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looking for chile mama's!

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So hubby and I are very seriously considering moving our clan to Chile. Just wanting to see if any MDC mama's live there part or full time. If you do post and let's chat!! Thanks
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moved to south america tribe.
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Me, me, me. I'm here. I though I was the only MDC mama from Chile.
I'm happy that I found you!:::::
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I just posted about maybe moving to Santiago in a year and I'm so happy that there are two others! Ladies, what are your stories and where in Chile are you/do you want to be?

Yay yay yay, don't disappear!
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Oh!!!, I was confuse...go figure it!!... I don't live in Chile anymore, but I'm Chilean
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Ok this is old. I don't live in Chile anymore but I was born and raised until I was 15 in Santiago. My family lives there and my brother and sisters do too.
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