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Originally Posted by ChristSavesAll View Post
Panserbjorne can you tell us how things have changed for you since supplementing, even if with other vitamins and minerals?
To be honest, the biggest thing was that I was calmer and more even tempered. I also have not experienced PMS symptoms since being on Iodoral. However healing is a journey and anyone who knows me knows that I rarely put all my eggs in one basket! I tend to work in a holistic way and while I can often pinpoint that one thing made a difference, I cannot say it would have been as big of a shift had I not been using homeopathy and craniosacral therapy. I believe using nutrition, structure and energy allows the body to be as recepetive as possible. So, yes. The better temperment and lack of PMS is a direct result of iodine supplementation. However all the other various and sundry wonderous things cannot be attributed simply to supplementation in my case.

I will say along with iodine I used vitamin C, selenium, B vitamins, extra biotin, calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamins A and D as well as MSM. I may be missing things as well....OH! Chlorophyll and glutathione. HTH!
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Originally Posted by Panserbjørne View Post
To be honest, the biggest thing was that I was calmer and more even tempered.
That clinches it for me.
Can you point me to info about the iodine loading test, PB? I want to take it to my ND to see if he'd be willing to help me with it.

ETA: And I hope your appearance here means you're coming back soon. We all miss you soo much!
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Originally Posted by Panserbjørne View Post

I am a big fan of supplementation...but I'd be careful with a statement like this. There just isn't enough research and there may be things people need to do to support themselves while they are nursing. I would just caution a "yes" across the board.
I'm aware of the lack of research in saying that there are negative effects of iodine supplementation, however, there is enough evidence (at least I believe so) to know that it is not only safe but necessary as well...

"Lack of iodine for thyroid hormone formation during the fetal stage and/or the first years of life may lead to developmental brain damage. During the period of breastfeeding, thyroid function of the infant depends on iodine in maternal milk."

"Chronic iodine deficiency can lead to numerous health problems in children and adults, including thyroid gland dysfunction (including goiter) and various neurologic, gastrointestinal, and skin abnormalities. Iodine deficiency in pregnant or nursing mothers can lead to significant neurocognitive deficits in their infants. "Cretinism" or severe mental retardation is a rare outcome of severe iodine deficiency during early development. Growth stunting, apathy, impaired movement, or speech/hearing problems may occur"

"Women also need iodine while planning conception, when pregnant and when breastfeeding, as it is essential for a baby's normal mental development. Iodine is important for baby's brain development, visual motor skills and hearing, and is an essential nutrient required for normal thyroid function, growth and development."

Again, I'm there with you...but iodine deficiency is not the only cause of metal toxicity. At least I haven't seen anything to support that nor does it make a ton of sense. Also my ds has been taking iodine via MY breastmilk since he was a month old and he at 2 was still very metal toxic...so just make sure to your own research. It's not black and white.

I actually believe that metal toxicity is the cause of iodine deficiency, and that the deficiency keeps you toxic, the iodine forces them out of your body. I also believe we are constantly exposed to toxic metals and that we may never actually see an end to them in our bodies, all the more reason to continually supplement... Have you heard of the lady Ladybugs and bees? She has been supplementing since 06 at much higher doses than any of us and yet she still is detoxing, bromide at the least I don't believe they are testing her for other metals... So either she's highly toxic and it's taking forever for her to detox, or she is being subjected to a constant supply and is unaware of it....

I have worked with people who took 6 months to work up to a whole pill (12.5 mg.) Again it's going to depend on your individual situation.

I'm curious to know more about their pre-existing conditions and the details behind why it took them so long to tolerate it, was it discomfort or something else, how old were they? I mean there are so many factors that could play into that, I know that from 9 adults, that I know taking high iodine currently (myself included) none had a problem with building up the dose with liquid potassium iodide and 3 weeks later taking the 32.5mg.... perhaps it's the minute build up?

We all work a bit differently!

