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We are on our 3rd round of trying to have a baby. We only did injectables this cycle and 2 IUIs. I had 2 great follicles and my lining was good...I have been waiting the 2 weeks to test. I went into this cycle knowing this is my month...Three's a charm! My test date was suppose to be Thursday but it looks like AF is coming. I had some bright red blood this morning and now some brown spotting. Called the Dr. and he said to still test in a few days but he also said it could be implantation bleeding. Although I thought implantation bleeding happened 5 days after you ovulate...He said it could happen 12-13 days after the trigger shot (and today is day 14) I am also confused because I am taking progesterone and I normally dont get a period until I stop the progesterone. He said it is still possible to get a period while on the progesterone. He said if this cycle didn't work sometimes the body doesn't wait. So now I have to wait a few days, although the hope doesn't seem to be there. I thought for sure I was pregnant but I guess it was all psychological. I peed on a stick today and it was negative. I know it is too early to test but I was hoping.

Has anyone had implantation bleeding this late or does it sound like AF?
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Was wondering - how many of you gals use Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor?? Was wondering if it's a good idea to invest in one. Considering the costs of getting OPK monthly was thinking it might be something worth while for me but wanted others opinions.
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KrysTTC- Take into consideration that if you are planning to use Clomid, the fertility monitor may not work correctly. Mine did not show a peak reading because I was taking Clomid.

ODuck- Did you get the results from the blood test?

Becky- I never had implantation spotting but I will say that the embryo will implant between 7-13 days. Usually implantation spotting doesn't last very long.

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Becky - I am sorry I never had implementation bleeding. But I am keeping my fingerscrossed for you that it's a positive sign

KrysTTC - I loved my monitor and for me it was easier then trying to figure out the other kids of sticks.

How is everyone else? Hope you are all well.
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Thanks for the answers. Yeah I'm thinking I won't get it because I heard it's not efficient for those taking clomid and those with PCOS. Since I have/am doing both it makes no sense if I'm just spending money to not have accurate results. I'll just have to start recording my BBT and CM and see if that helps! Better than what I'm doing now which has only been using preseed and instead cups.

Becky - Wish I could help!! I've never gone through that so I don't know but I wish you the best of luck!! All I know is implantation spotting usually lasts only a day but still hoping for you!!
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THANKS for the responses. The bright red blood has turned into dark brown spotting...but it is more than just spotting. I test tomorrow and also made an appt because if it is AF tomorrow will be CD3. The Doc wants to regroup which i know means he wants to talk about IVF. DH suggested we do one more round of IUI. I'm not sure what to do. Put the money towards IVF or do an IUI and hope we get to save the money if I get pregnant.
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Originally Posted by nummies View Post
ODuck- Did you get the results from the blood test?
I did. It was negative. Then AF arrived within the hour of me receiving the call.
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Can anyone tell me what the process of IVF consists of. I have done IUIs and it looks like we are moving on to IVF. Is it longer? Just trying to figure out what to expect. These past 2 days sure have been difficult.

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Oduck- I'm sorry.

Becky- Sorry about AF. I was going to type out the long process of IVF, but here is a good website that sums it up. http://www.fcionline.com/treatmentop...ivfprocess.htm

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for all!

everyone please send me good vibes. i've got my appointment this afternoon to discuss my CD3 bloodwork and to get IUI meds ordered.
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ok - update

things look good. i still have eggies and i've got my first round of meds. of course, i left them downstairs, so i can't tell you what they are right now. i'll update this later.

one weirdness - apparently i don't have the proper level of immunity to Rubella. and, if you have Rubella, it can cause a miscarriage in a small amount of cases. so, who the heck knows what's going on with that.

i'm calling my GP tomorrow to get a test down to see if i have it (i'm pretty certain i do not) and find out about the vaccine and scheduling.
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Wow, things are quiet in here! :

I ovulated so now I'm onto the 2ww

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!
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Good luck to Jelinifer and Catubodua!
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Jelinifer - half of us are probably in the 2ww right now and silent about it LOL.

I wish everyone the best! I hope it is everyone's month this month. Either way keep confident it will happen!! I know it's rough though.

Today is CD 26, 8 DPO since a positive OPK, and I'm not sure what to think. I wiped down there and noticed a light pink discharge. Ever since ovulation my nipples have been sensitive and I've been nauseous, but I've also been coughing my head off as well (been sick for a few weeks). So I'm trying to keep positive but expect the worse especially since we didn't get to BD much this last month. But at least the good news is if it turns into a period it'd be on my own and on a normal schedule which means more BD days next round! We'll see in the next few days
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I've been kind of MIA for awhile, but I'm back. Here's my updated siggie:

anne1140 (25) - TTC #1 since Nov. '07. Blood work, semen analysis 3X, HSG, and 2 ultrasounds (1 2D, 1 3D). Me: septate uterus, Him: 0-1% sperm morphology. Next step: Surgery for me, Urologist for him
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Cat- I also am not immune to rubella. I have been vaccinated more then once and my body just has a natural resistance to the antibodies. Since I have this resistance it is likely that even if I encounter it my body will fight of the virus naturally as it does with the antibodies. Hope this helps!
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Just bumping this thread up! How is everyone doing??
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Double posting...

So sad how this thread has gone quiet.

all around.

I am graduating, I guess. We saw two heartbeats on our u/s yesterday!

Thank you all so much for the love and support over these many months!

Who would like to take over the thread for June?? It is a lucky job!
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Originally Posted by nummies View Post
I am graduating, I guess. We saw two heartbeats on our u/s yesterday!
Two heartbeats?! No wonder that bfp was so dark! Congratulations from a not-so-silent lurker .
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