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Well here we are, to talk about our three year olds. What were you doing three years ago today? I was on maternity leave, and relaxing. I had developed a routine of taking a bath every morning when the sun would shine right on my belly in the tub. I had exactly 2 weeks to go and was loving being so pregnant. What about you?
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Good morning May Mamas of almost 3 year olds! Let's see, 3 years ago today I was on partial bedrest, could barely more around due to my pubic symphasis, and praying to go into labor! (Not as nice & relaxing as Amy's baths in the morning sun!!)

Shahbazin, I am so sorry to hear about your MIL & all the illness that went around. I hope you are all feeling better. You all are in my thoughts & prayers.

Mamabeakley, I'm sorry your having a tough time w/the boys. When I am tired I have minimal patience too, and pregnancy is a whole different kind of tires that's for sure!

Amy, that sounds like such a tough emotional position to be in w/the weaning. Of course you are having mixed feelings - it has been such a big and special part of your lives for three years. It sounds like you are going about it in the most loving, supportive manner possible for Phoebe. I think you are doing a great job.

Did I tell you all we had our first camping trip of the season last weekend? It was so much fun. We did lots of bike riding through the forest trails. LO slept in the bunk w/her older sisters, as opposed to the pack 'n' play. She thought that was pretty great, being such a big girl & all. The weather was beautiful the whole time. This weekend, not so much. We are staying home. But we have a nice trip planned for Mother's Day weekend.

Have a nice weekend everyone. :
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Just wanted to stop in to say hi in the new Childhood years...sniffle sniffle...I cannot believe that my baby will be 3 on Tuesday Wow...time flies! I am going to try to at least post here again once a month....sorry for being MIA..
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Happy Birthday to my DS2 and to Sydnee's Alayna!

It was really fun thinking through where we were 3 years ago last night and this morning.

We had a lovely birthday party this morning at a local playground. It didn't rain, it was the perfect temperature, it wasn't too sunny, family and one family of friends showed up, and all the kids played happily with little need for adult input for almost 3 hours. Ah. That was my idea of the perfect kid's birthday party. Why can't DS1's birthday be at a time of year when we could do the same? Alas, he was born in February, and around here, that means that the party options are all indoors, pretty much.

Now I am trying to restore my house to order, with no help from my kids who have no interest in order!

That's okay, though. I'm feeling laid back today for no apparent reason, so there!
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: Happy Birthday to Mamabeakley's ds2 & Sydnee's Alayna! :
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Well let's see, three years ago right now I was happily babymooning I remember feeling sooo excited to have another girl, I always wanted girls, and I couldn't believe I had three now!! We had a fantastic day today, we went out to the lake to get the camper opened up for the season, YAY!!! Then we went and had lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. Then at home, I spent the afternoon going through all of the girls' clothes, and getting rid of a lot of stuff for the garage sale we're having. I got teary eyed quite a few times going through the baby stuff But, I KNOW that I am done!!

Mamabeakley- I hope you're lo has a wonderful birthday! How are you feeling?

ecoteat- that sounds so neat, how you're talking with Phoebe about weaning. Alayna has been reminding me a lot lately about how she used to nurse and how yummy the milk was. Isn't it funny that she can remember that??!!

Marylizah- How are things going? I think about you often

Hevyne- Happy Birthday to your lo on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I am off to make a drink and join hubby in the hot tub. He was busy getting a garden ready for me, woohoo!!! Tomorrow we are having the inlaws and my Mom and her husband over for lunch to celelbrate Alayna's birthday!
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Three years ago I was getting ready to have my first DD, the first of three LOs little did I know I had a induction scheduled for the next day and I had already been on maternity leave for 4 weeks since I was almost 2 weeks "late". Oh, how things change

Lexi turns 3 tomorrow. We're celebrating today so I better go to bed
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Happy Birthday to Alayna, Lexi and to Mamabeakley's and Heyvne's LOs!!!

Wow, time flies.

Three years ago I was impatiently waiting for DS to arrive... Feeling pretty uncomfortable, and taking lots of long walks with DH-- watching the leaves come out on the trees and the flowers start to bloom. I'll always associate that with the end of my pregnancy....

Max, I've been meaning to ask you, how is your POP these days? Are you feeling better? Have you found some solutions?

Sydnee-- hot tub in the garden with a drink sounds like HEAVEN!!!

