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I forgot to add that I turn into a crying idiot after 6 pm, and simple things make me have meltdowns
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Look what I found in regards to the shortness of breath:


Good to know I am normal, because I have definitely been experiencing this more than just when I eat allergic foods.

Time to work on my yoga breathing more
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Originally Posted by petit_bleuet View Post
I'm officially wearing pants one size bigger. I walked by a mirror earlier and froze. My belly is sticking out. I know it's supposed to happen faster when a woman has been pregnant before but seriously? I feel like a cow, it's too early!

(And then I'm freaking out because two people I know with twins have said, "Maybe it's twins." While that would make me feel much better about my rapidly expanding low belly, it would open a whole other can of worms. I'm hoping I can put that possibility to rest at my first appointment on the 18th.)
Same here! I had this pain in my belly all day yesterday and once I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants it magically went away. I don't even have any maternity clothes!! This is crazy. With my dd I didn't start wearing maternity clothes until well into the 4th month. I'm 5 weeks...Am I going to be huge?!
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ugh, nausea is starting. Seems like everyday I get closer to 6 weeks I get more and more nausea.
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I've had gas & lots of it!

Realllllly tired but yet I wake up in the night & can't fall asleep & have been waking up at like 630am, which I normally am not out of bed before 830am.

I have been sneezing like a mad woman. I do not have allergies & never have but I have never heard of compulsive sneezing as a pg symptom???

I am really bloated, like I feel HUGE. I got on the scale yesterday thinking I have probably gained like 7 pounds because my stomach feels enormous but I had actually lost 2 pounds.

I go from being totally not interested in food to feeling ravenous and then I take like 4 bites and feel full.

I feel like I'm really thirsty all the time which makes me pee that much more often.
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As of today I've been peeing like a racehorse. I've been eating like a pig for the last two weeks AND I've lost 1.5kg
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Originally Posted by merrywearer View Post
my boobs got WAY sorer and fuller today!
I never had this with my first pregnancy but with the last two it has been full blown. To the point that I conteplated wearing a bra to slepp they hurt so bad

Originally Posted by Lizbiz View Post

I'm darn emotional and sensitive! Anyone else? I also just feel like everything I do takes a bit more energy than normal... I don't have my usual 6 cylinders. I've also already had to get up in the middle of the night to eat and pee. Jeesh - I think it's a bit early for that to start already!

Yes! Me! We had a full knock down fit at the grocery store yesterday and I was surprised I handled it as well as I did. Normally I just loose it with her now
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