Totally agree, but I think it has more to do with the differing exposures, hereditary role, diet, etc.
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again, I think there are some things here that are being missed. I have read all the studies I could find which is why *I* chose to supplement with such a small nursling. However since we are so metal toxic I did things to support detoxification. Iodine can kick halogens and metals but it doesn't do enough to increase detoxification pathways. IF someone has impaired pathways to begin with then they may need to take additional care and action. What I'm reacting too isn't that I think it's "dangerous", I just don't think it's prudent at this time to say definitively that it's safe with no caveats. There are also some conditions to which it would be deleterious to health.

The people I'm referring to (and I can perhaps get some of them to come post here) were adults with no documented pre-existing condition. NO pathological thyroid condition, no noted adrenal malfunction, no fertility issues etc. I have some theories on what is happening that involve the pituitary gland but only anecdotal evidence to back it up. I think the HPA axis is involved more than we realize at this time...but again that's just me.

I, for a point of contrast started off the bat at 50 mg and had no detox symptoms whatsoever. I was totally comfortable the entire time. This is partly what I'm basing my theory on, actually.

Of course everything is based on nutrition, genetic expression, exposure etc. but most people here don't really know where they stand on those fronts. All I'm saying is that people should be cautious. This is a supplement to which people can react dramatically.

JR: I think it's linked to on the optimox site-I'll check!
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ah, and just for clarification I will also say that I started at 50 mg after being tested and was monitored by a doctor who was at the forefront of iodine research at the time. We did routine tests to determine how I was responding to supplementation. I would not recommend starting at the dosage I did. Just throwing it out there! You can do a lot of damage by starting too high too fast.
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Nichole, I'm impressed with your experience and am considering adding kelp daily to my diet. If you have read much here, you know that I'm an add whole foods for nutrition gal. However, along with PB's experience, I'm inclined to give some extra iodine a go. I'll ponder the idea of Iodoral supplementation a bit longer, as I have heavy metal issues and probably halogens to contend with. Although, I've added nutrients per whole foods to open detox pathways and healing the gut.

We've been learning about detox pathways and the necessary aspect of optimizing a way for toxins to be excreted, especially as one is releasing them with iodine supplementation or gut healing. No one is questioning the necessity of iodine. It is just a matter of not putting the cart before the horse: releasing toxins without opening the detox pathways FIRST. Detoxification is heavily based in nutrition and effective digestion which relies on adequate stomach acid. There are many ways to meet our nutritional needs through whole foods.

Start here about detox pathways: http://heal-thyself.ning.com/forum/t...bstacle-course

And here are a few informal videos about detox pathways: http://heal-thyself.ning.com/video/video

and here about evaluating digestion and stomach acid (beet "pink pee" test"): http://heal-thyself.ning.com/forum/topics/the-beet-test

This thread about Healing the Gut with Food: http://heal-thyself.ning.com/forum/t...-gut-with-food

Nutrient Dense Foods
: http://heal-thyself.ning.com/forum/t...nt-dense-foods

Foods to Help Phase I and Phase II Detoxification

check out www.eatingcultures.com to try and guess on some of your detox pathways, and figure out which nutrients will be important for you.

Glad you joined us!

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Originally Posted by Panserbjørne View Post
JR: I think it's linked to on the optimox site-I'll check!
Thanks, I'll go check it out and see if I can find it. I keep losing my bookmarks but I'll stick it in there and a note in my daybook to remind me to print it out for my ND. I don't go to see him for a couple of weeks after the baby's born. He gave me bellis for post partum. (Have I told you lately how glad I am you came into my life?)
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JR, as am I you! Many homeopaths call Bellis the "woman's arnica." It's a great choice! I generally use arnica first and bellis as the follow up (because arnica has the great keynote of "please don't touch me!") but I'll be standing by to hear your experience!

