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What are your symptoms so far?

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I have been ultra gassy. Burpy burpy burp all day long.

Also my boobs feel like sweaty balls. Hahahah oh my gosh that sounds so funny when I say it but I guess that is just how they feel! Had some pain in them yesterday - just kind of on and off, I guess.

Need to pee more than usual as well. Funny tummy too I suppose.

Stuffy nose....

I think that's it for now. You gals?

*HUGE hugs* XXX
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I've got - cramps and backache, slight nausea, as of today - tender boobies, have to pee every 30 minutes and correspondingly drink a lot of water, and crash around 3pm every day - I am totally exhausted.
Overjoyed though! :::
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peeing lots, sore heavy boobs, hungry in the morning, and I feel swollen.
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Boobs are officially way bigger. Got a positive on the digital I tried about 40 mins ago - wanted to save it for today

Couldn't sleep last night - possibly the B6, possibly the preg because it's been going on the last three nights like that. Also I ate a full meal before bedtime, but I am starving again. Very sweaty night too - temp is still 98.8 and I think my temping days are now "just for interest" - I'm wondering if the temp is just going to stay at 98.8 or hit 99 or what

Anyway must go drink something warm now

*HUGE hugs* XXX
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the titty fairy came to visit yesterday - my boobs are now much bigger. They haven't hurt as much as they did before I found out.
Nausea that comes and goes
peeing lots, but that's not a new thing for me, lol
going to bed at 9:30, and i could go earlier! even with naps
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Boobs are finally starting to get sore. This is the first time I am nursing during pregnancy so that must have something to do with it. Usually they are so sore I can barely stand it. I am so tired. I need a nap everyday or I have to go to bed super early. Peeing lots and some nausea has visited a couple of times. Feeling bloated too.
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Stuffy to start off with, but I'm not sure if it was pregnancy related. I thought I had pregnancy rhinitis. Fatigue and heartburn so far. We'll see if I get any nausea or queasiness in the coming weeks.
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ah yes, the stuffiness, I have that too, yipee
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So far just backache. I felt like puking after finding out last night, but I swear it had to just be mental. I was fine until I saw the BFP. I feel like I am in the calm before the storm...I feel the need to try to get as much done as possible so that when the pregnancy starts kicking my butt here in a few weeks my house will already be clean!
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Cramps, dizziness and stuffy nose. I can't stop blowing my nose! I get dizzy if I get up to quickly. I am still very early though, only 11 DPO, so I suspect it will get worse!
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Sore swollen boobs that look, how should we say...fuller? Not so much bigger as less saggy.

Hungry - woke up starving even though I had two cookies right before bed. And if I don't eat promptly I get nauseated.

Occasional heartburn and a little constipation.

Tight pants - bloating I guess, right? And I guess my abdomen is just tender, because I don't like the pants feeling constricting and I've found that I like to lay a certain way on my stomach when I sleep.

Oh, and I've had a runny nose all week, but I really think I have a cold (DS does too). It started Monday and I was so tired and nauseated Monday and Tuesday I thought I would die. But yesterday it improved and today I'm just rilly rilly hungry!
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I've had cramps/pulling on/off since O'ing but the pulling seems to be subsiding a bit the last 2 days. I had some mild nausea but that has also subsided (hopefully for awhile!). Boobs are crazy heavy and sore and I'm constipated

My normally squirrel sized bladder appears to have shrunk to a mouse sized bladder but I've been drinking lots of water so it could just be that.
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nothing new to add here!

lots of bathroom runs
"thickening" of the waist.

I mostly feel sorry for DS & DD, there isn't quite as much of mom to go around at the moment. I actually turned on the TV for 1/2 hour this morning to get a break. I'm not too happy about that one.

hope everyone is feel OK, and that the nausea isn't TOO bad.

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The past couple days I've been really sleepy and my breasts feel heavy and full.
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Yes! The dizziness! I've had that for a couple of days and didn't put two and two together! And today before one o'clock in the afternoon, I ate: an enormous bowl of cereal, an enormous chocolate bar and a bag of chicken flavored rice, and two or three cups of tea. At 1pm I was again hungry and then went down to taco Johns and got a massive burrito, a snackarito and medium Ole's and....umm...now it's 7.30, my tummy is rumbling and we're just waiting for a pizza.

Once I am officially done with work, I will be able to cook more healthy food

Man I'm starving. Plus I peed on another stick (heh...) this afternoon with such pale pee it was ridiculous and got a line half as dark as the control line! I wonder if I have more than one bub in there?

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for symptoms, I've mainly been gassy and thirsty. And my skin seems drier, like I can't keep my lips & face moisturized enough! Suddenly naps don't seem like an option; I skipped a nap yesterday and ended up passing out after dinner, I felt like I'd been drugged!

Jay my dear you seem awfully pregnant for only 10dpo (right?) I have got to wonder how many sprouts are in your belly too!
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I know Regina! I know none of this is my imagination - I tend to try to make things better rather than worse and with Josie, I remember the fatigue but not nausea this early on. I am so early for this stuff. I seriously am wondering. I had a positive OPK for several days in a row (see my chart) and that was unusual - so I wonder if that was indicative of a situation where one could o that fabled "more than one ovulation in 24 hour" thing.

Well, I'll have to wait and see. It'll be interesting!

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I knew I had concieved right away, I had implantation bleeding I'm breastfeeding, so instead of boobs getting EVEN BIGGER they changed texture, and ALL THE PIGMENT IS GONE FROM MY AREOLAS. and I'm nauseous and STARVING!!!!! I concieved 16 days ago... last time i didnt get sick till 6 weeks. until i just got pregnant i had the worst pp insomnia....ALL GONE I also have immune system problems and fibromyalgia that GO INTO REMISSION when I'm pg.... SO HAPPY!!!!!
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Big boobs (already...didn't happen with my first 2)
Slight nausea
fatigue during day
insomnia at night (weird)
A little more peeing
waist feel slightly fuller
can't lay on belly already without discomfort...is this because it is #3?
cramping since I O'ed, but it is also getting better the past day or 2

My HcG was at 261 on Monday, so my Doc retested today, I will find out tomorrow if the levels have gone up appropriately. Anyone have experience with this?

My progesterone was awesome at 29!! Yippee, I have always had issues with low progesterone.

That is all I can think of now...oh yeah and lots of :::

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