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Spring has sprung, summer is a comin'...are ya runnin? dingo fest May 09 - Page 45

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I mostly skimmed, but finally caught up! :

Wendy--that's so weird about the key. I hope you finally got some sleep.

On birthdays: we've never had a kid birthday party for DD. Or attended one. :

Nick--how awesome about the age group award!!

Amanda--glad to see you here (finally)! Did you run the BB with Kate? Also, which half are you thinking about?

Jillie--impressive 5k time! WTG!

tjsmama--so sorry about the bike! I really hope insurance will cover it. Happy birthday to your little one and what an awesome cake!

RR: a bit more about last week's 10k, and my race disclaimer about the sub-9 on mile 1: it's mostly downhill. I always run that one fast. The surprising part was that I managed to run mile 5 and mile 6 sub-9 too (8:27 and 8:49), which was pretty exciting because the last mile is almost entirely uphill. I love that race!

I only got in one run while we were in the mountains this week: today. I went out for 4 and while the skies looked vaguely threatening, I didn't worry about it because the skies ahead of me looked just fine. When I turned around after 2 miles, I realized the skies to the north were really dark and it started thundering a ton...so I did some impromptu speedwork on the way back. Other than that we hiked, went canoeing, and we went to the hot springs one day. I went swimming in the only cold pool while we were there. DH says I did laps for 20 minutes. I thought I was only in for 15...but either way, I was surprised I could swim for that long. And grateful that the rest of the place had hot springs because the unheated pool was freezing! :
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good morning.

Geo, that hotel story is horrible. I woudl have been in tears, just wanting to sleep.. NOW!

I ran 4 on Sat with the gym run club. I think this is the farthest that I have run in almost 10 years. I did walk/run the last 1.5 miles, but I did the whole thing in 52 minutes.

My tri is this Sat. I'm excited. We have a week full of swim team and softball. Both of my girls have their AllStar tournaments this weekend. I will probably miss a little bit of their 1st games on Saturday, but I'll be able to make it there for the afternoon games. My MIL is coming to help out since I won't be there that am.

I plan on spinning a few times this week, taking it easy HR-wise. I'll also walk and do the elliptical once or twice. otherwise, I think I am ready!
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real, I am jeaous on the kid party thing. My old friend used to just have a big play group with a meal, mostly for the moms. This is totally the way to go. I am out of sorts living here but in it for the long haul. See location. (I admit most of this is on my head).

Gaye, I don't know how you do it on your own. I hate it and I am only trying to get ready for him to leave. My sanity has taken leave already. I think I am scared. Dd1 is really trying to be difficult and it scares me to have to deal with her and the 3 younger kiddos. It really shorts ds1. I just need to keep dd2 from going over to the dark side.

No running this morning but I am checking out the gym with child care this am.
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Sounds like a lot of good running happened this weekend. ButI can't afford to be thinking about cheesecake right now. Can't do it. I also bet that Ace bandage girl had stuff on under her bandages. I think she lost a bet or was being hazed by the cross country team.

Trying to remember that I control my eating. Also back to logging on FitDay. Also finding that I am binging when I feel like I should be doing something other than what I am doing (i.e., doing dishes when I should be mowing lawn). So I need to learn to PUT DOWN THE HOUSEWORK. And if you saw my house, you'd tell me I'm excelling at this.

I didn't get my actual run in this weekend. But I did chase an emu for about 45 minutes, and I also mowed the lawn completely (another 45 minutes pushing) so that's something...: A lot of lateral movement chasing the bird, though. She's back in the barn, and we'll try family mediation again in a couple months. Chased and caught all the ewes, too, to vaccinate for clostridium C & D and tetanus. So there was more running and wrestling. (No wonder I am so tired.)Also thinned my lettuce rows, which I hope to do every other day. The garden is exciting! :

Geo, I read your story and it had me confused and angry. Esp. the white-out. wtf?

It's the last week of school and my first week of the new schedule. I am thinking about having ds ride the school bus home every day this week, so I can just pick up dd at 2:45 : and get home and get back to work, rather than deal with alternatives. Ds would get home around 3:30 that way, so I could get a couple chores done and when he gets home, they can play while I work a little more...: that this works. I can TM run most days, but I have childcare and an at-home day tomorrow so I can make up a decent outdoor run, weather permitting. Pray for me, Dingos!

(Selfish note: there seems to always be a plane crash when dh travels...don't know whether to be thankful about that due to the whole odds game of it or...or, well, how to feel. I seriously do feel for those families in the situation. ) Dh is halfway to LA already, where he'll be for two weeks. Here's hoping he'll be home for the second half of June.

Run, Dingos! Run!

Oh! Also stopped in to see Mr. Picante's WAY CUTE babies down the road. OMG. All twins and triplets. And, these neighbors gave me, no kidding, a plastic grocery bag full of fresh, gorgeous asparagus. I sauteed a big pot full for dinner, and I still have 2/3 left. I'll be eating asparagus and baby arugula this week. :
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Originally Posted by tjsmama View Post
Anyone wanna come over for leftover pizza, pasta salad, veggies and dip, and cake???
: And on the subject of the camera (great gift idea, BTW!), if your ds is anything like mine, there will be a bunch of pics of table legs, electric cords, a wall or two... some dirt... maybe a bug if you are lucky.

Mamabelle: Good luck!! Don't worry, you'll do great.

Mamabeth: have fun at Six Flags! My favorite ride, I never miss it, is Monster Mansion. Sad, I know. But I love it.

Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
Saturday I ran 12.5 miles, picked 2 flats of strawberries with the kiddos, showered and drove 2 hours to my mom's with some of the berries for her birthday. This morning I bought a travel stick at the running store and drove home to make jam.
Yum, jam. Just wondering, what is a travel stick? Like a walking stick? Nice run, too!

JayGee: This upcoming Saturday is your tri? Will you have a rest day before it?

Poppy: A vacation in Carmel sounds really cool. What a beautiful place.

CFG: Wow, 14 on the TM!

Plady: How funny about your subway socio-psychological experiments!

DrJen: I hope that basement will be great once it gets done.

Originally Posted by Realrellim View Post
the skies to the north were really dark and it started thundering a ton...so I did some impromptu speedwork on the way back.
Eeek! Yeah, that's one way to run faster!

Gigi: WTG on the 4 miles!

Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
No running this morning but I am checking out the gym with child care this am.
Good idea on the gym. I hope that the dynamic shifts when it's just one parent, so that things turn out better than you think.

I am on my way to the gym for a TM run of 4.5 miles. I missed my morning run with RP because as I left the house, I was almost run down by a truck from the county spraying for mosquitoes!! I had no idea that they sprayed in our neighborhood! I was glad that they didn't catch us out on our run - we would have been doused in the stuff!
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