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Hi everyone,

I'm up in Vancouver, BC, Canada and am 38 yrs old. I have been with my partner for about 5 years and we are over the top excited to raise a family together! Since my partner is also a she we used donor sperm and artificial insemination to conceive. I had 2 m/c and a chemical pregnancy last year unfortunately so I'm hoping this one sticks around! This was our 7th try over a year.

I think both my DP and I are a bit too nervous for a homebirth even though in theory I love the idea. I will be having prenatal care with a midwife team and hope to labour at home as long as possible before having a hospital birth.

I think we live a fairly crunchy lifestyle in some ways. Eat organic and/or local as much as possible, use natural products, eco-friendly home, etc etc. I hope to cloth diaper, breast feed as long as possible and co-sleep!
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I guess it is safe enough for me to introduce myself.

My name is Jenny. I am a SAH QF Mom of seven living children. Ages 19 (g), 14 (g), 13 (b), 11 (g), 8 (b), 5(b), & 9 months (b). I lost one daugher at four in '06, one born still at 18wks in '06, and m/c at 5-6 wks in January.

This will be #10! (Number 11 if you count the January baby.) Hubby told me the WO HAS to be a girl, as all my youngers are boys! With my oldest girl moved out on her own, the second oldest girl an introverted dancer, that leaves me with one girl and a house full of boys. We definitely need some female hormones here!

I am a bit reluctant to announce my pgcy because it is just so early, and having just lost one a few months ago, I have a bit of concern about this being a sticky baby.

This is also a bit of a surprise baby, as I really did not know I was pg. Usually I know before anyone, before my period is missed. But this time, I was shocked when the doctor told me I was pg.

I know, sounds funny, but with this being baby #10, I have NEVER had a doctor tell me I was pg before! I always went to them and told THEM I was pg, and they just confirmed it. So, this is all new to me! And truly, it was quite cool! To actually be told I was pg! I really can not believe it.

Anyways, I UC (although my last son, #9, was a hospital induced birth due to Pre-E/HELLPS). And although I UP, I have "duel care" with an OB for "just in case" (which is what was needed with #9). I am planning a UC this time as well, but will be monitered very closely, I am sure. Since my bp is already high, which is why I went to the doc in the first place. They say I have a 1 in 3 chance of having Pre-E/HELLPS again. But I am doing the Brewers Diet (started yesterday), as well as Milk Thistle and Dandelion herbs to aid in blood pressure and liver function. So I am praying that I will be one of the "2" in the 3 rather than the "1 in 3".

I guess that is about it. I am looking forward to this DDC.
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Hi ladies
NAK so bear with me. I'm Christina, age 25(!) and I live in the boonies in BC, Canada. My commonlaw hubby is Erin(33), we've been together for 6 years, and have 1 baby boy, Skyy 8mo. We are both activists, in many areas. We raise our own food: pigs, chickens, veggies, goat milk, eggs etc. We have 30 acres and a log house, and a km long driveway that is h**l in the winter, with twists, turns, hills and even a bridge. We love being self sustainable, and want to teach our children this way of life. We WERE both city slickers lol!!

As for parenting, we are continuum concept parents, and I get a lot of comments about that, especially since we dont use baby gates or bedrails. We also do EC, so no diapers here. My baby has been naked about 90% of his life, even in public Even in winter. I believe it helps his body learn to adjust to different temperatures and weather. Plus, I usually wear him skin to skin, so we are the same temperature. DS is intact. I also follow my babes lead on everything, even when he wanted to eat food off my plate at 5 months. We dont vax or use any "meds." We use homeopathy, herbs, food, massage, etc. AND WE AREN'T AFRAID OF SWINE FLU EITHER We plan on unschooling, andd I cant wait! I am already sure my son is gifted. He started speaking at 6 months, can point out objects in a book, like baby chickens, cats and bananas, all things from his daily life, etc.

