolyn and family! It was such a nice time, and we really appreciate your hospitality and your dear son's happy willingness to share germs!

We hope he continues to feel as well as possible, and you do too!
Thanks again, Carolyn
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Sent you a pm mama!
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will it head north?


just wondering -- does anyone who visited Carolyn's home live farther up the river? We are still looking for a party or visit.

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Anyone contagious? I'm near NYC. Hope all the little ones are recovering well
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Hello. I know the three mamas who were at Carolyn's when I was are all fairly local. But I imagine all of us will be willing to pass 'em on if we do get them, so hopefully there will be another pox on us in a fortnight or so. Stay tuned!

Carolyn, we hope your little one is feeling as well as he can, and you are too! Thanks again!
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Subbing to this thread. I'm in Corning, NY, but willing to travel to you!
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how old are everyone's dc's? dd just turned 1 and i am wondering at which age should we start looking for a pox party.
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Oh no! Saturday and I can't believe I missed this! My youngest son, age 4 needs to catch the pox!

otgirl, do you think you are still contagious? If so for how long? If anyone here catches the pox, will you PLEASE let us know?

I'll be checking this thread...
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Originally Posted by boo-bearsmom View Post

just wondering -- does anyone who visited Carolyn's home live farther up the river? We are still looking for a party or visit.

I'm up in Berkshire County, maybe that's closer to you? We drove down to Carolyn. I'll let you know in a couple weeks if we were successful.
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Subbing too...we weren't able to get down there (we're up in Otsego Co.) but definitely want to meet up with anyone who comes down with pox soon!! Berkshire Co. we can do!!!
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Looking for it to travel south into NJ. Or Philly area... and soon

School is requiring.
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Well, crap I'd have been all over this, but I was subbed to the other thread, and didn't know you'd posted a new one. I just figured it didn't take when you went to visit veganf.

Oh well. Maybe next year.
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Don't despair, NY mommas! (And NJ farmland). Several of us brought our tots to OTgirls' house. So hopefully there will be another round in a fortnight or so.
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thanks for being willing to keep things going if you get lucky
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I can't believe I missed this... I live about 5 minutes from you!!!
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Im right over the border in PA and I am keeping an eye on this thread!
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