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Hi mamas,
I'm Liz and I am 29 (30 @ the end of the month ) and married to by best friend Jon. We have a little boy named Isaac and he is 20 months and my absolute joy. I am a special ed teacher by training, but am currently working in the mental health field until this baby is born. Then the plan is to return to grad school next summer to obtain my masters and get back into teaching. I miss it so much and really loathe working in the summers...:
We live in OR away from our family and closest friends. It's hard at times, but i love it here. I do wish I had a family member out here, especially now that I am pg again. With Isaac, we TTC for over a year before it happpened. This bean was created after only a few months. We couldn't be more happy. I am looking forward to a home water birth and absolutely love my HB midwife. She also lives right down the street so we are neighbors too. I am not one of those women who love being pg (at least not the first time), but I seem to be having a better time this go around (aside from the terrible all day sickness that just ended last week)
I love being a part of DDC and look forward to chatting with all of you over the next several months :
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Hello everyone, a friend recommended this forum to me! I've been lurking a little and trying to get the lay of the land.

I'm 31 and 13 weeks pg today. I lost my first pregnancy last January at 9 weeks so I'm thrilled that everything is going well this time. This will be our first child, due 1/14!

My husband & I are East Coasters originally but living in Nebraska now - I am a decorative painter for a living.
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Hiya, been lurking a little and finally found out my due date today. I thought I was only 2 months or so but it turns out I'm 12 weeks 1 day or so today! I'm 31 and this will be my first, due around the 25th of January.

I'm a network engineer and my husband is a programmer.

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Hi, I'm Maria, and I'm expecting our third babe sometime in January (I'm "due" on 1/10, but I'll be surprised if I have the baby before the 23rd). We had been ttc for 14 months when we got it right - funnily enough, I'd given up 'trying' about 6 weeks before my test came back positive. I've been married to my best friend (yay!) for just over nine years now, and we have two sons, nearly nine and seven and a half. We're hoping for a girl this time. I plan to UC this time after my successful vbac with #2. We unschool, baby wear, co sleep, breastfeed, don't vaccinate or circumcise, and I'd like to cloth diaper and use EC with this baby. We also grow our own veggies and fruits, and wild gather some stuff too (nuts and mushrooms, herbs, husband hunts/traps) We use nutrition and herbs instead of allopathic medicine. My husband and I manage my Mom's orchards together, and the kids stay with us while we work - unless we're running dangerous machinery like the bush hog - so baby wearing, nursing and unschooling fit our lives so well.

I'm looking forward to this group, it's nice to have people at the same stage as you are to be giddy and whiny with!
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I'm Sarah
I live in Bucks County, PA
I joined MDC when I found out I was pregnant with my son Levi who is now 15 months.
This site has been a sanity saver and huge educational tool. I'm in love
Just found out I'm 13 weeks with my second.
Very surprised.
Guess I got my LMP dates mixed up cause I only thought I was maybe 8-10 weeks along!
I'm hoping the US dating is accurate!
My last birth was a homebirth which I plan to do again.
Glad to be part of a due date club again
It makes the time pass much more quickly having people at the same stage to share the experience with
Looking foward to getting to know you all better :
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I'm Jen. This is my first pregnancy. It's twins!

I am 30 and just married Scott in February. We had decided that when we got married we would not try not to have kids! I was amazed at how quickly I ended up pregnant. And I am still in shock over the twins part.

We live in Maryland (where CPMs are illegal) and OBs apparently really prefer to do c-sections for twins. As of last Thursday, I finally found a group of CNMs who I really like, and we are meeting with a CPM tonight.

Our families are both in Washington state, so I plan to end up back out there in not too many years. (I miss it there, but I do get to visit in a couple of weeks!)

I am an applied mathematician and Scott is an engineer. He has three kids, two of whom live with us. We have a little garden which I love, even though we don't yet know what we are doing with gardening. I happily eat salad with my lunch every day. And, we suddenly had 30 cucumbers last week with many more on the way, and it looks like we will have 15 cantaloupes in a couple more weeks. Good thing I work with people who are happy to help me eat it all.

I am due on January 10, though I hear that twins usually come early, and some of the OBs I talked to were adamant about induction at 38 weeks which would be right after Christmas. I have been running from the induction-happy and c-section-happy folks.

It's good to meet you all!!

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Hello Mammas!

I'm Val and I'll be turning 30 tomorrow! I've been dating my man for 7 years and he proposed in May just a few days before we had our BFP! We are planning on holding the ceremony some time next summer. I'm 15 weeks along and am excited to have made it past that nerve wracking 1st trimester! My due date is January 17th and I expect I will be at least a week or two late. I was charting/temping when I got pregnant and I know my ovulation date was at least 5 days later than the day the doctors say I conceived. I was pregnant last fall with our first, but unfortunately I miscarried at 14 weeks... which left me with some complications... I'm crossing my fingers for a healthy pregnancy and an even healthier baby - so far, so good! I went backpacking this weekend to celebrate my upcoming b-day and felt great - no spotting - no cramping! The doc told me take a break from mt. biking and running which has been really tough on my mental status so I've been hiking and road biking instead. I hope to find a swim instructor in the next few weeks and take up a new sport for the duration of my pregnancy. I hear being in the water is wonderful, especially in the later months.
It is so wonderful to meet all of you!!
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Hi, I'm Laine.

