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Yes, my dh is a great conversationalist too. So much so that when we lived in an apartment building where we'd meet many people in the hall, I had a secret code to get him to move on so we could actually get to places on time.

Well, Alison's mom, dd and I have chocolate (fair trade), popcorn (homemade), popsicles (homemade). We also watch movies, but Miyazaki movies are much better than Disney, IMHO. And she sometimes watches Knowledge Kids (regular tv?). We don't go to McDonalds, but we do go to Subway/Quiznos. And she plays with a fair bit of plastic, but we don't have that many toys...and the plastic is mostly stuff from garage sales because I don't like buying new plastic. I'd say she's pretty normal, actually! All while being relatively healthy. I don't think that you NEED to go to McDonalds to be normal. For me, the key is not banning these things, but that's my comfort level.

Now, were she to go to the local school, we might face more pressure to conform to specific trends. That's where I think I'd have a harder time.

And yes, I agree that dd is picking up on household stress. It's the first month of dh's 7 day a week schedule, and I'm having a bit of a hard time with the new schedule, though I think that we might be able to adjust.
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Sorry to hear some of you have had bad days dropping kids off. Those suck. Stress does tend to make that sort of stuff come out. Illnesses too. Calvin was like that for the first 6 months at daycare (DH Wes called them every morning after he got to work...), but only Wes had to deal with it because daycare was near his work. It got somewhat better after that, but it was never great and frequently awful. He was so happy to be done with daycare last year. Even day camps were way better.

Originally Posted by dawncayden View Post
Lisa, in Vancouver if your kid has their own card they pay no late fees for books or dvds, isn't it the same in N Van?
Nope - and Burnaby also charges fines for kids (albeit lower ones). Vancouver is very lenient with kids. Thank goodness, or I'd owe a large fortune.

Originally Posted by widemouthedfrog View Post
One of our cats got really sick over the weekend, and he may not last a long time after we bring him home. I'm busy cancelling vacation and anything else that costs money so that we can pay for the vet bills.
Oh dear, that does suck. Our cat is sick too, though it's a long-term thing. The irony is that the more we do for him (i.e., the more money and time we spend on him), the longer he'll live. Isn't that just fantastic. But I just couldn't bear to do less, knowing that it keeps him alive, and comfortable and purry-happy. I hope you and your kitty have some quality time together before he crosses the rainbow bridge. (That's what they say on the feline chronic renal failure YahooGroup.)
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: found a great sitter here in london! : the key to my return to sanity or an excuse to take on more projects

how's everyone's garden growing, gardeners?

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Originally Posted by Alison's Mom View Post
Re my DH and being 'normal'. To him, being normal is anything mainstream that the masses regularly engage in, so McDonalds, regular TV programs, Disney movies, moderate amount of junk food, etc. I've come to realize that anything that is advertised on TV is not anything I want to buy.
I occasionally see things advertised on tv that might be worth buying, but I generally agree with you. Honestly, we don't watch tv. We watch way too many movies (started when we lost Aaron, waned for a while, then picked up again when I got pregnant this time), but no tv. It's not that I object to screen time, so much...but I want them kept away from commercials, to as great a degree as I can manage.

Re being a great conversationalist who asks questions, that's actually my DH to a tee. He's super social and can talk to *anyone* - CEOs and homeless people at the bus stop.
My ex was a bit like that, until he fried his brain. DH is actually a decent conversationalist, but he has to be forced into it. We're not the most social people in the world (probably why we've been together 8 years, nd have no friends!).
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Thanks for the kind words. DS was fine when I picked him up, but he's definately really snuggly these days so I'm just trying to meet that need. As for the inlaws, I know MIL loves him, she just does NOT handle "bad" behaviour (or what I would consider normal kid meltdowns) well at all. I've seen her smack my nephew, but she knows that if she EVER touched my son she'd never see him again. DS told me today that "Aba is really nice to me when its just her and me together Mommy.", which is reassuring. It's just that she never asks to spend time with DS alone, yet she's spends at least three days a week with his cousins. Naturally they are going to be warmer with her. Sigh. Life was easier when they lived far away.

Widemouthfrog, sorry about your kitty (hug).

