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ABQ May Days

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Happy May Day, y'all!

I have a flat tire.
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So E had his well check today, he has gain .5 lbs in 2 years I knew he wasn't gaining much but I thought it was a bit more than that.

Off to the rest of my crazy life.
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Thanks for starting the new thread, KMJ!

Emans, sorry to hear about that. So what will that mean, exactly?

So I just found out I'm going to be working full-time this summer. I got that internship I had applied for! I guess that means I passed the background investigation I'm kinda bummed about not having the summer off to go have fun, but I guess that's what the weekeneds are for. So yeah, I won't be making it to pg for a while. But anyway, it's only the summer so it's all good!
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KMJ - bummer about the flat tire. Were you at home at least?

Emans - more donuts? j/k I know how frustrating the weight gain issues are. What did the dr. say?

crazy - congrats on the summer job! too bad you're going to miss pg for awhile.

I cannot believe it's May already!
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emans - those skinny kids are going to be the death of us

kmj - hope it is something easy with the tire

so ya know what is weird...elms little s has the same bday as my dad, comommys C has the same bday as my mom and her A has the same bday as my little C. Weird
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KMJ- yuck, I am driving with a nail in one of my tires....

Eman- Are you going to the NACC thing tonight.

Crazy- We will miss you but good job!!

I am sad, my fat clothes really fit now....
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KMJ hope you get it fixes. Costco is great if you can get there.

Congrates and bummer about the summer job : We'll miss you.

The plan is to talk to OT at school as a start, he will refer us if the school can't help and go from there. I'm trying to think of empty calories and medicine in some twisted way, but that only solves part of the problem YK? At the very least he has to go back in 3 months for another check.
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It seems like you would want to find out why he's not gaining weight. I've seen him eat. Granted, it's not a lot, but he does eat. I don't know. How frustrating for you.
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Okay I k now you worry Eman, but he was dang cute tonight...
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Hugs, Eman's. Sara hasn't gained much in the last two years, either. No one seems worried about it, though.

Congrats on the internship, crazy!

I was driving the kids to school when I noticed, so on the access road going 25 mph. I parked it back in the driveway and took it to Firestone once M came home and put on the spare. Quick fix and not much trouble, thank goodness. Didn't find any obvious cause like a nail.

And the Yanks won a nailbiter in the bottom of the 9th so I'm a happy me today.
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I dont think we will make Open gym today - we were outside a ton yesterday and we are all feeling kinda itchy and grungy today
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Anyone going today?

Can I just say that I love the nursing attitude here in NM : R had her soccer party at a pool over the weekend of course M needed to nurse. I attempt to find a empty spot and try to be a bit discret, I'm wearing a swimsuit and it it the pool afterall. Anyway that is the exact spot where the coach decides to set up the trophy ceremony. He doesn't bat an eye when he realizes what he did, makes a light comment and keeps on going. Then a mom come up and starts taking pictures not realizing what I'm doing then again is totally cool with the fact that M nursing is in all the photos.
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YAY Eman !! We are lucky here.....

We wont be there at open gym, I am bummed, cant find anybody to take C if I have to go to work. SHe would love to be there!!

Somebody remind me this weekend I want to take her next mOnday.
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Okay so I tried to register for a graduate class and it said I couldnt if I wasnt in a program. I am in contact with the advisor who keeps track of such things. She says that there arent any classes offered for Fall that I can take at this time. SOOOO I think unless I get some special persmission I am not going to be able to take a grad nursing class.... diappointing at first BUT.... that may make my decision for me. Partime day care for C is still gonna be a problem.

My dad died two years on Thursday, I've been asking him to help me figure out what to do. I need a sign... perhaps I will get it.
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On both counts DoulaRN
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THe deal is I can take Pathophysiology over the summer, ick. And then pharmacology in the spring. So Fall I cant take anything.... so if C get into pre-k I need to find afternoon care for her if I want to work during the week or I can go back to weekends.........

I cleaned out C's room today. Funny thing, once i put everything where it was supposed to be and threw crap away, the toybox was empty. SO I took it away. I wonder if the same process could work in the playroom.
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Hi all. It's nice to be back. The 6 hour car drive today included a screaming rendition of the "Mamma Mia" musical by S and just plain ol' screaming and whining from both of them. 15 hours in the car over a 4 day period was just a little to much I guess. But we had a blast at the Great Sand Dunes. DRN, you need to take L there. He'd love it!

Eman, sorry E isn't gaining any weight. Hopefully OT will work out perfectly for him.
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Glad you're back and alive.

DoulaRN, is there anything relevent you can take? I'm sure you've already been through this but something? Any chance you need an english filler or something so that you can fix the child care thing?
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Eman- Thing is I'm not guarenteed a spot either way..............

I'm meeting with hilary tomorrow for lunch to get her thoughts...

Did I mention I looked at my transcripts and I had 15 graduate credits that "expired'. Five classes I need to retake....at least I didnt pay for any of them..
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Oh I thought it was the class for the child care spot, that stinks about the credits I worry that will happen with me.
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