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Can anyone recommend a kiln?

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Paragon Industries seems to have a nice one. I would like to get one for ceramic plates I will be painting. Any advice and/or experience with one?

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I can't help, but am looking at a Skutt and am just trying to learn also.
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I have a Skuut 1027 that I love It is the perfect size for a small business potter, and it is automatic, set and forget type of kiln. I am just starting to get my studio back in order after letting it sit dormant for the last 3 years...I have been making so little pottery that I end up using my test kiln a lot. I would say a test kiln is awesome for if you want to test glazes or fire small ornaments, etc.... I use it much more than I expected.
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We use Skutt's at school or oxidation firing. They used Skutt's at my other ceramic location in addition to Gas fire Kiln.

I have a Rampmaster II at home but have never had the electrical work done yet to hook er up. Mine is fully programable.
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I don't have a kiln, but my professor always recommends skutts, and she's a professional ceramic artist and has tried many kilns and that's her favorite for many reasons. The electronic controls are great too.
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You know the skutt kilnmaster set it and walk away kiln IS awesome, but what I will say is that it is $$$.  I believe that the difference between having the fully programmable kilnmaster, and just using cones to fire is not worth all the money.  Many people just starting out opt for the fancy kiln because they fear mistakes but, I have never owned a fancy kiln - have used a few at different universities- and believe that you can do just as well, especially if you don't need anything like firing down, with a simple model, less expensive and less to break.  I DO recommend skutt for their customer service, but if you won't be firing more than 20 times a year, paragon is less expensive and they work well too.

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Chiming back in to say that while a fully programmable Kiln is nice to set and walk away, you really do have to babysit them.  Sometimes they mis fire.

Making a non-programable purchase will serve you just as well and cost much less than the programable.


Still waiting to get my Evenheat programable hooked up.

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