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We actually had great success using OPKs. We didn't monitor in any other way and were unmedicated. We got pregnant twice within 4 tries.
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Thanks for the OPK talk. I think we will continue to monitor in other ways as we are medicated and it doesn't look like that will change anytime soon.

In other news, my dw just got laid off from work. Great frickin timing. We are also 5dpo. So I guess we just wait and see where this twist takes us...we should be okay financially. We've been saving for quite a while...maybe this is actually a good thing for us!
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srjb, sorry to hear about your dw's layoff s

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Hi everyone,
I just realized when I started reading this thread that I never came back and updated our status. We did not get a BFP with the last cycle, in fact it was so completely symptom free and totally unlike anything pg related that we were frustrated that we had even spent the money to try. Ugh! However, in wise planning, we went on vacation directly after AF started, which was perfect. Two weeks in Europe was the perfect distraction and the best moment for heart to heart talks and decision making. After two years of trying with H, she's decided that she wants to take a break from the roller coaster and take her body back for herself for a while. So, we've officially switched and we're trying with ME! I'm cautiously excited, but nervous about the whole thing as well. There's a definite surreal quality to it as it still feels as though the swimmers (arriving in a few days) should be coming for H, not me...
We're trying very hard to be relaxed about things and not fixate on every little detail. It's kind of nice because we don't have the history of failed cycles behind us (too much), and can bring back some of that beginner's optimism which is nice. So, we're excited, we're nervous, we're planning to insem in the next week! Wow!
(Can we please be moved to waiting to O? thanks)

Oh, and I wanted to throw in there a comment on the IVF twins topic. IVF actually does have a slightly higher rate of identical twins due to some unknown feature of the protein bath that the zygotes rest in while developing, apparently it can cause a higher rate of splitting after transfer but before implantation. The rate is not much higher, but slightly... so, you could have twins even from just transferring a single little one!
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Mind if I sneak in?

My wife and I are in our first cycle of TTC right now- we are just waiting for me to ovulate and we will be going in for IUI with frozen swimmers. Feeling pretty excited about this... more later, I just realized I have to leave for my chiropractor appointment!
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Welcome KSDoulaMama!
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welcome back osker! and good luck with the switch up, i really hope it brings your bfp.

welcome KSDoulaMama!

well, dp doesn't feel like she's pregnant. she knew i was pregnant with a boy immediately around implantation time (she has some sixth sense thing and correctly guessed all her 7 nieces and nephews sex prior to the anatomy scan) but doesn't sense anything about herself. we do have an appt with our re on monday (set up last month in case this try was a bust) to discuss next steps. they only try iuis with "basic" fertility drugs for 3 cycles before having a consult. so at least we wouldn't have to sit out may - hoping of course that dp has no cysts from the clomid.

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ivf and twins....i know that most of the high numbers come from implanting multiple embryos. not certain what we'll do on that end. knowing folks who implanted 2 and had one healthy baby is swaying, but we also know folks who used 2 and had twins. ack! well, we're not close yet, so we get to wait. and yes, ivf, i believe, makes some outer layer to the embryo slightly weaker, giving it a bit of a higher % chance of splitting....it's a crazy world, i think.

osker, i'm hoping your switch out works.

papa -- glad you're feeling fertile as the insem fest starts up.....enjoy!

be well all,
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12dpo today and still not feeling like this try is a bfp. i also read online that the "symptoms" dp has been having are most likely caused by clomid. ugh. we'll know for sure tomorrow i guess.

so, in prep for our re consult on monday - what have been folks on here's experience with injectibles? i'm hoping we can convince our re to "upgrade" us to that since it's our last try with our son's donor and we've had 3 bfns on letrozole and clomid.

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Indigo--I have not had any experience with injectibles...but we have had a lot of experience with Clomid. For us it was a complete mindf*@k. Made dw totally emotional, mood swings, sore boobs, nausea, constipation...you name it...hang in there the next few days...who knows...could still be a BFP.