Pat, thanks for being more complete in your answer. Exactly. I am a huge advocate of iodine supplementation, but the body needs to be able to handle it. OP, I'm THRILLED beyond measure for your experience! I'm so pleased that you got to see what a difference it makes! I just tend to want to make sure everything is addressed at once, but that's just my perspective. It's not the only one, nor is it always right! But for people reading this thread I just think it's important to make informed choices and get a good amount of info. Then they can go forth and carve out their own path. Hopefully with results that are as wonderful as yours. :
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subbing...I want to check out some of the links, but I have to get kids off to bed first, thanks for posting them!
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subbing. I still have some kelp left, i'm going to try taking double or triple what i had been taking.
thx for sharing ur story!
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So is there a recommendation on the best way to take iodine? I have kelp tablets. Would liquid drops be better? Is there a brand recommendation? I've seen Iodoral mentioned a few times, what's the story with that?
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Thank you so much for posting this information. I came on here this morning to ask for help on this very subject! I asked my doctor months ago to check my thyroid, and she quickly dismissed it. Then she finally did check and I have a hyperthyroid, and my brain is telling my thyroid to shut down!

I want a natural way to treat myself because I'm nursing, and don't want to stop. I have been having depression, anxiety, feeling aggitated, completely exhausted, restless, and having trouble concentrating. And I've lost so much weight, I'm only 100lbs and can't gain weight! I wasn't sure if that was because I am EBFing or not. I also wondered if I have PPD, but now I know it's probably because of my thyroid!

Did your husband take the same supplements you did for his hyperthyroid? Please PM me if you like. I want to avoid the radioactive stuff my doctor might suggest!

I also drink soy milk because I don't like milk, but I may have to find something else to drink if it blocks iodine absorption.
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Originally Posted by JacquelineR View Post
Thanks, I'll go check it out and see if I can find it. I keep losing my bookmarks but I'll stick it in there and a note in my daybook to remind me to print it out for my ND. I don't go to see him for a couple of weeks after the baby's born.
The following list is a compilation of resources for obtaining the Iodine loading test.

Hakala Research
885 Parfet Street Unit E
Lakewood, CO 80215

Call and ask for an iodine loading kit. It is $70 to do this test. It does not include return shipping.

================================================== ========

FFP Labs
Dr. Jorg Flechas MD
80 Doctors Drive Ste 3
Hendersonville, NC 28792

The cost of this test is $80. If it is not ordered by a physician you must tell them you are ordering it on your own and they will assign you to a nurse practitioner. When you get the results of this test you can receive a free consultation with Dr. Flechas. You may also obtain a urine spot test for an additional $30 for a total of $110 for both test.

Spot / Loading / Bromide test can be obtained for $230

================================================== ========

Vitamin Research Products
$100 for both the spot and loading test. Kit requires an ordering physician. If you do not have one contact VRP for more info.

================================================== ========

Doctors Data
Pre and post loading - requires an ordering physician. $????

Check out Optimox Iodine research page. Optimox is the maker of Iodoral. Guy Abraham, one of major researchers in iodine that developed the loading test.

another helpful website and Yahoo group on orthoiodosupplementation
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I would go to the Yahoo group and start reading about alternatives to RAI, radioactive iodine, and why your body might be attacking your thyroid. Have you been tested for thyroid antibodies? (Hashimoto's)

Soy is bad news for the thyroid.
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I've seen this thread a couple of times, but just skipped over it. I'm so glad I decided to click on it and read everything. I know I probably have thyroid issues. My mother has had thyroid problems for a while, so I figured I'd end up with them too. (not sure if it's genetic). Reading this makes me believe that I probably have an iodine deficiency. How much sea foods and sea veggies does it take to not have a deficiency? Would lake fish work or just ocean? I'm wondering, because how did traditional societies avoid iodine deficiencies if they didn't live near the ocean?

I have incredibly dry hair and skin, with my lips feeling like they have a chemical burn or something (which is getting somewhat better when I use CLO), fatigue all the time, fuzzy head is an understatement, can't seem to get over a cold I got a month ago, constipation, occassional panic attacks, irritability, and more, I'm sure.

