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May Pagan Circle

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Happy Beltane! Welcome to May!
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Happy Beltane all.

It's raining here this morning, it's nice just a drizzle.
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Happy Beltane!!!!

My lilacs are almost in bloom!
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Happy Beltane!!! I'm trying to catch up after missing all of April with you awesome mamas! Hopefully I'll do better this month!

Brendon - I'm soo envious! Lilacs won't start here for a few more weeks and I can't wait! I actually bought a bar of NH Lilac soap from our local goat farm a couple weekends ago because I was craving the smell so badly. It's the quintessential spring fragrance if you ask me.

We're all doing well here. The PG is progressing well! We had our ultrasound yesterday and found out we are "probably" having a girl! : The tech couldn't be 100% sure because the baby was moving around a lot but he said 65-70% and from what DP & I saw we think it's a girl. I'm so excited!!! Not that we wouldn't love a boy too, but we have two boys and I was starting to feel totally out numbered. It'll be nice to have a little more estrogen in the house!

We started our seeds too! And we got rid of our old smokey grill yesterday so I now have a bare porch to fill with containers and make into our little garden. I'm so looking forward to it!

Hope everyone is doing well and that Spring really is making an appearance everywhere!!!
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Catch you all in a few days. I am going away fo the weekend! I am hoping it will be a great time!

Thank goodness it's May!! Happy May Day!
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Merry Beltane! It's gloomy gray and going to rain soon here and ds woke up with a barking cough and low fever, so we're kicking off the holiday with a pajama-and-movie day. *lol* Oh well.
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Happy Beltane! :

It's gray here... and I woke up more tired than when I went to bed so easy flowy day here...

I plan on going out to take a walk around the yard, look for signs of faery, have a little talk with them and leave some chocolate for them. :
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Happy May Day, TGIF and all that jazz...

This is the weekend we are doing the big push to finish moving out of old place so I can clean it next weekend. Of course, it's supposed to rain all weekend and we have 2 little league games to work around. It's going to be fun.
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Blessed Beltaine! now back to lurking...
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Happy Beltane everyone!
It's a lovely sunny day here. Dh and I will spend all weekend working on the house.

LionessMom- Best wishes for your wedding today!

Cari- I'm glad Jon is doing so fantastic & happy bday to your ds

Have a wonderful Beltane & a great weekend!
: and :
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Merry Beltaine, all!

it was raining hard this morning, but now it's bright and sunny. ds was bummed and annoyed that he couldn't find any dew to wash in but i found him some wettish grass and it sufficed.

it's a gorgeous day now, and someone's horn is going off incessantly, and if i had a shotgun i'd go out and blow it up :
oh whew. it just stopped. i hope it stays stopped!

oh no. here it goes again. GRRR, what a way to ruin a nice day. like when the neighbors start mowing the lawn, or leaf blowing, or weed eating, just when we go to bed. fun.

tomorrow is our Beltaine celebration. we start at the Chamber of Commerce and parade down the street to a park, where we will have kids activities, morris dancers, face painting, and a ritual. yay!
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Happy Beltane, all!

(I'm new).
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mm and welcome, shabbers! i keep wanting to say scabbers...you know, ron's rat in the harry potter series... sorry!

Lioness, how did your wedding go? are you still in newly wedded bliss, i hope? i don't know why i'm asking...i'd be surprised indeed if you were online on your wedding day! :
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Merry Beltane!

I spent most of the day out on the steps along the side of my house. I wrote in my journal, read, and started DH's letter. I walked around in the grass some. I think my right shoulder might be sunburned I literally sat out there for hours.

Gonna light a candle and meditate later.
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Merry Beltaine!

It's warm and sunny, and I noticed flowers on my eggplant today!

Maiasaura-that sounds fun! Meanwhile, I feel you on the car horns-there is a neighbor that lives in a condo across the parking lot from ours whose car alarm goes of EVERY DAY at 7pm when they get back from work. Why you say? I do not know.
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I saw some flowers today!!! :::
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Hey all, very excited. I got free tickets to the Green Festival in Denver. ::

I used to go every year in San Francisco and have been missing it since moving to CO. Can't wait. Not sure how it will go w/ a 2yo, but hopefully the sling will work well...now, what purse to take that can go across my chest so I can carry a canvas bag on my shoulder for all the goodies I'm going to get?
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Hi all, just popping in while baby is asleep. Hope everyone is good Poppy is walking now, has been for quite awhile but now she is really good. I have been super busy a lot on my plate, and i made a new friend! yay! we both sew, and like the same movies and books, and we both like coffee now i have someone to go out with heaps. And poppy loves her too. Anywhoo gotta run as i am meant to be doing some stuff, much love.
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Good morning! I have sooo much to do today. Here's my list:
*Go to hardware store (next town over) to get pretty plastic adirondack chairs. (They look like wood!.)

*Go to Whole Foods (two towns over...Where there's lots of traffic and road construction)

* Get back in time for 10am for the May Day celebration and go there with ds. (after I put the groceries away).

* Pick up asthma med from pharmacy (hope that the doctors office pharmacy is open)

* Clean the kitchen.

* Do at least 3 loads of laundry.
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Welcome Shabbers!

Batty- good to see you!

The girls are off to my Mom's house for the night. woohoo. dh is taking me out and it is a surprise but first, I am painting the girls room.
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