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Fetal Heart Rate = Gender

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Hi Ladies,

So we got to hear our baby's heartbeat today for the first time (13 weeks today!). It was amazing. The doctor said it was 150 bpm, and normal is between 110 and 160.

Well, my mom said it "must be a girl" with such a fast heart rate. Sure enough I looked up old wives tales and they say anything over 140 is a girl.

We will be TOTALLY overjoyed either way, but I was just curious if the ladies on MDC follow the trend of the old wives tales, or if it is just a myth that doesn't hold true.

Anyone out there who knows their baby's heart rate and the gender???

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I am not currently pregnant, but my midwife has correctly predicted all 5 of my children, 1 boy and 4 girls, this way. According to her, it is more accurate toward the end of pregnancy though.
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Both my boys had 150+ from what I remember during the pregnancy. This LO started higher then at the 34 wk appt dropped to 130s-140s (was told I was having some type of wave and it might of been lower bc of that) so we shall see.
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I am pregnant with my first and the first tests showed in the 150's-160's, the u/s shows a boy. The heartbeat has been slower since the u/s in the 130's-140's so I would probably tend to agree that heartrate for gender prediction might be better later on.
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Cody has been at 150+ since I first heard his heartbeat at 14 weeks.
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I'm having a boy, and his have varied from 143-170 bpm depending on if he's sleeping or awake when they check.
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I heard that too but both my babies (ds and dd) had consistent heartrates around 135 throughout my pregnancies. :
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All my babies have had nice, slow heart rates. I have two girls and one boy. It's just another old wives tale.
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Overall my girls did have higher HB's than my boys. I go by my gut go and have been right every time I had a feeling of gender. Only one pregnancy I had no feeling.
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My daughters had a very high heart rate. At seven weeks, the LO's BPM was 136. Now at 15 weeks, it's in the low 150's. And if the sonographer was right, I'm having my first boy! In comparison with DDs heartrates, his is lower than their's was. Maybe it was just luck or coincidence?
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Carter was always around 152-155, strangely. I think my appointments must have always been at the same time of day. He is definitely not a girl.

This baby had a heart rate of 154, the one time it was observed.
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