I am healing from birth trauma. I was forced to have a C-section by my midife and the oncall OB. I WAS having a homebirth, but I guess I wasnt doing it fast enough!! I have fibromyalgia, and am being tested for MS now too, as well as heavy metal toxicity and hemochromatosis. Anyways, this pregnancy is truly a blessing, and I feel healing energy coming in waves from my baby. I am always in the least pain during pregnancy. We are planning an HBAC. I love SPIRITUAL MIDWIFERY!!! after my birth trauma, I couldn't even look at the book anymore, but now, its just what I need!

I'm so excited to be part of this due date club... last time, I wasnt on MDC at all!!! boy, could have used the support!!! Very nice to meet you ladies!!
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HI everyone. Got my positive yesterday and announced it. We arent the type of family to keep that type of secret for 3 months. Besides, I dont worry about miscarriage. If I have one, I want my friends and family to share in that sadness with me instead of going through it alone.

I have 5, so this is number 6. We homeschool and hombirth. Planning another UC. Intend to eat VERY healthy to ward off pre-eclampsia again.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone.
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Hi, my name is Chelci, I'm 20. My DH is a Marine and he is 19. We have 2 children a 2 year old son named Elijah and a 9 month old daughter named Alexandria. They are 20 months apart. We are currently stationed in Hawaii and are expecting our 3rd child around January 10th.

I am a SAHM that was in the process of looking for a job but I don't know if I will continue since I have found out that I am pregnant. We are planning an unassisted homebirth.
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Figiued I would post nw, than go back and read as I have the chance to.

My name is Rebecca, but I mostly go as Bec. I am due on January 10th 2010. It feels so weird to type that. This is my third pregnancy. I have a little girl who 'will be three in august on her birthday' and is bound and determined to have a disney princess cake for the occasion.

I had a hospital birth with Alice, but really really want a home water birth. I have a wonderful midwife that I was able to work with on my last pregnancy and am excited to be able to work with her again.

We will be cloth diapering, we started at 9 months with Alice but I am already becomng addicted to itty bitty fluff. We co-sleep, and will probably do so with the next one. Alice is only begining to transition into her own bed, and mostly because she has taken to kicking me and DH in the middle of the night.

I am a die hard breast feeding mama. Having had to wean Alice at 26 months because of work issues, and the inability to get pregnant while nursing.

I really really want to baby wear this time around, I am already starting to buidl my collection and am excited about that.

As for me, I have done preoffesional children's theatre for 8 years, worked in the infant room of a child care center for 6 years, and have been married for seven. I currently attened The Art Institute of Pitsburg online learning about web design. I am enjoying what I am learning and the ability to do so while I am at home. We are a mostly tv free home, having to have about an hour of tv a day so I can do school work now that Alice does not nap, but even then it is only m ovies as we have no cable, or network tv.

So.. that me!
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Hi everyone, I think I'm due Jan 13 - still a bit in denial about it (well, my dh is even more in denial!). I've taken two hpt's, and the lines were really light. But a line's a line, right?

We have 3 kids - a 12 yo ds, 9 yo ds, and 8 yo dd. The first two were midwife assisted hospital births, and my dd was born at home - waterbirth.

I work full time now (school administration), and just started a doctorate in education. Wasn't really planning on this nice surprise. And I'm a bit nervous about being pregnant at 39. I'm hoping to have another homebirth, though, and will have to contact my midwife, soon, I guess!

**edited to add: really looking forward to babywearing again!
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Hello & congrats everyone! I'm happy to be joining you. Well, freaking out a little too. This will be my third, due Jan 10. I suspected for a while but just got the positive test today so it's all still sinking in. My others are now 7 & 5. I'm also nervous at having this baby at 39 (baby is due about a week before my 40th), and after such a long break. We cloth diapered and ap'd and will do the same, all the time reminding myself to enjoy the ride as this will definitely be my last babe!
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Originally Posted by Kidzaplenty View Post

Hi, thought it was time to introduce myself, now that the idea of being pregnant is starting to settle in. I've known for a week and received a really dark second line straight away - Yay!