We're aaaaalmost unpacked-- a few more boxes to go. But there's still a ton of work to do. We are replacing the flooring in DS' room (it's this grubby, cheap, thin, stained navy-blue carpet). Some previous renters put down parquet (the easy-to-install, do-it-yourself kind) and left a few boxes-- so we're going to put that in his room and repaint the walls. They are currently mauve/lavender, and while I don't mind the color, the room is north-facing and gets very little light as it is. Between the walls and the floor it's like a cave! We want to get all the work done in the next two weeks (it's a very small room, so that should be doable) then we'll really set up his space. I'm excited! His first real room!

And our new couch should be delivered tomorrow! Yay!

Also tomorrow, we are meeting with the local Waldorf school. I'm still REALLY on the fence about Waldorf, so hopefully this meeting will help me clarify my thoughts.

Much love to all the May mamas.
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Just wanted to pop on & say Happy Mother's Day to all my wonderful May Mama friends!! We're off on a special Mother's Day camping trip and it looks like the weather is going to cooperate - hooray! How are you all going to celebrate? I hope everyone is treated like queens! :

Mary, sounds like you are settling in nicely. I'm glad to hear things are going well. Sounds like Geo is going to have a great new room. The good thing about cave-like rooms is that they are good for sleeping! Let us know what you think of the Waldorf school. I'm interested to hear your opinion. Would that be a full-time program? Thanks for asking about my POP. It is going ok. Basically I have just learned how to manage it - what I can & can't do, being sure to get plenty of rest breaks off my feet, no lifting, etc. The pessary helps a lot. I am holding out on surgery for as long as possible, forever if I can live reasonably comfortable with it.

Hope everyone else is doing well & that you all have nice weekends.
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Yay for camping! I love hearing about your camping adventures, Max. And I was wondering about your prolapse, too. I'm glad you have it under control.

Mary, did the couch make it ok? Have you started on Geo's room? I know it's a lot of work, but it will be so nice to have that space just the way you want it.

We have a busy weekend. DH picked up the 150 strawberry plants we ordered yesterday, so we need to get the new berry patch ready and get them in the ground. We also have trees to plant, compost to spread, the big garden to rototill. I want to make bread. MIL is coming Thursday, so we need to start thinking about cleaning the house. I have to go into town to get stuff for Phoebe's birthday. I have papers to grade and a grant to write. AND I want time to myself, especially since it is Mother's Day. Realistically, though, if we run out of hours in the day, guess which thing will go first. I guess with that in mind I'll need to be creative, as in saying I'll spread the compost if there's no one around to bug me while I do it. I'm already lobbying to go to town alone, but dh would be able to get a lot more done outside without Phoebe home. We'll see how it goes!
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Happy (official) Mother's Day everyone! I hope you all had wonderful days w/your families.

We're back from camping & had a fantasic time. We found this great private campground that is less than an hour away. We did lots of bike riding. LO loves to ride in the back of my bike. Dd(7) just learned to ride w/out training wheels. The best part was as she was first learning all the other kids ran behind her cheering her on. It was so darn sweet it brought tears to my eyes. We have our absolute best times together as a family when we are camping - no work for dh, no phones, computers, housework, or other distractions. Just us & nature.

Today dh & the kids gave me a knitting bag as a Mother's Day gift & lots of handmade cards & fresh picked flowers. He's cooking me dinner tonight, then we're all going out to our favorite ice cream place. Sigh. I'm a happy mama.

Amy, that sounds like one busy weekend! My prolapse hurts just thinking about it!!! I hope you were able to get some time to yourself in there. I love to hear about all your gardening & home projects. Your place sounds amazing.

Hugs to all. :
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Happy belated Mother's Day!

Max, your camping adventures sound like so much fun! I'm really jealous. How nice to reconnect as a family like that. And it sounds like you had a lovely Mother's Day, too! I'm glad your prolapse situation is ok, and I hope you can avoid surgery as long as possible!

Ecoteat, strawberries, yum! I realized we have some strawberry plants growing wild in our tiny, untended garden. Any tips for a novice strawberry grower?

I got DS' room painted. It looks AWESOME. So much brighter and cleaner than that hideous shade of purple. But my weekend wasn't exactly a quiet and reposeful one! I was painting until midnight Saturday (because DH wasn't interested in participating, which surprised me a bit, but hey, the guy works hard all week, and I was excited to do it).