I'm a 24 year old Mum of an energetic, creative 3 year old, and have LO #2 due the 17th of january, 2010.
I am a yoga teacher, with a focus on prenatal yoga and mama-child yoga.
Currently, I live with my partner, Spike, in Honolulu, Hawaii. We are dealing with complications from RH Disease, and Lupus (on my part). The baby and I are stable at this point, and our family is keeping hopes up that we will be able to come home to the Pacific Northwest in a few weeks. I miss my daughter. She is living with her father in Eugene, Oregon. I'm hoping to be well enough to travel soon. I'm on modified bedrest, but still want to spend time with my daughter. She is very excited about having a little brother or sister in a few months.
This baby was a complete suprise, but we are very excited, happy, and anxious for the *healthy and safe* birth of this little one. I hope for another little girl, but strongly feel this one is a boy. Everyone else who knows about the pregnancy feels the same way. We will see! It is too early to tell on the ultrasounds yet, but hopefully in a few weeks we will be able to find out! I will be sooo happy with a girl or a boy.
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Hope it's not too late for me to join in here!

I'm Stephanie. I'm pregnant with a baby girl (Sadie), due 1/3/10. We found out not too long ago (via amnio) that Sadie has Down's Syndrome.

We also have three other children. Xavier is 11, Mia is 5, Adrian (though we mostly call him AJ) just turned 2. :
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Hello ladies! I'm awfully late to the game here...am part of another mommies forum and just happened to stumble across this one and it seems to be filled with such nice people!

Anyway, my name is Rachel (29), and my husband Ryan (31) and I are expecting our first child on 1/11/10. It took us 6 months to get pregnant, which felt like forever, and we are so so happy to finally be starting a family after 8 years together and 4 years being married. We live in St. Louis, MO and are planning on keeping gender a surprise and having a natural birth. Pregnancy has been pretty uneventful so far, which has been fantastic - just a smidgen of morning sickness between weeks 6 and 9, and some tailbone pain at present, plus the typical exhaustion, but otherwise thing are hunky-dory.
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Hello! I've been lurking for a short while and finally have the time to sit down and type something out!
I'm Kim and I've been married to my husband, Dave for nearly two years. We have one son who is 15 months old and I have a daughter from a previous relationship who is 13 y/o. We live on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada.
We had been ttc for about 4 months which was surprising that it took so such a little amount of time as I b/f my son quite often.
I have a midwife and was hoping for a homebirth for my third and finaly babe but unfortunately I don't qualify due to hemorhagging after my son's delivery. I'm pretty bummed about it but my city has a brand new birthing unit that is just stunning.. feels more like a hotel stay than a hospital one so I'm trying to be positive and think of it as a vacation away from home for a night or two.
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I'm Ale, I'm 31. I'm currently living in Córdoba, Spain but I'm originally from Madrid. I marry my first love Edgar(41) in 2003 and we've been together since 2000. He's the best father, lover, friend, hero. He's probaly the bravest man that I know. We have a beautiful little girl together, Catalina, who will turn 5 in October 31st. I work in a highschool hiring teacher and supervising them, I'm also an Spanish sign language interpreter. DH, who is deaf, owns a hardware store and the business has been getting bigger and bigger each year. Even though we've been having financial issues, we hope things get better next year. We are almost there
DH is spaniard/swedish and I'm spaniard 100%...
I think.

I'm looking forward to meet our beautiful baby boy, which we decided to name Santiago.
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Hi everybody! I'm excited to be here! I'm Justine and my husband Tim and I are expecting our first child around Jan 2nd. I stay at home making things everyday. Mostly clothing, I make some from scratch and do a lot of batiking and hand-dyed work. We live in the eastern panhandle of WV, about 2 hours from Baltimore and DC.

We are hoping for hypnobirthing. I've been reading the book and just ordered the DVD set from Amazon.

It's exciting to feel my boy kicking inside of me. Reminding me that it won't be much longer!

I hope to connect and make friends with more of you. With my husband being in a band, he's on the road a lot and I get a bit lonely out here in the hills of WV.
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I was in Mothering.com due date club with my last and it was great, but I've been too distracted this time to join earlier.

I'm Sofia, 39, married to Dave, also 39. Feeling old. We have two boys, almost-7 (Mateo) and 4 1/2 (Ilario), and I'm due Jan 31st with a girl. I'm surprised with how excited I am to have a girl! I'm hoping to go until Feburary to separate this birthday from my younger son's (1-27) but I had both of my boys a week early.

