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We have POX in NY! - Page 3

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hi everyone!

we've only been incubating here for 11 days but we have six spots on wren's legs this afternoon. however, none on her torso so i am thinking it may be mosquito bites. i will keep you all updated! if this is not it, there is definitely still time and wren has a runny nose so we shall see.
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Please keep us updated!!
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Holding our breath!
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well, i'm fairly sure we have them! 13 days after playing with charlie and wren has woken up with well over twenty little spots on her torso, neck, face, and legs. they are still mostly teeny-tiny but i would say i'm 99% certain they're pox. she also had a slight fever two nights ago although she is in more or less good spirits today.

so! we are happy to play...maybe tomorrow (friday) and will be around all weekend as well! pm me for my number, or email at robina [dot] khalid [at] earthlink [dot] net! i will make a new thread, too.
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