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Fantastic! Thanks mamas... Thursdays will work out just fine for me. Though tomorrow we're hopefully going to catch the chicken pox ( pox playdate! yay!) - and more rain is on the way.

I'll keep up here. I've been playing hookie from MDC for a spell just because I've been busy but I'm really feeling the need to reconnect. This is great, I can't wait to meet everyone!
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Milkymommi - just want to let you know I am pregnant and don't have chicken pox immunities. If you are going to go to playgroup after the exposure to the pox during the time you or yours would be contagious, can you please post so that I know not to go that day? I am afraid my baby could get hurt if I get the pox while pregnant. Thanks!
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Originally Posted by Amberoxy View Post
I tried to go to Brown St. Park but couldn't find it. Can anyone let me know where it is so I can find it for next time?
brown st. park is on brown street across from creighton street, behind Hope Highschool - on googlemaps it looks like if you go to 218 brown st, you're accross from it. you may have been on the part of brown st that is on the other side of campus.

milkimommi - look forward to meeting you. i think "crunchy and good w/ ketchup" is so funny.

so, this afternoon turned out to be nice. alas. looking forward to a nice morning.
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Originally Posted by Jojo F. View Post
This Saturday leosmomma is having a B-Day cookout for Leo. I'm sure you are more then welcome Just PM her for directions.
Of course! The more the merrier! :
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Milkimommi, there are actually potentially three play group mamas who don't have cpox immunity and several who don't want their young ones to get it so it's best to stay away while potentially contagious. When several of us were on pox watch we had our own meet ups. So, um, there are several of us who would be more than happy to play with potentially contagious kids In fact please keep us posted because none of us got it!!
Anyway, we do a lot of communicating in this thread so I think we're all on the same page most of the time

I'm sorry you couldn't find Brown street park Shalonne. It's kind of a weird street. The way I would find it is by going up Doyle (by whole foods) off of N. Main and taking a right onto Camp. Go past the school to the stop sign and stay right. At the next stop sign go straight and then swing to the left around the playing fields and you'll see it. It is literally behind Hope High school if that helps at all.
So, from Hope Street going north, if you are in front of Hope High you would take that left at the lights and then take I think your first left onto Camp(?) and same thing, swing left, it's there. HTH!

I think I'll be out next week as well if we decide to stay in NH for a couple days. See you all soon!
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Sam and I are going to head to the Children's Museum this morning. I need to get him out of the house to have some fun! We'll probably get there around 9:30 and stay till around 11:30 in case anyone wants to join us
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We were such bums yesterday and never got out of the house.
We have to take our dog to the vet this AM to have his stitches taken out and hopefully his ridiculous cone can come off! Pets are such fun sometimes.

I just wanted to say I DO have immunity to the pox. I had my tighters checked and Gabe is vaccinated so no worries here.
Fingers crossed next week looks better!
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Oh no!! I would NEVER just show up at anything at all after being exposed! I was just saying that Thursdays in general are going to be great for me... now that said, I'd love to host a pox playdate if we end up having a confirmed case Don't worry though, I totally understand you all just making me aware.
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Thanks for the Brown park directions!

Museum was a lot of fun today - looking forward to getting back outside though! Should we make plans for Monday?

Milkimommi - good luck with your pox Thanks for understanding!
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Hi there. I'm a sporadic MDC user, but I would love to join in on one of these playgroups. (pox or no pox!). My older daughter is four and the younger is 15 months. Where are you all meeting on Monday? And what time?
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Originally Posted by lucymay6 View Post
Hi there. I'm a sporadic MDC user, but I would love to join in on one of these playgroups. (pox or no pox!). My older daughter is four and the younger is 15 months. Where are you all meeting on Monday? And what time?


Ladies- Am I right to think it's Brown Street again?

P.S.- I love how we are already on the 3rd page and it's just the 7th!!
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i think it's brown street for monday.

but it's supposed to be real nice today (friday). and we've been cooped up inside all week. anyone want to meet us at summit today?
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I would be up for an outing today. What/ where is summit?
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Hmm, playgroup or cleaning?
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summit is on the corner of 9th and.....summit! yay! it's over by miriam hospital, kinda.
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forgot to say: we'll be there probably around 10:30
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Originally Posted by leosmomma View Post
Hmm, playgroup or cleaning?

That's what I'm asking myself too! I HAVE to get to the post office today. We'll see, we *may* be there because it is just too freaking beautiful out!!

Arg- DH just called, he needs the car. Why couldn't they have sent him out in the field yesterday?!!
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Is that the little triangle at the end of blackstone? We might be able to make it.... gardening can wait until afternoon I guess!

ETA... never mind. I found it on google maps. looks fun!
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I'm working

Hope to see everyone on Monday!
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Ariana, I'm sorry, I don't think we're going to make it. Ocean has been a crankosaurus all night/morning, and we're pretty beat. At this point, I can't wait for my mom to arrive so we can hand her off.

I'm bummed- I was excited about taking advantage of the nice weather with you guys. And, I want to show you all my crafty soaker projects! Hopefully next week.
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