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Originally Posted by ChristSavesAll View Post
The tight feeling in your throat is your thyroid, when it is searching for iodine it swells because it is filtering your blood trying to find the iodine it needs. I had the same problem until I upped my dose and then it went away. My husband also had the same problem, later in the day he would notice it swelling slightly and I told him to take more, he did and the swelling stopped.

Try adding some when it starts feeling that way, doesnt have to be a lot if you don't want to because of detoxing, but try a 1/4 tablet and see how that helps
Wouldn't that be in the lower area of my throat? This is in the upper area. Like if you were to take the thumb and forefinger of each hand and make a circle around your throat, and then raise it up as far as it goes, until your fingers are resting right under your chin and against the base of your scull. That circle is where I feel the pressure. And it is only when I get disturbed sleep or am hungry. (Doesn't happen at the end of a day from being tired. Only happens on days when DS wakes me up for a while in the night.)
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Originally Posted by mom61508 View Post
How old wass DD when you did the aloe juice? Is that suitable for a baby?my dear friends baby has bad reflux
Dd was 8 months, I've read about other mommas giving it at 2 months as well as reading on a site selling Aloe Vera about their customers using it on their infants around 2 months.

If you want the link lemme know, I'd have to look for it...
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Originally Posted by Lady Lilya View Post
Wouldn't that be in the lower area of my throat? This is in the upper area. Like if you were to take the thumb and forefinger of each hand and make a circle around your throat, and then raise it up as far as it goes, until your fingers are resting right under your chin and against the base of your scull. That circle is where I feel the pressure. And it is only when I get disturbed sleep or am hungry. (Doesn't happen at the end of a day from being tired. Only happens on days when DS wakes me up for a while in the night.)
That is interesting, I don't think I've read about that for anyone else.... I will have to look into it a little bit more and see.
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I want to post an article about with info about iodine from the latest Wise Traditions but I don't have time right now. I'll come back this afternoon & post it!
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Best Kept Secret: A Successful Approach to Underactive Thyroid Hormone Function

Serious Thoughts About Iodine

It is well known that the original cause of most cases of hypothyroidism was iodine deficiency.7 In an effort to deal with that issue in a cost-effective manner, public health officials called for the substitution of iodized salt for non-iodized salt on all our grocery store shelves. This measure has taken the edge off the iodine deficiency problems of yesteryear—although not by any means completely, as good measurements of both organic and inorganic iodine levels in patients’ blood or urine would show. But has anyone in thyroidology stopped to recognize the fact that we have actually substituted many more cases of autoimmune thyroiditis and primary hypothyroidism for the relatively fewer cases of iodine deficiency hypothyroidism that existed previously?

Could the mechanism for this phenomenon be that we used the wrong form of iodine—inorganic instead of organic— as a food supplement, and that this harsh form of iodine actually damages the thyroid tissue enough to trigger our immune systems to react against it? I believe this is a question that, at the very least, deserves serious consideration and investigation. I have laid out this case to physicians and researchers who have focused on iodine deficiency, and who recommend taking Lugol’s liquid iodine or Iodoral tablets—which contains inorganic potassium iodide as well as organic iodine—but none of them has responded. Iodide is inorganic and harsh, burning flesh and other living matter with which it comes into contact; iodine is organic and gentle, usually cushioned or bound to proteins or other organic matter, providing the benefits of iodine to living matter without the harsh burning interactive effect.

In the mean time, I am recommending that my patients forego the iodized salt on the shelves of their grocery stores and use genuine 80-mineral sea salt instead, which also tastes much better! And, if their organic iodine serum level is low (measured at Boston University’s Iodine Research Lab), to take 4-6 drops of organic iodine (such as Thyactin by TriMedica) after breakfast and supper daily (8-12 drops per day) rather than Lugol’s liquid iodine or Iodoral tablets.
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thanks for the info!!! i can't seem to find that brand here though (i'm in aus).. anyone know if it can be purchased in australia?

anyway, thank you to nichole who started this thread.. i do believe i've got adrenal fatigue - i match up to so many of the symptoms and my doc thinks i'm iodine deficient anyway.. i've ordered some dulse to begin with while i can find an organic iodine supplement and hopefully that begins my path to good health!
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Oh, check out this article in the same issue!

