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Kathryn, you're moving already?! You must be so excited! You'll have to change your username, or just keep it and be all mysterious. What's the new job?

I stayed up way too late last night sewing little gifts for the kids coming to Phoebe's birthday brunch Saturday. I'm making 6 balloon balls like these, but I only got 2 done before something went screwy with my sewing machine and I spent a long time trying to fix it before I thought of just turning it off, rethreading it, and turning it back on. I probably have an hour of sewing left.

Max, I want someone to come clean my house! That sounds lovely.

After I complained Phoebe was having a hard time taking a nap, she slept for almost 3 hours. I had to wake her up at 7:00 for dinner, and she was pretty grumpy abouy being woken up! Maybe she's still a little droopy from the stomach bug she had Monday. (When she threw up ALL OVER her carseat. There are nooks and crannies in that carseat I didn't know existed!)
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Lexi and I spent an hour reading last night while both of her younger siblings slept. It was a nice time I want to post pictures of the ladybug cake I made for her birthday when I find time to upload the pics - it was awesome!
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ecoteat- I'll be working as a RN in L&D/post partum! I haven't decided about changing my name yet, it's all happening so fast! Those balls are so cute! I might get the girls one (but I'm not so ambitious as to make it!!!) I seem to not have a brain lately, I did something very similar to your sewing machine incident (answer was obvious, tried it last!) at work! Why do kids always throw up in carseats??? It's so gross!

babyluvandkisses- last year we had a ladybug party too! So much fun!

max- I need to hire a housecleaner!! And a babysitter for 2 weeks, and a mover!! What a great gift!!

Mamabeakley-how's the pregnancy going? I can't believe you're already 28 weeks!!
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Hey mamas!

Kathryn, so glad to hear everything is working out for you and you are getting back to TX! Has your DH found something there as well? Gosh, I can't believe your little one is already 6 months old!

Ecoteat, so sorry about the strawberry plants, but even more about the throw-up in the carseat. That's so yucky. I hope she feels better today.

Max, housecleaning! By someone else! I love it. It's so nice to have that every now and then! I found your knitting thread in the Yarn Crafts forum, if I'd known I would have joined earlier! I'm learning how to knit flat objects on circular needles, am working on a baby blanket for a friend. I hope it turns out well. Your projects sound so great, you've really figured out this knitting thing! I would love to try a felted project some day.

Mamabeakley, prom theme, lol! TBH, I didn't enjoy prom all that much in high school, though maybe revisiting it now would be fun! Your mother's day sounds like mine. DH is terrible about all holidays, etc, but *especially* this year. I got an E-card and DS wishing me a happy mother's day. It was very sweet, (though I would NOT have minded if DH had insisted on making dinner and doing the dishes )

I'm working hard on not feeling too lonely and isolated these days. I know life isn't perfect, and eventually we'll know more people and it'll be easier, but there are times that I wonder why I had to trade off having lots of family + friends in order to have my immediate family together and in our own home. I'm just... lonely.

But we have a busy weekend planned, putting in a floor in DS' room and celebrating his birthday with a little cake, and some presents. I still don't know if any of his friends here can make it, 2 for sure out of three won't be here this weekend, so it looks like it'll be a very small party. Trying not to feel too sad about that, too.
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Kathryn, great news about the move & your job! I know how much you've been wanting to get back to Tx. & your family.

Mary, I should have linked the knitting thread for you - sorry! Do join in! I have finished the felted bag. It was fun & easy & came out great. I am going to do up a couple more as gifts. I am almost finshed w/my class project, which is a sweater for me. I'm totally into this knitting thing, as you can tell. I'm sorry it's feeling lonely out there. I hope you start making some connections & feel better soon. It's a huge change and it sounds like you are off to a great start. Congratulations on dh's promotion btw!