Either way, it sounds like I will need to probably start with a lower dose and work my way up. How do you know when it's time to step up the dose? Gosh, I learn so much from this website! :
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Thanks, Jane!
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I've been studying healing with iodine for the past year, I've never really come upon the necessity of using other methods to detox, it seems from everything I've found that if you give your body what it needs it takes care of the rest. I do find it interesting though and am looking into the links that WuWei suggested, I am always open to learning more and expanding my site with more helpful knowledge.

I am totally with you about making sure everything gets addressed at once... I thank the iodine for most of the changes in my health, I believe that all the other vitamins and minerals are helping others symptoms go away as well.

My top priority is educating people about iodine, so many people suffering because of that deficiency, and that one deficiency leads to other vitamin or mineral deficiencies... I never discount the importance of all of them though, I believe they all work synergistically. As I mentioned, I have family members and friends taking the supplements I suggested, well except one, she is only taking the iodine and though I've suggested she take at the very least the multi and CLO she has yet to get those, she has seen no results other than bright yellow pee... I believe that in her case it's because of a lack of other vitamins and minerals. Everyone else however, has seen many changes within one month of supplementing, so I'm aware that it is not only the iodine and that iodine alone by itself is not nearly as effective if even at all.

BTW my supplementation and family and friends have all been without a dr. and without prior testing....

I actually am not a big fan of tests, the accuracy of them is hard to determine, and though I'm glad they have some way to measure sufficiency for those who would like to see, I find it unnecessary. Before tests were ever around, doctors made decisions based on your symptoms, now I know that some symptoms mimic other problems but if you look with a wide angle view I believe you can find the underlying cause and treat that. That's what the Dr.s used to do, and they also used to prescribe iodine first before anything else, if that didn't alleviate the problem then they were at least able to narrow it down.... I hope that makes sense...

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I feel like I'm a horrible mess. The bolded symptoms below are only some of what I'm experiencing:

How familiar are the following signs and symptoms?

Exhaustion or fatigue, depression, sensitive to cold or cold hands & feet, weight gain, muscle & joint pains, carpal tunnel, painful soles of the feet, swollen or puffy face, eyes, arms or legs, menstrual abnormalities, constipation, breast tenderness, fuzzy head, infertility, voice changes, increased response to allergies (itching, prickly hot skin, rashes, uticaria), regular infections such as sinus or thrush, dry hair, skin & nails, hair loss, thin eyebrows, high cholesterol, or haven’t been well since an infection/virus.

How familiar are these symptoms?

Weight loss without trying, insomnia, irritability, panic attacks, poor concentration, palpitations, rapid pulse, high blood pressure, increased sweating, tremors, diarrhea, tiredness, thickening of the skin, anxiety, infertility, amenorrhea or light menses, muscle pain & weakness (upper arms and thighs particularly), eye problems, bulging eyes, mood swings, fine and brittle hair.
I have been to several doctors and not a single one has helped me.

I am ready to give up & feel doomed to live like this forever.

I am NOT the same person anymore; I can tell, so can everyone else.

I am too tired to fight it anymore. Why can't anyone help me ?
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Originally Posted by Mama~Love View Post
I feel like I'm a horrible mess. The bolded symptoms below are only some of what I'm experiencing:

I have been to several doctors and not a single one has helped me.

I am ready to give up & feel doomed to live like this forever.

I am NOT the same person anymore; I can tell, so can everyone else.

I am too tired to fight it anymore. Why can't anyone help me ?
Momma I'm so sorry you are feeling this way, I have felt the same way as has my husband and many other people.

It's time to stop expecting doctors to help you, most of them are completely unaware of the importance of iodine and they also believe that we get enough in our diet...

It's time to educate yourself, if you are uncomfortable with beginning supplementation on your own I strongly urge you to stop going to modern Doctors and go find a naturopathic, homeopathic, or holistic doc who knows about iodine and will put you on it.

PM me if you'd like, I'm always here...
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