I had HG (too much throwing up while pregnant) with all of them, and it was sort of controlled this time with Zofran. I'm off it now, and only throw up in the morning and sometimes after supper. Nausea and vomiting have dominated the last few months of my life, but I'm coming into a better period, and able to do things. I can feel the baby kicking away now which is lovely. I have a chronic illness (CFIDS) that goes into remission while I'm pregnant, so I'm enjoying that too. I'm doing a little tech writing but not much.

I've had two homebirths and am hoping for a third.

I find naming babies very stressful! We're calling this one Ruby Jo in utero but aren't planning on keeping it, despite how fun it is to say. We've never yet managed to name a baby unti 2 weeks after birth.
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Another late joiner, stumbled upon this site a couple of weeks ago.

My name's Megan (28) and my first child is due January 28. My partner Mike (28) and I got the BFP on our first month which was a little shocking, so I think it took a bit longer for this to feel real. We've been together 5 years, bought our house just over 3 years ago. We're in southern Ontario.

The gender will be a surprise and I'm hoping for a natural birth, maybe at home (still trying to decide).

My pregnancy has been great so far. No morning sickness, minimal weight gain, and uneventful otherwise (knock on wood).

Happy to be here!
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Hi Mama's,

My name is Alyssa, I'm happily married since 9/5/08 (just celebrated our first wedding anniversary). We have been together for 6 years as our first date was 9/3/03

We are expecting our first baby - due January 31st, 2010 - the gender will be a surprise until our Couples Baby Shower where we will find out and reveal to everyone else

I work from home and we just moved to a really cool small town in NJ after living in the city for 10 years.

We have an awesome Rottweiler named Mabel who rocks

We have enlisted a Doula and I have a MW - we are planning a natural childbirth and to cloth diaper (currently deciding between FuzziBunz, BumGenius and GroBaby). We eat as clean and organic as possible and eat limited animal protein - trying to ensure the animal protein we do eat is sustainably raised, locally and without hormones or antibiotics.

Congrats to all of you!!!
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Hello! I'm Carole, about to turn 31 next month, living in Massachusetts with my husband of 2 years, my girlfriend, and our mutual friend and female housemate. And four cats! It's a busy but awesome household.

My husband and I decided to start our family last April, and lo and behold it only took us a month! We were so startled! But we're also very happy, particularly since we found out it's going to be a girl. (In fact, she's kicking my keyboard right now where I'm resting it against my belly - I think she says hello to you all, too!)

We're currently planning for me to be a stay at home mom, and I'm working hard to extract every particle of enjoyment from my free time between now and January! (Visiting relatives, reading books, watching DVDs...)

Lovely to meet you all!

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I'm Kristin, 36 married to my sweetheart Shandin, 35. We got pregnant the first full moon after getting married! It was a conscious conception.

I love gardening, poetry, nature, meditation, peace, crafts...

This pregnancy has been an amazing journey so far and has taken me to a sweet spot in myself. I am looking forward to meeting my little one outside of the womb about new years.

I am loving live music, dancing and swimming these days. There is something so amazing about knowing I am exposing my little one to these experiences for the first time in the womb, and that she is experiencing them with her developing senses. Wow. Motherhood is humbling and feels utterly sacred.
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I keep trying to decide what to write, how exactly to introduce myself and tell a bit about my family... it's much harder than I expected it to be, lol.

I'm Nikole (30 on Nov. 7), wife of Ira (34) for a little over 11 years now. This is our 4th pregnancy, none of which were planned.
DS : Niklaus Jared (10/22/98)
(DS: 01/20/02, given up for adoption)
DD1: Thea Joy (10/06/04)
DD2: Amelia Jade (due 01/04/10)

We're not what you'd call crunchy, but we're slowly moving toward a more natural lifestyle. I'm a SAHM, and would love to work from home... wish I could live out in the country somewhere and have a huge garden, maybe chickens. Hubby is currently at home as well, but looking for a job (laid off at the end of July). The good part is that his being home has had a positive impact on Thea, who had huge behavioral issues at school last year.

We've been moving toward gentle discipline (I'm in the process of reading all the books I can find at my local library, and incorporating tactics as I learn them; hubby should be starting in on the books soon), especially after Thea "spanked mommy back" after a spanking. For the record, Niklaus is autistic and lives in GA with my parents (due to Thea mimicking his headbanging when she was 2 -- and our living situation/resources not being suitable for his needs right now); Thea is extremely hyperactive. I'm planning to keep up with gentle discipline for Amelia as well, as she grows up.

I didn't "babywear" with Thea because the sling I bought didn't have good instructions, and I never could figure out how the heck to work the thing to make it comfortable -- but I DID carry her almost all the time, bf til 18 mos., and have her in bed with us until she was almost 4. Even now, she tends to end up in our bed at least a few hours every night. I do plan to beg my mom to make me a couple of slings this time around (and maybe buy a Bali Breeze, if I can afford the thing by then). Didn't cloth diaper ever before, but want to... and planning to save up for them once bills get caught up (just going for the plain old pre-folds with some wraps).

Umm... yeah... maybe that sums it up... and if not, oh well, cos the post is quite long enough already, lol.
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I am married to my best friend my dear hubs. Not a lot to tell.
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