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Spring has sprung, summer is a comin'...are ya runnin? dingo fest May 09 - Page 3

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Awesome 4 miles this morning. I was thinking of all you Indi racers!!! Go, you Dingos, go!!!
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i think they're all finished! i checked their results on the results page!:

bbm -you ran faster than 10-11min per mile

way to go ladies!
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YAY INDY MINI DINGOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How was it?????

I did 5 with RP this morning. I found a pilates video on netflix (instant, if you have it, so it was free and right there!) and my chest and arms are sore today, weirdly. it was kick-a@@ too. good run, nice weather here, and then the kids and I went to the farmer's market and book sale, all walking (VEEEERRRY slowly, but still). Next up the women's tea at work, and then preaching tonight. whew. take care mamas.
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Mamabeth-we missed you! I did a run this morning, then came back and got the family for the farmer's market and book sale, too! Bummer.

Way to go, Indi Minis!!!
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Checking in from the hotel, before going to lunch with the Dingos! : It was an awesome race. I am commited, though, to managing my shoes better, though for my next big one Mine are totally shot, and my IT band and hips were killing me by mile 10.5. I was running really strong for about the first half, and then my time just fell off. I ended up averaging around 10:30 pace. But, the most fun is about to happen! Lunch!!! It's been so awesome and amazing meeting some Dingos!
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Oh : and Dingos! I can't wait to hear about the whole weekend and someone there had better be taking pictures!!!!

I did my 9 today and it was fine. At the 7th mile I realized that I was really just putzing along and then I thought "Hey! Penel! You've been running long enough that every run doesn't have to be just about limping to the finish! Push it!!" So I did and my last two miles were done in just under 20 minutes! : Maybe there's hope for my pace after all? Anyway, the whole run was an average pace of 11:07 which is fine by me.

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: Indy Dingos! Enjoy your afternoon!

WTG Plady - sounds like a great run!

Oh, Gaye, bad dog for pooping on the carpet. But I guess he couldn't help it, poor guy. Whew, hardwood or tile is the way to go when you have kids and dogs. Cats, too, since my cat has a habit of :Puke every now and then.

Nick, I'm glad to hear that you know where you all are headed finally. That sounds like a nice area!

Me, I'm working again today. No rr, but I am feeling much better after a good 3 mile run yesterday. And I mapped out a couple new runs for myself, too, using mapmyrun. That should help get me excited about getting out there. Oh, and we will get the kids out to the park on our bikes this afternoon for a spin.
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Can't wait to see pics and hear stories of Indy.

The girls were going to bike the 5k, but then decided to run it along with their friends. Despite a strong beginning, it was rather long for them. I ran/walked with DD2 (5) and we made it in 54 min. DD1 (7) was with DH and then did it in 48 min. We all had fun. And the rain held off until we were done, and now it is totally sunny.

We are off to see Disney Earth with friends and their kids. Should be good!
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Hi ladies! The race was great, sounds like all the dingos did super. It was sooo great to spend time with everyone who came in for the race. Thanks ladies! :

I have about 45 minutes with no kids or dh in the house and dh told me to take a nap if I wanted, so that's where I'm headed. I'll be back later to give more details.

Must say that BBM has a winner of a blister on her foot!! We do have pictures of the foot and the group somewhere.
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Ooh, I a good blister picture! :

YAY, dingos! Can't wait to hear reports! : And moonshine, how awesome for your DDs. I can't wait to start getting DS into some stuff (if he wants to, of course). There are a couple of kid's triathlons here that I think he would have a blast with. The one actually starts at 3...they wade along the beach for the "swim", ride tricycles or bikes with training wheels, and then finish witha 50yd dash. How stinking cute must that be?!

As for me, well, I survived the parenting after divorce class this morning. That was a LONG 3.5 hours. There was some useful stuff, so it wasn't all bad, just long. And then there was the jackass wiseguy a couple of rows behind me who was making smartass remarks the whole time.

