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ok amy's fever is better but now she has really really red and swollen gums with little sores on them and still isn't eating anything beyond breastmilk. cursory internet research turns up maybe hand foot and mouth disease? which is real contagious so maybe we are going to stay home tomorrow too. *sigh* i miss everyone. happy birthday to me.
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aw, so sad!! poor amy. poor ariana. we'll miss you.
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Happy Birthday, Ariana! Sorry your sweet babe isn't feeling well My nephew had HFMD once. It is super contagious (he got it at daycare...and just about the whole daycare came down w/ it!) and not fun. Poor thing....I hope she feels better soon!

We'll be a maybe for the park. We have the car since dp is in NYC (I'm thinking he should live there ) but the kids don't really want to go anywhere. We'll see how the day goes...maybe they'll wanna play (especially if E is there, Jojo! )
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Happy B-Day Ariana!! Sorry Amy isn't feeling well hope she gets better soon, we will miss you.

I need to see about a couch tomorrow so I'm nost sure how the morning will play out, we may not make it.
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I just saw this on kidoinfo:
Rhode Island Families in Nature

location: Eagle’s Nest, Warwick, RI, 02818
contact Jeanine Silversmith
phone: 401-569-8758
email: info@rifamiliesinnature.org
website: www.rifamiliesinnature.org

Rhode Island Families in Nature was created by and for families who want to spend more time outdoors, explore Rhode Island’s natural places, and reconnect with nature. Research shows that people who regularly spend time outside are happier, healthier, and even smarter than those who do not, and that contact with nature is important for normal child development. We are a free group, open to every type of family - traditional, non-traditional, young, not so young, extended - everyone is welcome. You simply need the desire to get outside with your family and we’ll help you do just that.
cost / admission: free

It looks like fun. I think it's supposed to rain on Sunday but if it doesn't is anyone interested in doing this? I'm curious about where exactly in the park the walk starts from....
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We got back late last night but I'm thinking we may go to Humboldt this morning. Hope to see some of you!
Happy B'day Ariana! And I hope Amy gets better soon!

Also the plant sale at the Southside Community Land trust is this weekend, in case any of you need some stuff. It's also fun to browse. One of my fave places to buy plants.

I'm pretty sure we're not coming actually. Besides the ominous looking weather we are all feeling a little crappy. Woke up at 5:30 which is pretty early for us.
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I'm curious about where exactly in the park the walk starts from....
Sounds like fun!!! According to website, walk starts at Betsey Williams Cottage at 1pm. We may try to make this - need to talk to DH. Sam is normally napping at 1 though so I am not sure if it will work.

Did you see the picture of the momma with baby in a mei tei on the website? http://www.rifamiliesinnature.org/Pl...o_Explore.html
Yay babywearing!!!
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No park for us today.. We had a rough day yesterday, which means I need to catch up on my studying big time today and tomorrow since my weekends are useless for schoolwork. My final exam is next Wednesday and I have the following week off, so we'll try again next Thursday!
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We got rained out . On my way home, while driving in the rain, a weather report came on the radio from a station based in Providence. They said it wouldn't rain until 10pm. Now, I know it is hard to predict the weather in New England but, that was just silly...

Also the plant sale at the Southside Community Land trust is this weekend, in case any of you need some stuff. It's also fun to browse. One of my fave places to buy plants.
And, just in case I was not the only one to want more info...sounds like a great sale!! I had another thread where I was looking for husk tomatoe seeds and someone directed me to this sale...
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a trip to our pedi confirmed that amy has hand foot and mouth disease. so we will be laying low for awhile. thanks for your get-well wishes everyone!!
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Originally Posted by fancyoats View Post
a trip to our pedi confirmed that amy has hand foot and mouth disease.
Crazy! Poor Amy. Poor you. How long does it normally last?
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my reading from the cdc website says it last 7 to 10 days, but here is something else to consider:

The viruses that cause HFMD can remain in the body for weeks after a patient's symptoms have gone away. This means that the infected person can still pass the infection to other people even though he/she appears well. Also, some persons who are infected and excreting the virus, including most adults, may have no symptoms.

so it looks like we'll be laying low longer than i thought.

weeks??? i feel like a hostage. she's still is not eating and her mouth looks so sore and she is just miserable.
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I'm so sorry Ariana. Wish I had advice to offer but I've never known anyone irl to get hand, foot and mouth (not that I remember anyway). Have you seen anything that tells you what the sores feel like? Would it feel soothing to suck on a cold washcloth?
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sarah they look like canker sores, and i imagine they feel like canker sores. her gums are red and swollen to the point where some of her teeth have almost disappeared. acidic things seem to hurt worse than other types of foods (orange juice made her cry) but honestly, she doesn't seem to want anything except water and nursing. well, she ate some ice cream yesterday, but i couldn't get her to eat any today (refusing ice cream????). it's kind of infuriating because i'm pretty sure she is hungry because she keeps asking for food but then when i offer it, she pushes it away and screeches "NO!!" the pedi told us to mix equal parts maalox and benadryl to swab in her mouth (it's supposed to be soothing?) but she kind of hates that too. she kind of hates everything.

sorry to turn this into the "amy's hfmd thread" or "ariana whining about amy's hfmd thread" i know it's supposed to be about playgroup
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ariana, i'm so sorry. big to amy.
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Ariana- don't worry, we are here for support too

I have read that everything hurts- cold, warm, hot, room temp. it all hurts. There doesn't seem to be much of anything you can do either, just wait it out unfortunately. Although, ACV helps tremendously for a sore throat. It's worth a shot, diluted of course. Sick kids are not fun, E threw up twice tonight.

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jojo that is weirdly comforting, to know that that there is really not much i can do for her. at least i don't have to worry that i'm missing something, kwim?

poor ethan, though!!!! throwing up is no fun at all, blecch.
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We've been sick too, wth!?
But nothing like what Amy has! Poor thing!
Chicken soup with miso and garlic? Chamomile tea? popsicles? You can even make popsicles with honey, herbal tea and echinacea tincture if regular ones are too acidic.
My kids' health book recommends echinacea and licorice tincture for inflammation. I wonder if it would help to rub it on her gums?

Sounds miserable! I hope she's better asap.
Thank god for nursing, huh?
Hope you aren't too worn out, Ariana.
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seriously, thank goodness for nursing. i mean, she's skinny anyway (at her 18 month visit on tuesday, she is still not 20# and she has now officially dropped off the bottom of the chart) but i can't imagine not being able to nurse her through this!!!
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Ariana - my thoughts are with you and Amy!!! I hope she feels better soon! I wonder if those homeopathic teething tablets would help her?
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