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Blue still never got it, I thought you had the right address.

Burke love the pics

DoulaRN, it will all work out, this is such an amazing opportunity, there is a way to make it work we just need to find it for you.

Great party, the kids were seriously wound up. But D did get M to sleep.
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Happy Birthday L !!!!!!
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Happy Birthday L!
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Happy bday L!
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Emans - Well, this is weird. I sent it to the correct address, so I don't know why you aren't receiving it. I tried one more time this morning too. Have you checked your spam or junk file? I'll call you in a little bit to give you the details anyways...

So this morning I broke a tooth while eating breakfast. Lovely. Now I get another trip to the dentist, and it will probably need a crown since the piece missing is sizeable!
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Hope the test result is negative, Elm.

Happy Birthday, L!

Burke, those pics are great.

Blue, sorry about your tooth.

Lots of spring birthdays in this group!
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Happy Birthday L.

I don't know why it isn't working either blue, I've never had a problem before but I got the email Sorry about the tooth. I think we put 4 crowns into D's mouth this year alone.
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So my van as the engine of a Lexus. Not sure how that happened but the mechanic was very confused. New valve stems will cost $3000 and they actually recommend getting a new engine all together because it has so many miles on it. That'll cost about 6k. We're going to pick it up without any work being done on it and talk it over tonight. Totally possible that we'll be getting a new car here soon. I'm : and all at the same time.
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That was our delimna when our van died last year Elmh!! Good luck with your decisionmaking!!
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Elm, that BITES! You've barely had that van, haven't you?

I hope you can find a decision that works for you guys.
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Oh man elm that is terrible.
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So we're thinking about getting a new car. Did you know that the Chrysler Town & Country costs more than a Toyota Sienna or Honda Odyssey? No wonder they're going bankrupt.
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Honda's are nice and BIG !!!! Way bigger than my Ford van was. So sorry, I k now that feeling....
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Really wow, however a used Carvan they can't give away (I know it's Dodge but still). Good luck with whatever you decide. We patched the Contour up way too many times, we should have thrown in the towel much earlier.
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elmh - how weird about the engine. I would LOVE to get a new van. We found the minivan love when my sister visited :

Oh, in case I forgot to mention it, we will have pizza and cupcakes today : Looking forward to seeing y'all!
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We're going to go look at a couple of vans this weekend. The Sienna isn't going to just stop working right this minute. We've narrowed it down to the Toyota, Honda, Volkswagon and Kia. If I really like the Kia, we'll go for that one since it's the cheapest of them all.

Blue, good to know. We'll see you at the grass inside right?

Crazy, are you guys coming? I'll be bringing E's present jic.
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At the big grassy area, yes. We will try to get the two tables on the path between the wolves and polar bears.
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I would not recommend a VW van. We had one. They are a bear to fix or even get the oil changed.
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Elmh, yup, we'll be there. Sorry about your van, that sucks! Just so you know, the VW Routan us just a souped up Town and Country. And although the T&C is more expensive, Chrystler us apparently starting to give massive rebates (up to 6 grand) so it maybe worth looking into as well. DH said that he read that the government will be taking over the warranty/repairs part of Chrystler so you should still be able to get work done under warranty if you to that route.
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I was bummed when I found out that about the Routan and TC also. However if you goes a bit used the KIA is cheap.

M is taking a short nap and then we are heading out. :
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