I'm now trying really hard to get motivated to go out for a run since STBX has DS until after dinner. I really should, but it's SO HARD for me if I don't do it in the morning. I'm worried about fuel, both not having enough and having too much, since I don't run after lunch ever. Oh well, I guess I can go for an out and back and if it really sucks, just turn back, right? Someone please give me a kick in the , please!
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Race Report,

I wake up to hearing my dh going to the bathroom and casually look at the clock and it's later than I had my alarm set for. I realize that my alarm didn't go off and if it weren't for dh peeing, I would have overslept!! THank you dh!!

So I get up and am able to get coffee, and go potty (if you know what I mean ) and have plenty of time and not feel rushed. I get downtown and park, sit in the car a while, then go portopotty (always feel that I have to pee a million times while waiting for races to start). I turn on my Garmin, but wait, it DOESN'T turn on!! : I specifically plugged it in to charge last night so that this wouldn't happen, so I don't know what the deal is. I haven't even brought it into the house yet to check it out.

I take it back to the van, figure why run with the bulky thing if it isnt' even helping me any, and decide to just run to run, and not worry too much about pace.

Then BBM and JayGee find me. Yay someone to talk with while we wait! We pee one more time, then head to the corral together.

After walking to the start for over 12 minutes, we are off. BBM, who said over and over that she wanted to start slow shoots out of the start line like a jack rabbit, weaving in and out of all kinds of people. I struggle to follow her. We then run for a little kind of together (its super crowded at this point) and I turn to her at one point and she is gone. So I keep running.

I kept passing all the spots that I have struggled with in the last few years, and felt great, so that helped my moral in running this race. I slowly ate a gel through many miles using the water stops to wash it down. At the last mile, I come upon a friend from church and say hi, thinking that this is the oddest place to run into someone I know, during the race. That last mile is l.o.n.g. At the finish I see that the seconds are ticking to change the minute so I really kicked in a strong finish. I wish I would have known my pace as I feel I could have PR'd, but overall I'm thrilled with the results.

So far my results are 1:43:19 chip time, sex place of 398, overall 2,537 (out of 35,000).

Can't wait to see the pics! Thank you soooo much for cheering me (and all dingos) on today, it means the world to me!
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I'm home too :! What a great day!

I woke up at 4:00am, did the coffee/potty/oatmeal thing and left the house at 4:30 to pick up BBM at her campsite. From there we headed into Indy, found our corral (and RM ) and waited for the gun. My friend who wanted me to pace her for a 2:00 finish found us too and we ran together for the first 5 miles, averaging around a 9:15 or so. At mile 5, she was really flagging (and we'd already walked once and had a port-a-potty break). I turned to find her and I just couldn't see her anywhere in the crowd anymore. So I ran by myself the rest of the way. The run in the raceway was really cool, and I found these two women (mother/daughter) who I glommed onto and let them fight through the crowds. They were running about 7:15/mi though, so those two miles were FAST! I ended up finishing in 1:51:58 ~ not bad considering my first 5 miles were at a much slower pace and included a walk break and a potty stop.

Then, I realized that I forgot which parking garage I had parked in !!!!! Luckily, Balancin, DrJen, and Geo helped me figure it out and I went back to the campsite for a shower and then out to lunch with all the Dingoes!

And yes, BBM's blister is one for the record books !
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YAY!!! You guys rock!

Okay, so now we're unsure again. I told dh, just don't say anything until we have a more solid idea. I can't take the roller coaster. Today he's also applied for a job in Lexington, KY. So really we could end up anywhere. Ah, well. The adventure continues.

What should I eat in the a.m. (10K). I have to leave my house by 6:30AM (8 AM start and massive parking issues) latest. I need to make sure I, uh, use the bathroom before I leave.

I am so nervous. Why am I so nervous?! I feel very jumpy inside.