Up until then I've only had a beautiful, loving and affectionate furbaby to care for. We've hung out together since I was 25 and she was 8 weeks old. At the time I really wanting a baby, but knew I wasn't ready yet and finally now I am!

I'm vegetarian and will be a WAHM. My husband and I have known each other since 1995 and have been married for 2 years. Free-birthing and home schooling sound intriguing...

My belly is already growing and considering my slight build, it's fun to see how clothes are fitting.
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Aw, fun!

I'm Elizabeth, 29, and am partnered with DP, 38. We've been together 11 years and I think we're actually going to tie the knot this month...I want to SAH when #2 gets here and I'll need to transfer over to his health care benefits. We're getting our ducks in a row...

I live in southern California and we have a 17mo daughter, Evangeline, who we had in a wonderful homebirth. I'm really hoping to have a homebirth again. Labor was intense but I'm hoping it'll be a little less so this time now that I know what to expect. It was quick last time - less than 8 hours - so, of course, it's one of the first things a positive test has me thinking about! We did hypnobirthing last time and it was really helpful...I might look into hypnobabies this time around.

I'm a little worried about the transition to two. I'm feeling a bit guilty for DD but am talking myself through it. I'm the eldest of four and love having siblings so I suppose it'll work itself out. I'm hoping to have an easier time breastfeeding this time around. E had a lot of trouble latching and the LC visits didn't help much, nor did my inverted nipples. So, I ended up pumping for a year, day and night, at work and at home, until my milk dried up a few months ago. It was rewarding in that I had a huge surplus and could donate...BUT

I'd REALLY prefer not to do that again!

This time I'm going to be better prepared in that regard and, after my pumping experience, my nipples aren't going to be a problem this time. Ha.

Anyway, I work at Starbucks, formerly as a manager but only PT since DD arrived. I'm a full-time student studying to be an eventual librarian but hope to spend the next decade or so as a homeschooling SAHM. I'm really looking forward to, hopefully, not having to return to work after this next one.

I really love gardening and am so relieved that I actually have the whole thing in the yard already this year. We're set except for weeding. I didn't have any morning sickness with DD but the smell of those cucumber plants was pretty overwhelming. I'm feeling really naseous already though, so I don't know if my luck will hold out with this one.

Lastly, I'm officially addicted to wool diaper covers and, though I used cloth diapers from the start, didn't use the wool regularly last time until DD was about 3 months old. I can't believe how easy and wonderful they are...now that I have the hang of it, I'm going to be on a teeny tiny wool buying spree if this one stays sticky.

I'm just so happy and excited to be here - we didn't expect to be yet! I hope everyone has a wonderful pregnancy and can't wait to talk and support each other. :
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Marina, if you PM a moderator, they will sticky it for you. It's usually a bit faster that way.

I'm Clara, I'm 28 and I'm pregnant after a loss at 12 weeks in February. I have a daughter, Gianna, who will be two in July. We do a whole laundry list of AP and NFL things, I'm a doula (who hasn't done birthwork since Gianna came to be, but that's okay; this is the mothering season of my life). I also taught preschool, second grade, and a couple of years of kindergarten before becoming a SAHM.

Gianna's birth started at a lovely birth center, and ended up being a transfer to a hospital for a Cesarean. The plan this time is to HBAC. I'm alternately nervous and wracked with fear, and then empowered and confident.

I'm so glad I'm pregnant again, and I pray that this baby sticks around and joins us sometime on or around my mom's birthday in January.
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I'm Erika, 30 and my husband K is 33. We have been trying for 15 months and started seeing an RE in January. We were waiting for IUI when I got pregnant! This is our first, although our 9 year old Jack Russell Terrier would probably tell you differently if he could.

I am a family law attorney who does mostly pro bono (ie free) work for domestic violence survivors. I work from a home office but hope to cut back drastically in the upcoming months and will stop once the baby is here!
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Hi everybody! It's great to read the intros thus far.

