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Really late comer....

Hi all,

I'm joining the group late because I've been a member of a group on another site, but have had such a hard time feeling like a part of it because I simply don't fit in.

My name is Tracy and I'm turning 42 in just a few weeks. Right now, I'm around 28 weeks pregnant with my 6th child. My other kids are 20, 16, 14, 9 and 3, and they're 3 boys and 2 girls. This new one is another boy, too.

My SO and I have been together for 4+ years and the 3 year old is ours together. We're terminally engaged and probably will get married at some point. He's 48, so we're definitely "older" parents.

He also has 3 older kids that are 20, 15 and 13, but unfortunately, he does not have contact with them. His ex has some issues and has worked hard over the years to poison the kids against SO. It's a shame because he's a terrific father to our son and is great with my kids. BTW, my ex is remarried to a wonderful woman and the four of us get along reasonably well. It's just SO's side that's difficult.

Anyway, we decided when our son was a little over 1 that we should try for another since my older kids go back and forth between their dad's and here, so our son is almost like an only child. I charted and temped for about 5-6 months, got frustrated and gave up. It took us approximately 15 months to get pregnant with this one.

It's been a pretty easy pregnancy, except for all-day sickness in the first trimester, an episode of bleeding that scared the crap out of me, and now horrible reflux. Otherwise, it's been smooth sailing. I only opted for the first trimester screening that's the combo of blood work and an ultrasound; my risks of having a baby with Down's or Trisomy 13/18 were the same as a 23 year old woman, so I felt fine about not doing further testing (except the 18 week u/s).

Our son was born at home with a midwife (after 4 hospital births for me), and it was so wonderful that we're planning another homebirth with the same midwife. I love the care I get from her and I love not being in the hospital. This time, I'm planning a waterbirth, so I'm going to order a La Bassine tub soon.

We co-sleep, I breastfeed and pump because I work, we do disposables simply because of my work schedule but I'd prefer to CD. I decided not to circ our son, even though my older boys are. Things have changed between when they were born and when the 3 year old came along, so I really put my foot down about it with SO. Luckily, I think now he sees the wisdom of my ways. We vax on a standard schedule, but I don't do extras, such as flu shots, and some of the various testing, like for lead.

Sorry this is so long -- I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do!!

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Hi! I'm a late joiner

I'm a 25 year old Canadian mama Been married to DH since 2003. We have 2 little men already who were born in Feb 2004 and Dec 2005... I always wanted 3 but DH was hesitant.. well guess who go her way? lol
We're expecting our little princess January 6th... currently 31w4d.. yay!!
We co-sleep, I BF, non circ, selectively vac, live crinkly but not quite crunchy
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hi, I'm pregnant with my first after a couple months of trying and am excited to give my yellow lab puppy someone her size to play with. Ha.

I live in "I can see Russia from my house" state and have often thought winter is the best time for having babies. My husband and I are tickled about having our first baby.
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Hi!! Im Nicole!

I've been with the man of my dreams for 7 years and we have been married just over 2

He had been dying to get pregnant, and we finally decided to officially try in March and in April got pregnant!

It has been the most amazing and wonderful experience in my life. As you all know there is no way to describe it but I love being pregnant!! He keeps saying we are going to get pregnant again (and pretty soon) because he knows how in love with it I am, haha..

**side note: which is why i was pretty disturbed when our friends came by last night with their 2 year old and at one point the husband said "Feel bad for Nicole, she's pregnant"

But luckily my knight in shining armor quickly said - "No way its been great, Nicole loves being pregnant" He's an incredible husband.


This board was recommended to me by our Bradley Teacher, when I told her how frustrating it was on this other board I was on (really some very unintelligent things going on, questions, answers, statements..etc)..and she said I guarantee you will not find that here..so here I am!

I am 34 weeks along and SOO EXCITED about all of it - labor included haha (so you know its my first)..I can't believe how fast it has gone. My Due Date is 1/7/10 but I think this little monkey will be in here til at least the 13th...I dont know why I just do, haha

We do not know what we are having, so that has been fun, although Im 97% sure its a boy..just feels like it to me

I read a lot and don't comment enough, but I am already very comfortable here! And I really want to try this red rasp leaf tea everyone is talking about!

As a fun or intersting thing, before I was pregnant - I had NEVER EVER been interested in breast feeding, thought it was gross, and was 100% on board with all the medication they can give you during labor, and I argued that I wouldn't get teeth pulled out with out any...NOW from being pregnant and going through our amazing classes and learning SO MUCH...I am 100% breast feeding & am doing 100% natural birth

Good Luck to everyone!! Everyday is a new adventure! (and the babies aren't even here yet!!)

ps i like icons!! haha
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