Now, I need to find a good babysitter in Kerrisdale. I really need a date night with DH, who is feeling sorely neglected. MIL will only babysit until 10:30. Any recommendations?
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Originally Posted by artparent View Post
how's everyone's garden growing, gardeners?
My salad greens were off to a slow start and some of them didn't make it. Last year I bought them from the Farmer's Market (Albert's Herbs) and they all did so well. This year I went to the local nursery. Anyways, they are finally starting to take off and I think I can start harvesting them soon. Sugar snap peas are growing well, carrots are starting to show their tops, radishes going well, and my cabbages are getting taller but still a long way from harvesting. I'm going to get my tomato seedlings from the Farmer's Market since last year's were so wonderful - but this year I'm putting a cover over them so I don't get blight like I did last year!!

I also dug up a small bed that was totally overgrown, ripped out everything save a climbing flowering vine-type thing. So I planted a small azalea bush and some hostas. This is the part that sucks about renting: I don't know how long we'll be here (hopefully not too much longer) so I don't want to put money into it. But there is a lot that needs to be done and the landlords are generous but really strapped for cash these days. Their big project is the front steps and railing (desperately need re-painting), so any gardening stuff will have to be on my own.

I've been doing a lot of yard work this season, trying to get the place to look better. I can see now why homes become money pits. If I owned this place I could easily drop a grand or two, and that's just to make what's there look better. Add that to the maintenance the house itself needs and wow....renting looks good in that light!
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Could DD have chicken pox?

Over the last couple of days DD has developed little bumps all over her body. They seem to have started on her tummy and are spreading swiftly. They weren't bothering her too much at first, but this evening she is scratching them alot. I am hoping they might be chicken pox, but I'm not sure.

First, AFAIK we have not been in contact with anybody who has them. Second, she's shown no sign of illness (cold or flu-like symptoms). She has no fever. The bumps start out as skin-colour...some of them *might* have little blister tops on them but they certainly aren't as obvious as the photos I've seen online. Once she has scratched them they form a tiny scab in the middle (looks like a red dot) and then appear to have a "crater" in the middle. Many of them are red right now but I'm not sure if it's because she has been scratching a lot. Finally, she is in good spirits, sleeping well, active and only mildly bothered by the itching.

Does anybody with pox experience have any input as to whether or not this is it?
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Mariah, neither of my kids had any flu/fever/illness symptoms at all, and the pox were mostly only itchy at night. you'll probably find out tonight if it's pox or not ... good luck!! I'd have benadryl on hand if I were you, it can get ugly in the middle of the night, and the oral benadryl seems to really help a lot. My kids only needed it two nights, but were otherwise fine during the day. the pox get really poxy looking as they're healing, especially if they've been picked at or scratched, but when they're first coming on it's hard to tell. the fact that they started on her torso and are spreading and the sign of the blister top would indicate that it is probably pox. and fwiw, they're really mostly contagious for the first day or two, and most common in spring and fall. that's everything I know about the pox!

I am somewhat emotionally be-funked these days, with a little bit of uncertainty descending on our process, along with the wacky hormones of the bcp's making me just slightly less stable... I got season 2 of LOST from the library today -- it's the perfect escapism for me!!!! There are so many things we don't know and have no control over that we just have to ride it out and try to keep from thinking too much in the meantime!!!! Why did I think it would be easy this time around?
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Well, I try to keep the 'normal' thing in moderation. I used to be irked by any TV at all, but have now just stopped letting it bother me, and instead try to focus on the quality and age appropriateness of the show/movie. They only watch Treehouse, which used to be commercial free and now only have some pseudo commercials. They watch more DVDs which at least we can control content and commercials more easily.

I also *like* some types of junk food myself, so try to buy or make 'healthier' types of junk food. We end up eating reasonable amounts of sugar and to a lesser degree, salt, but I really watch for artificial colours, flavours and most preservatives. Home made baked stuff is definitely the way to go - better taste, happy family and fewer chemicals.

I'd be interested in the pox for my DS who has not be vaxxed for it.
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Pox please!