And speaking of DH, he's already gotten a promotion at work!!!!! He hasn't even finished his trial period! I'm so proud of him! I can't say anything in real life, because it won't be announced officially until the end of the month, but I can share with you! I'm so impressed with him.

So that's our news, I got some flowers planted in pots on the balcony this weekend, but the apartment still looks pretty messy, since all DS' furniture is spread out in the rest of the space. We have to re-do the floor and will FINALLY be able to set up his room. Meanwhile, he turns three tomorrow. Sigh. I can't believe it! Where did the time go??

Love to all.
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3 years ago today my kiddo came home from the NICU!
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Hope everyone had a wonderful mother's day! :
Everyone slept in on Sunday morning! We all got up and had a bowl of cereal together. My three LO's got me a nice picture frame with a picture of each of them from Easter and a card from them and my mom DH also got me a card. My Dad took me to see Star Trek : while DH stayed home with the kiddos.

Ever since Lexi turned three, we have gotten rid of the binkie habit. Everytime she puts one in her mouth, I tell her it needs to go in the drawer and she puts it there! And I told her no more diapers and she has been using the potty 90% of the time. I am so proud We haven't pushed a lot of things because of the two younger ones and they're only little for so long

There was a reason I was posting other than what I've wrote, but I can't remember now
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Mamas. . . Hi! I find myself here in the *sniffle, sniffle* childhood years! My ds1 will be 3 on May 15th! It really has gone by soooo fast!!!! I need to cherish these years, they have literally gone by in a blink of an eye! Makes me so sad he's not a little baby anymore!!
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Happy Birthdays! And Mother's Day!

I don't really do/expect much done for Mother's Day, but both my kids drew me pictures, which was really sweet of them. :-)

Marylizah, congrats on getting your painting done - and your DH's promotion.

DH just invited me to go to a work-related party that's a "prom" theme. This means I have to find something to WEAR! My wardrobe does NOT run to formal at any time, but especially NOT while 28 weeks pregnant! My SIL is sending me something to try, but we think it might not be big enough in the chest . . .
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Mary, we are novice strawberry growers, too. We just overdo everything! I turns out half of the tiny plants we ordered were moldy, so we only planted about 75. But when our friend heard that, she gave us a bunch of cuttings from her patch.

Turns out I did manage to get out on my own last weekend, which was lovely, even though I had to go to Walmart. I stopped in the LLBean outlet and got a cute bathing suit that actually fits and looks presentable for $25, including the skirt that matches. I was probably more excited than was warranted, but now I can't wait for it to warm up.

Mama Beakley, a prom theme?! What a riot! There probably aren't many prom dresses for 28 weeks. You could always wear something like this.

Ugh, it's getting harder and harder to get Phoebe to take a nap after preschool. And next week it will be harder since she said the milk will go away on her birthday. In 2 days. Which will be the last time we nurse. Anyway, she's not falling asleep, so I think I need to change gears here. BBL.
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Mambeakley, the prom theme sounds like fun. You could really have a good time w/that one. And Amy - yikes! Where in the world did you find that picture?!

Mary, I'm so glad your apartment is turning out the way you want. Ds's room & your patio full of flowers sound lovely.

Here's my extravagance for the month - I had 2 1/2 hours of housecleaning done today! I "won" a gift certificate at a silent auction fundraiser. It was so nice. While she was cleaning the little girls & I played outside, planted flowers, and had some special time together. Of course I still did a ton of laundry & other housework today, but she got so much of it done for me. :
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I can't believe May is going by so fast. Ryker will be 3 the end of the month yikes. It's gone by so fast.
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Oh how I've missed my May Mamas!! I really wanted to post on Clara's Birthday but haven't gotten a chance! Can you believe they are 3? I went looking for us in toddlers!! Clara is doing well and is so fun, and little Anna is already 6 months old! We had a small "dancing ballerinas" party. Clara is really into dancing, she will take lessons this summer. We made tutu's and jewelry and had cake and ice cream! I'm going to read the thread now and catch up on everyone!

Oh yeah, we are officially moving June 4!! I have a job waiting for me in my home town we are going to live with Mom until we have everything settled. Hope you all are doing well Happy Birthday babies!!!:
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