As for us, we are 6dpo today. Feeling fine...having symptoms...but again that would be due to the progesterone dw is on. dw's temps fell a little this morning. She is taking that as a sign that we are not pregnant...I am just holding out until she POAS in 9 days. This was an expensive cycle for us. Our RE told us that progesterone would keep the temps high and fake us out...she is still taking the progesterone, so the temps shouldn't have dropped...so who knows...maybe it was a fluke? Maybe it was from not sleeping with covers on or being a little stressed out due to the lay-off yesterday. And as for that...we are doing just dandy. Freak-out reaction at first...but then we buckled down and actually...we will come out ahead with this situation, since dw was going to have to quit in 10 wks when we move to MA anyway. Now at least she qualifies for unemployment and reduced cost health insurance to cover her until my insurance kicks in. And she has a ton of time to help with packing and cooking me dinner

By the way...you can catch either of us at our blogs as well:


pretty much the same news...but the pages are prettier!
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Updated to here!
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Hi Osker, and best of luck! Pleasantly furious I believe we are cycle buddies.

We did our first spermfest ever yesterday. First one was out the midwife's office, and she taught us how to do IUI, then we did the second one last night at home. I had gotten the first +OPK on Wed afternoon, first IUI yesterday morn and 2nd last night. Then this morning my temps didn't go up? Um? What? Well I will just keep taking them and see.

What do you all think of my timing?

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Indigo - nada. But, I say GO FOR IT. But, also don't give up on this cycle yet.

SRJB - one temp means nothing on its own. Also, it could be an implantation dip. I'm not sure progesterone would mask that, dunno for sure, but it's too early to tell anyway.

Lemurmommies - pop me over to Waiting to Know, please!

Milletpuff and PleasantlyFurious and I are all cycle buddies! Yay! Millet - I like your timing! I repeat myself a lot IRL, and some online, so I'll say "one temp means nothing on its own"!

I have the most amazingly abundant CM this cycle! I've been drinking 1+ quarts of green tea each day for the last five days, and it's working!

I inseminated tonight in the woods while out with my dogs. It was kind of awesome, but also a sign that I've been TTC too long when I start trying to spice up my conception location.
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Hey all! Temps are back up to "normal elevation" today! WOOHOO! Amazingly, I was completely unaware of a possible implantation dip. It is kind of funny sometimes how your emotions take over and you stop thinking about some of the stuff you know RE: ttc. So perhaps it is that, and perhaps it isn't. Can't do anything about it for 8 more days (today is 7dpo). With all the waiting we've been doing...I think we'll be very patient mothers one day.

Keep on truckin everyone. Can't wait to hear a lot of good news soon!
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ok ladies. we took an hpt this morning (an internet cheapie, the one with the dropper and cassette) and there is a second line!!! it came up as soon as the little window had cleared from absorbing the pee. of course, since it's an internet cheapie, we're not 100% sure it's for real and dp had flushed her pee before we thought to try one of the frer hpts we have.

anyways, we are hopefully optimistic and dp just left to go have her beta done. we should have those results back later today (yes, dp is going to ask when they will call us).

i will say that the last 2 tries using ept and frer there was never a hint of a second line, not even when we squinted at it.

i took a photo of it and will see if i can upload it somewhere for y'all to review.


p.s. i had suggested to dp that i use another of the internet cheapies to see how it reacts to my obviously not pregnant pee but she just rolled her eyes at me, lol!!
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6 DPO is perfect timing for an implantation dip! :fx

I continue to be impressed with my ability to apparently get ready to O before my donor leaves on vaca.

I was also WAY UNIMPRESSED with the syringe I bought last minute at the Target pharmacy last night. $3.00????? And it had the wrong kind of tip for inseminating, if you can believe it.

Once I removed the needle, it didn't have that little tiny opening, instead it was a straight shot into the barrel. Perhaps because it was a "retractable" syringe?

Caveat emptor.
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This news is MAKING MY DAY!!!!!!!!


A line is a line is a line, even if it's a cheap line!

Tomorrow it will be darker anyway, so try then with the "good" tests.

H&H 9M, Mamas!
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thanks papa!! we are 13dpo today.

ok, i flickrd the photo i took, here it is:


let me know what y'all think.

also, after dp had put the pee on the test, she said, oh, there's no second line (but that was before it had a chance to process) and had already gone to get our son some milk while i peed and then saw the second line and i was yelling at her to come back and look. lol!

i'll update again as soon as we hear back about the beta. fx!

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oh and papa, good luck with your tww! i'm impressed that you were able to insem in such a cool place!

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Indigo!!!!! That test is SOOOOO positive!!!! Now the beta will just confirm it!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!! :::
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