ETA: Hmmmm.... Actually, now that I think of it, I am remembering that chicken pox is warned against for people taking corticosteroids. I've started a thread in Health and Healing to see if others have more info... If any of you have insight, lemme know!
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My garden is growing like a weed... :

Tons of arugula, spinach, and lettuce have already been on the plate.

Carrots, beets, basil, tomatoes, scallions, snap peas, and onions are doing well so far, and I'm preparing to put in some pole beans and cucumbers next week.

I started everything except for the tommies and basil from seed in our Square Foot Garden style boxes.

I've been having a few problems with something (maybe a skunk or a raccoon? my blasted cat?) digging around, so I cover them at night with mesh.

artparent: I saw the beautiful pictures of your garden on facebook... Nice work! It's fun to watch the progress.
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Oh - forgot to ask if anyone has any leads on organic strawberries. I'd like to get a bunch for jamming and freezing. I don't think I'll do u-pick this year. To get the amount I want takes longer than the kids (and the dh!) have the stamina for.
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I just wanted to share the fun fact that arugula is called 'rocket' here.
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thanks tooticky! would that my seeds would come up now, the landscaping took so long, i got seeds in very late. next year i hope to be on top of it.

it's rocket here too. tiffani i bet there's lots of words the same! yesterday a mum ran to me and said that my little one 'came off her bicycle'. meaning fell off! actually she totally crash-bang smashed up! into a fence! she's a speed-demon on her balance bike. the funny thing is she was back on in 10 minutes, after some love, and some arnica + a bandage that a very prepared mama had with her. just a scraped chin + cheek, really. she isn't going any slower, either. second children. i am so being paid back.

good luck if you've got pox, mariah! i'm envious, i'm worried mine will never get it!

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Mariah: DS1 had chickenpox when he was about 7. It sounds as though your kids could have it, but it's hard to say for sure online, yk?

DD and ds2 were exposed over three weeks ago, but nothing. They're past the incubation period now. I'm kind of bummed, because I'd really like them to get it, but also relieved, because if they got it now, both dh and they would have to miss my concert on Saturday. Besides, we've had a nasty, nasty stomach bug tear through the house over the last few days (dd had it Saturday night, ds1 had it Monday night, and dh and I had it last night), and I think mixing it with the pox wouldn't be much fun...
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I'm interested in pox for my non-vaccinated kids.

Piglet68: Pox is usually much milder in younger children. It is better to catch it when you are young. Teenagers, adults get very sick with chicken pox.

dido1: I know a couple of teachers in the Kerrisdale and Dunbar area who have kids who babysit. If you are interested, I can check?
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Yes Please

Originally Posted by westcoastmom View Post
dido1: I know a couple of teachers in the Kerrisdale and Dunbar area who have kids who babysit. If you are interested, I can check?
That would be great! We don't often need a sitter, but once a month might be nice :
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Thanks for the info everyone. DD had a fine night, no scratching or anything. I would love it if she has the pox, but if so it's a very mild case. It also started about 3 days ago so I may have missed the window for getting DS infected (I joked to DH that if DD has the pox I'll strip DS down and rub him all over her sores, lol). I just can't believe my good luck that she might have it - I was beginning to worry she'd miss out on the opportunity.

I might just pop her down to the local clinic tomorrow to have them confirm it...would it be weird to shout "Hooray!!" if they say "yes, she has chicken pox"?
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Originally Posted by Piglet68 View Post
...would it be weird to shout "Hooray!!" if they say "yes, she has chicken pox"?
Yes... but I would too!

I've heard arugula called rocket too, I think my dad called it that... or maybe the grocery store I worked at.

My garden is not doing so hot, I'm way behind. We only have potatoes and raspberries planted actually, everything else is still in their plastic trays and not doing much. We do have a laundry line and chicken run finally, so things are moving along

Ellaine, I may see you at Science World on Thurs, my mil and I are going to take the kids somewhere but we haven't decided Zoo or SW yet. I think it will depend on weather, and how tired I am.

I attended a HBA2C last night and it was so amazing and great : Cora cried and flipped out that I was leaving in the night though, which was hard and made me feel like a bad parent for choosing to go.

Sorry about your kitty Tricia
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I just noticed now that Misseks had her baby http://www.mothering.com/discussions....php?t=1087462
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