Amy, those balloon balls are adorable. I don't know where you find the time mama! Do you sleep?
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I never actually went to a prom as a teenager. I probably could have - there was a guy in my church youth group who probably wanted to invite me - but he was a jerk and I gave him a very cold shoulder : I knew DH already, but we were both homeschoolers and besides, back then, we were both preoccupied proving to everyone that we were NOT a couple (going to a prom together would have kind of nixed that theory, now wouldn't it So this should be interesting. I do NOT think I will try for that style on the ugly dress site!

I'm 27 weeks, pg is going fine except that I feel awful most of the time I've got bad pelvic issues this time & while chiropracty has definitely helped, I'm still in pain by bedtime most days. And my digestion is all whacky. But the baby is happy and kicky and there's nothing WRONG with me, so that's good.

Hugs to Marylizah - and look for the good things when you can. Max, your crafts sound like fun! Kathryn, congrats on the job and the move - I'm excited for you! I know you'll be a wonderful L&D/Postpartum nurse. Nina, the ladybug cake sounds cute! Amy, I KNOW about carseats and vomit. Mine have only thrown up in the car once or twice in five years - but that was enough!
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Alaskaberry, come back & tell us how you are!! Long time no hear mama. Hope all is well w/you & the family.
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Hi mamas! I decided to step down from being a Moderator I LOVED doing it, but it was very time consuming, and I felt like all my MDC time was spent doing that. I look forward to just posting now

We are well here, having a nice relaxing weekend with the girls. My mom and I took the girls out to eat at their favorite restaurant (Space Aliens) and now hubby is making them supper and we are going to make steaks later, yum! We're going to have a "girls" night of pedicures and manicures, should be fun!

Anyone else dealing with super whining and tantrums from they're lovely 3 year olds? Ugh, Alayna is awful with them right now. To the point that I dread having to spend a whole day with her I feel like I'm out of ideas on how to handle it. Anyone else?? That's why I made sure we were out and about today, I think we both needed it!

Marylizah- Oh hun, that would be hard, but like you said, you'll find a group of friends soon! Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all lived by each other?! Ahh, wishful thinking...

Max- I bet the bag turned out awesome! Are you guys camping this weekend?

Mamabeakley- Sorry you feel so awful, I remember feeling that way with Alayna too, hugs mama!!

Ok, must go, have a great weekend!
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Sydnee, I've often wondered how much time it takes to be a Mod. It would be weird to have responsibilities here rather than just posting and reading for fun and info.

Mama Beakley, that's great the baby is doing so well in there! Do you have things to do that make you feel good to make up for the general discomfort? I remember loving taking long baths in the morning sun every day when I was really pregnant. I didn't have any other kids though, so I don't know how practical something like that is for you.

Max, the balloon balls were really easy to make. I think the part that took the longest was putzing around with my sewing machine when the thread got all screwy. And they were a huge hit, with all the kids from 2 to 9 years old--and the adults too!

Kathryn, that is so exciting that you'll be in L&D! They are lucky to have you.

Last night we said goodbye to the mama milk. Today was hard for both of us. She was PISSED this morning when she woke up at the buttcrack of dawn expecting to nurse back to sleep. But we snuggled and talked and it was fine eventually. She had her birthday party today and I was a little worried about her seeing my friend nurse her toddler and newborn, but Phoebe was fine with it. She asked for milk later and when I pointed out that she said it would go away when she turned three, she moaned, "I don't want to be three!" MIL tried to get her to go to sleep tonight and that didn't work. DH is in there with her now and it has been silent for a long time, so they are probably both asleep. This is the first time I've been in the house while someone else puts her to bed. It's very weird. I'm nervous about Monday when dh has to be gone from very early in the morning until late at night. Phoebe is going to have a hard time in the morning and I'll have no help. I won't have any help with the post-preschool nap (when she's REALLY tired and cranky sometimes) and bedtime. I'm fully expecting Monday to suck. The birthday festivities have been really fun, but overwhelming for everyone I think. I think we'll lay low tomorrow and recover!
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Ecoteat. The transition from nursing to not-nursing is a big one! I think it's very emotional. You will both get through this... tomorrow might be hard, but it will get easier and better. At least you all had a pleasant last nursing experience! The last time Geo nursed (though I didn't know at the time it was the last time) I was gritting my teeth throughout the whole thing and cut him off early. I just couldn't take it any more. He's transitioned to not-nursing before naps really well and surprisingly quickly. I hope it goes as smoothly for you two.

