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I am ready to return to my first love…writing! As an undergraduate student, I became heavily involved with my university newspaper, eventually taking a paid position as Features Editor. At the same time I was developing a freelance career writing for diverse community newspapers. In total I was probably bringing in about $1000/month between salary and paid freelance gigs. I was in line to become the next Editor-in-Chief of the student paper…but the siren call of grad school and government jobs and financial stability and a career my mother would love all proved too much. And here I am, 10 years later, a married civil servant with a mortgage and two beautiful girls…but I still feel the call, and I am more ready to answer it than ever (of course on a part time basis for now). I have a ton of article ideas bubbling away in my head. I am very pleased to be joining you in this forum…

I was just preparing my resume and a cover letter for a writing position at a local community paper. It was an enjoyable exercise, but I found myself tripped up by my lack of clips that are less than 9 years old, and my complete lack of relevant references! Any tips for someone looking to get back in the game?