ETA: Bib number is 1599

race site
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Yay, Indy Mini dingos!!! You gals are FAST! Can't wait to see the pics!

nickarolaberry~You'll be fine tomorrow! Try to enjoy it. Some nerves are good--it's an adrenaline rush to enhance your performance. Focus on the finish and enjoy the ride.
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Yay, jaygee and rm!

nick~You're going to do great! GO GO GO : :
I would fuel with whatever you typically do. Race day is NOT the time to try something new. If you're worried about not having enough fuel, maybe just add a little more. For example, I usually have a banana, a lunabar, and a Stoneyfield Farms yogurt smoothie, but for a longer race I sometimes add a bagel w/cream cheese for some extra calories. It's totally normal to be nervous. I was a total wreck before both of my half-marys last year, and a complete mess before my olympic tri. Just don't expect to sleep well, and then if you do, it's a nice surprise!

towson~are you racing tomorrow??

rr~I did it! I dragged myself out the door for a completely un-motivated 8 miles, and you know what? It was really good! I felt good, I finished really strong, and even felt like I could have kept going. But I was back home, so I didn't. There was even a stiff headwind on the way back, and I still felt pretty good. Yay! Now I REALLY need to go get in the shower. I forced myself into the ice bath, especially after how sore I was after last weekend's race, but I was already cold to start with, so I'm FREEZING right now. :
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No, I bagged tomorrow's race. I figured a half mary two weeks out from the full mary was not the best idea.

BTW, great run today!
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Ah, gotcha! And thanks!

So....OWOWOWOWOW. I don't know what the heck is going on, but remember a while back when someone was asking about their sports bra chafing? Well, it's happening to me now! Only on runs over 5 or so miles, and I don't notice it until afterwards. SO weird and I do not like it. My boobs have gotten a little bigger since I've emerged from the "gaunt" stage that I was apparently in last summer, but they're not any bigger than they were before I lost all that weight. My regular bras are fine, so why are my sports bras not working?? I'm not enjoying this!
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Gaye, maybe your bras are losing elasticity and need to be replaced? I never have chafing issues on shorter runs, but almost always do on longer ones. Try fastening them as snug as possible and see if that helps. Do you normally put them in the dryer? If not, you might want to try that to shrink them just a bit. Also, I love SportSlick to prevent chafing.
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Home. Showered. Fed.

Plady and I should run together. Lest you get the impression that all Indy Mini dingos are speedsters, I just missed my target time with a chip time of 2:25:31.

Only 17092 people finished ahead of me, so that puts me in the top half.

I had a blast, and that little box of things to do in ones life can be checked off.

Yes, Kathleen's foot is one for the record books.
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Ok, we ended up coming home. We were thinking about going to BBM's campsite and having a cookout with them, but we realized that with the late lunch, and exhausted kids (the two little ones fell asleep within moments of leaving the restaurant), and a tired, but still spazzy me, we decided to just drive home. About an hour on the road, and I started to fade. So, a stop for some coffee, a powerbar, and some Combos (yes, the snack of champions ), I was good to go to push on home.

I woke up around 5:15 this morning, had some coffee, a bagel with PB, and a banana. The kids were still sound asleep, so we decided to let them sleep a bit longer, and I took off for the race. Got there and parked around 6am. It certainly would have been the same situation as JayGee had, but I texted DH where I parked, so he could remember for me!

I lined up at my corral and waited and waited. I finally figured no one else was going to make it, so figured I would run the race myself. That was fine, as it is the way I am most used to running. After a 17 minute amble to the start line, it was 13.1 miles of weaving in and out of traffic. It was CROWDED! I actually ended up running a full quarter mile farther than the required distance as a result. Also as a result of the constant sideways motion, the cant in the road, and my really used up shoes, my left IT band is really sore. Not nearly as impressive as BBM's blister, though! And, it is getting better as the day goes on. I'm going to baby it for a few weeks, though. And, I'm going to plan better with my shoes, so this doesn't happen again!

Oh, my official time was 2:19:05. And, as Drjen was able to do higher math subtraction much better than I, that is 16 minutes off of my last half marathon time!
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