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Congrats Nummies and Booja's Mom!!!!!!!!! :

Update for me.... onto round 3 of Clomid for me (another 100mg cycle)
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Hey everyone This is Sarah. So I finally started my clomid. I am on day 3 of taking the medicine. and all is well so far.. Im super excited. But at the same time dont wanna get my hopes up. Last night was tough couldnt really sleep all that well.. But hey not as bad as some of the othe side effects I have read about... Im just nervous about the opk sticks because i never really used those before. Anyone got any help with that????
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How is everyone doing??

Sarah- The only advice I have for OPKs is to make sure that you don't use the first morning urine. OPKs are best used in the early afternooon.
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Nummies: why not FMU? I've been using Clear Blue Easy OPKS and their instructions note that you should only use FMU when testing...
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Jelinifer- I have always read that LH is synthesized in the late morning or early afternoon, so positives with FMU tend to happen the morning AFTER the first initial surge. I guess it is different for everyone though.

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Hi Girls

Had ultrasound today, RO 1 follie 16mm, LO no follies, endo 11mm type I, next U/S friday midday.....after that having lunch with hubby

kisses to everyone
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Well, I'm many days late to the party, but Nummies...WOW!
I'm really happy for you : CONGRATULATIONS!
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Oh My Gosh!! I just noticed nummies siggy line. Congrats! : : That is so awesome!! I am very excited for you as you've been such a supporter. : : Here's lots of sticky vibes. :

Since I'm here, ivf#3 did give us a positive beta. I go today for my closeout appointment at the RE. I will be so glad to close the door on ttc, although I don't think it will fully be closed until the babe(s) is in my arms.
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Nummies and booja: Congrats! How was the beta Booja???::::
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Thank you all so much!

Julia'smom- I understand how you feel, I am hoping that December brings you great joy!
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Hey everyone, I'm new here!! Found this website while searching around and hope no one minds me joining in. My name is Krystal, TTC #2 child. Took 2 years 4 months to conceive my first son (and a miscarriage four months prior). I have IR and PCOS. Been off BC for over a year now and got one or two periods on my own so the rest I've had to use provera. Good news is April 22nd I got my period on my own (normal cycle too!!) so I'm doing clomid 50mg CD5-9. I'm currently CD 16 and was able to BD with hubby CD 13/14/16 but unfortunately he's a Navy submariner and since another boat broke he has to head out for a while while they get fixed. So here's hoping three days was enough!! Not sure though since my OPK's are showing nothing.
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Welcome KrysTTC! This is a great group of women. Good luck on your journey!

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Welcome KrysTTC!! I hope your 3 days was enough and you can move on to the "I'm pregnant" board asap!!!

As for me, my FET was a bust - BFN. This was my 3rd FET in a row, so I've been on meds almost constantly since November. I promised myself on ET day that if this didnt' work, I would take a break of at least a month. My dh is now wondering if this thing with constant crazy meds can actually decrease our chances of a BFP as time goes by. Does anyone know any stats about this?

I have 2 frozen embies left, but the thought of doing the 2 month lead up to a FET, then finding that neither survived the thaw, or having another BFN and being that much older is freaking me out. I am leaning towards another fresh IVF cycle this summer. It would be my 3rd IVF cycle, and both previous ones resulted in in BFP's (one my dd and one early m/c).

God, this sucks. I just want another baby, it's so easy for everyone else out there, why not us????
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Was wondering - does anyone else get ovulation cramps or pain? Trying to figure out what is going on. It's CD #17, for the past two days I've had a dull ache down in my lower abdomen and this morning I had a intense pain then it went away. My two OPKs I test with (since one is cheap and for fun) show a second line but it's not nearly as dark as the reference line. So I'm not sure what is going on.
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Krys- When are you doing the OPKs? As in, what time of day? I get slight ovulation pain as well.
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Originally Posted by nummies View Post
Krys- When are you doing the OPKs? As in, what time of day? I get slight ovulation pain as well.
Nummies - I check my OPK's usually 2-3 times a day. I've heard you shouldn't do it first thing in the morning so I usually check 10 am, 3 pm, 8 pm. That's assuming I want to burn three of them lmao. I have cheapo ones that I use if I'm doing it that much. Otherwise usually 1 pm and 8 pm.
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Yesterday I had my u/s had one lovely follie of 23mm I put my hcg injection, now doing homework, I will confirm ovulation on monday,
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CRM- I'm so sorry about the BFN. I'm not sure about the meds question but I imagine that your body does need a bit of a rest.

Victorian- Good luck this cycle!!

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Thought I'd pop in and say hi and see if there are anymore BFPs!

Not much going on here...Progesterone was 30, today is CD 33 and so far no AF, just slight spotting. Doc did ovary poke and decided to do blood hcg today, so I'm still hopeful...

Good luck to all of you! And to the new preggo grads! :
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CD 20 here and I'm at my 2ww since CD 35 if I'm not pregnant and haven't started my period I have to go back on provera. Bad thing about not having normal periods! I can only hope if I'm not pregnant that I get my period on my own. I decided to start reading "Taking charge of your fertility" so maybe it'll help me be more in tune with my body!!
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