I'm Hillary (31 next week!) and my husband is R (37). We've been married almost five years and have a daughter Jane who is 3. I'm a SAHM/WAHM and just started studying to be a doula, although that is sort of put on hold right now while I focus on this pregnancy.

I just got a positive test today but I'm not sure when my EDD is because I had a really wacky cycle (I got my period but then started spotting a week after it was over...and tested +). I am guesstimating mid-January based on when conception could have occurred. I'm still spotting brown and am a little nervous that this baby might not stick. Fingers crossed.

I had Jane at home but sadly my amazing midwife passed away last fall due to leukemia so I have to start a relationship with a new midwife for this baby. It makes me cry thinking about it, although I know intellectually I will find another great midwife and we'll have a different but equally deep connection.

My last birth experience was so wonderful; I am really looking forward to labor and birth again. I'm not really looking forward to this first trimester, though. I had hyperemesis until 15-16 weeks with Jane and I'm worried about how to handle that level of pregnancy sickness now that I have a preschooler to care for. I'm just trying to trust that everything will work itself out as it usually does.

Edited to add: No baby for me. Diagnosed as a blighted ovum at 5w5d.
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Hi everyone!! Just found out today!!!

I'm Sophie (28) and have been with my hubby (31) for 8 years. The funny thing is we just got married on april 15th in Jamaica. SO it will be a Jamaican baby My hubby is a police officer and I am a 911 emergency medical dispatcher.

So by calculations from my LMP I am due january 11th. BUt I know it will be a bit later, since it happenned the week we were gone, so between the 11th and the 18th or so.

Anyway can't wait to share this journey with all of you. And congrats everyone!!!
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Hi I'm Stephanie (33) and married to DH (35). We've been married for a year & a half & this is our first together. I have 3 girls, 6, 9 & 15 & he has 1 child as well.

I'm guessing at a due date of 1/10. All 3 of my pregnancies have been very high risk due to my health problems + pregnancy problems & had 1 preemie at 33 weeks. I've always had hospital births since anything else isn't an option. But on the upside, my last birth was relatively problem free & was unmedicated (which I'd always wanted but medical issues dictated otherwise). It was also fast (4 cm to delivery in 30 minutes) so I'm thinking we should have a game plan in case it goes as fast this time, too. I always figured someone upstairs took pity on me when it came to delivery after such difficult pregnancies.

I cloth diapered my younger 2 but it's been a while. I wasn't able to breast feed my younger 2 due to severe medical problems (they were on Neocate only, no food at all, for a few years) but am hoping things will be different this time.
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Hi. I'm Rebekah. I am 33, Married to a really great man. We have a four year old little boy named Benjamin.

I work as a highschool English Language and Literature teacher at a highschool here in Costa Rica. I am orginally from the States. Dh is from Scotland and our bi-lingual wee boy was born in Argentina.

I am a vegetarian, and environmentalist and a NVC teacher.

What is BFP and PPAF?

I am going to the doctors on Monday for the first check up, but I think the Due date is January 16th.

We do not intend to find out the sex in advance, and I am hoping to be able to give birth (VBAC) in this really lovely mountain top birthing center in a pool overlooking the rainforest...I really hope I don't have to go to the hospital...ever. I also really want to find a doctor and a midwife that are women, and are feminists. I have already noticed the mentality of pregnancy being an illness here and I am so not interested in being treated like a moron for the next eight months. My Spanish is fluent this time and I will be DAMNED if I get scared into having a C-section again!

My little boy is intact, and we believe in vaccinating on our own terms, within reason...we do live in a tropical paradise and that means a LOT of diseases carried by bugs that are everywhere all the time...so common sense, you know?

I am excited to meet you all and have a fun journey!

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Originally Posted by hakeber View Post
What is BFP and PPAF?
BFP= Big Fat Positive (as in a positive pregnancy test)

PPAF= Post Partum Aunt Flow
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ahhhh thank's for that, Kidsaplenty!
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