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Um, yeah. Winter is being quite the handful lately too. Three is such a hard age. Sigh.
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Originally Posted by barcelona View Post
helen, how are you feeling??
who else is pregnant right now?
Queasy I sailed through the first trimester, and now every evening, I feel like crap. StrawberryFields is pregnant again as well, I saw- due in January again, and Awaken has the same EDD as me, I think.

ETA: blast, I must stop hitting submit so soon. Lovely to see you again
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Wow, I totally missed this thread! I was wondering where you all went and was coming here to start a new June thread! Is there one already?
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No, there isn't one, but we need one.

Happy belated birthday Amy. ya!
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Hmm. I haven't the spare brain power to start a June thread for us but I just realized I never mentioned to you guys that I passed my board exam and am officially a CNA! I am registered for 2 classes in college, tuition is paid and I just have to buy my books in time to start on June 29th.

I don't know how much you all know about our troubles, but as much as I can tell you is the CPS case is closed, but the legal matter has been referred to a prosecuting attorney with recommendation to press charges. My DH is facing 2-15 years in jail and the possibility of a no contact order for minors under 18 for at least 5 years. Which would mean we could not live together for 5 years. So if you can imagine, I am devoting every moment I have to my husband and my kids.

I took a bit of a walk down memory lane today and read back through all of our threads together. I haven't shared enough of my happiness with you all and instead have whinged and complained a lot. My moment of joy today was waking up this morning, newly 28 (as of yesterday) and realizing that I am the happiest now than I ever have been in my entire life, in spite of all that threatens our family and our happiness. I am continuing to fall deeper in love with my husband than ever before as we both have committed to taking every opportunity to love each other and accept love from the other, instead of letting those opportunities pass by. If we are seperated by this horrible situation, we will at least not have any regrets about how we spent the time we have had together and hopefully our bond will be so strong that we will be able to reunite with joy and love. Love conquers all.
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Yes, my love, you've whinged a heck of a lot. That's why we're here. I still hope things work out for you and in some ways, better that the charges are brought and he can clear his name honestly than have people whispering, y'know? Seriously, if there is anything I can do, lmk.
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I appreciate your optimism but...The reality of it is with this kind of situation, no evidence and his word versus hers there is a good chance they could convict him even though he is innocent. Err on the side of caution and all that. Trying to keep hope alive though.
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WTH happened to innocent until proven guilty?
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Ok, started the new thread!

Glad to be more in touch with you guys- I missed you the past month!

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