The Great Iodine Debate, by Sally Fallon

15 pages ALL about iodine!
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Those are wonderful links Metasequoia! Thanks for posting them!
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My Cure

Really a great post devoted to health. Thanks for the whole information. Yes omega 3's very important and Iodine too. Overall the posts are surely going to help us.
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I am 34 year old female and have had a non malignant thyroid nodule for over 5 years.

Originally it was 5.5cm and over time it has shrunk to 3.5cm.


I grinded up watercress and water and placed it directly on my thyroid and it shrunk to less than 2..0cm!!!


I have been to doctors, natural doctors, and nothing has worked like the watercress.


Only problem is it sent me to the ER with SOOOO much energy, i couldn't tell if i was having a reaction, an anxiety attack, or just experiencing a normal amount of every for the first time in years.  For 3 days after that I was flying and finally came back down.


Ever since then I have had more energy than I have had in years but I am still to scared to do it again but want to shrink the rest of my goiter.


DO any of you have before and after pictures of this shrinking goiter?


I have yet to see any proof anyone has shrunk a goiter naturally.


Any advice?



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Did ur husband s goiter shrink...how long did it take...and exactly what supplement and kind of coconut oil did u use.. ? Thank ,!
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How long did u leave the paste on ....will this work for Götterdämmerung also
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hi, I thank you and everyone posting. this is very educational and heart warming. I have been dealing with this goiter for 5 years+, diagnosed with hyperthyroid. I have been using some Chinese herbs called Thyroid Thru on and off for about 8 months .   It has helped me with my symptoms, but I still carry this unsightly goiter on my neck.  It is affecting me in many ways, as I believe it may have been a reason I lost my job, as appearance is very important in my line of work.  Socially, I get a stare, and those bold enough will say, "why don't you just get rid of that thing, and cut it out!' They make me feel as though I don't take care of myself. I very much do, as best I know. I am open for suggestions, and I certainly will incorporate them into my diet. I currently have eliminated the high starchy carbs, especially the cooked and processed kinds, and started a raw vegan diet. Last year I removed all 7 of my mercury fillings. Interestingly, my gum disease, gingivitis (suffered for 30 years!!) has disappeared within the first week after removal. So heavy metal such as mercury wrecked havoc. I am hoping to displace this mercury over time. My goiter shrank a little, but like i say, its still there.  I am wondering if there may be scar tissue in my thyroid from its formation, preventing further shrinkage, just a theory. I will start the iodine. I have researched it. I did hear of Nascent iodine being more bio-available than other brands. Any suggestions? I am currently taking NO MEDS. I got turned off by the side affects that they may cause, as they don't cure anything, but relieve symptoms, that I have covered with the herbs. I just want to get rid of this soon, as I believe that if I beckon down to society and peer pressure, as I am not vain about my appearance, I will regret having it surgically removed, in fear that it will cause me more ill-issues. God Bless

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Hi, I am very interested in ChristSavesAll's  steps/instructions on how her husband was cured and goiter shrunk. I have been dealing with Hyperthyroid and goiter for 3 years now with no autoimmune disease. I have tried naturopathic doctors, western doctors, as well as Chinese medicine ( which I am on now). My symptoms and goiter showed up when I was 6 months pregnant with my first child in 2010. I had been showing signs at the doctors visits earlier in my pregnancy but the nurses or doctor never picked it up. I found a small lump on my neck which turned out to be the start of a goiter and this is how my wonderful doctors discovered that I had Hyperthyroidism. My pregnancy was a nightmare I had to go to the doctors visits and have test, seemed like every week until delivery but my little boy, was perfectly healthy and fine. Fast-forward  to now, we have wasted so much money, time and energy on trying to heal me naturally without any success. I do not want to do surgery to remove the goiter or the radioactive pill, they both seem like they will cause cancer and make matters worse. By the way those were my only options  that a regular western doctor gave me, by no way were they helpful in anyway. I have been on the Chinese pills for about 2 months now and are feeling better but I have to take 6 pills 3x a day. I have not seen any major improvement or shrinking of goiter. I am feeling hopeless and would like to know what suggestions anyone has. I am 27 years old and I don't want to walk around or deal with this huge lump on my throat for the rest of my life. Thanks

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