Sydnee, I don't think I would necessarily enjoy the time-consuming aspect of moderating, so I completely understand your decision. And let me tell you how many times in the last three years I have dreamed that we all lived near each other!!

Mamabeakley, I'm so sorry you are so uncomfortable this time around! I wish I had some magical advice to help you!!

Max, I'm so impressed that you are knitting a sweater! I don't yet have the patience to follow pattern instructions, so my scarves and blankets are sort of improvised. But that also means I'm not learning a lot of cool techniques (like using 2 or more colors, or cable knitting). I'll go sub to the knitting thread soon.

Last night I finally got confirmation from a friend that they can't make it to Geo's party today. I was pretty sure they weren't coming, but it really bugged me that she didn't contact me until 10pm the night before! So it's just a family party now, and I know he's only three and it doesn't really matter, but man, I tear up every time I think about it. He's such a social guy and he misses his friends from Texas so much. Oops, here I go, tearing up.

Well, off to make and ice birthday cake, wrap presents and decorate a bit. My BILs will be over late afternoon, and will stay for dinner. Should be fun.
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Good moring everyone. Sydnee, I'm glad to have you back! I figured being a mod must have been very time consuming, since I noticed we saw you a lot less once you became one, although I bet you were really good at it. We are home this weekend since it was LO's b'day (more on that later), but we have a big trip planned for Memorial Day. And you? Are you spending muh time at the lake?

Mary, how did the party go? I'm sorry your friends weren't able to make it. I can understand how that would be dissapointing. I try really hard to make birthdays special too. I bet Geo loved it just as it was though! And about the knitting, my sweater was super easy. I figured out if I write out each step of the pattern, then cross it out as I finish, I am able to follow it. Otherwise I definitely wouldn't have the metal energy to concentrate & calculate it all out. I also worked on it during my knitting class, so I had instruction when needed. Maybe that would be a nice way to meet some people - could you join a knitting class or group out there?

Amy, sending you big hugs & peaceful energy during this transition. I hope the next couple of days go smoothly for you. Have you & Phobe talked about how she wuld like to go to sleep now that the milkies are gone? Maybe she could help plan a new routine for you both? You could make a big deal out of it - gather all the "supplies" you'd need (special books, teddy bear, etc.). There is a really sweet book that you two might like. It's called "In a Blue Room". It's not about weaning, but a mama peacefully helping her daughter to sleep. LO & I love it. I bet your library has it if you are interested.

Mamabeakley, I had tons of pubic bone pain w/LO too. I'm sorry you're going through it. W/my prolapse I still have it so I know how hard it can be. I'm glad you are going to a chiropractor. That is one of the few things that helped me. Get lots of rest mama, and put those feet up whenever you can.

Well LO turned three yesterday. : We had a nice little family party, just us 6 and both sets of grandparents. She was loving it - everything - the decorations, the ice cream cake, singing Happy Birthday, of course the gifts (but interestingly, that seemed lowest on her priorities, which was nice). At one point she said to me, "This is the best birthday in the whole world. T'ank you mama." ear: She also said some pretty funny things. Ds had a crayfish from school briefly, but it died. LO said, "Remember that crab that died? He didn't gey to wish me happy birthday!" Then later she told her grandparents, "We planted him in the garden." (That's were ds buried him - )

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!
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Hi everyone. I know its been a long time since I posted. Life has just gotten in the way a bit!

Matt turned 3 on April 26, so I guess three years ago I was some form of recovering from that colitis infection. Thinking back on that time is really hard for me, though I of course loved my newborn.

Matt is such a sweetheart and a firecracker. He's all about the Jungle Book and he loves singing and dancing. My husband made this audio file of him rockin' out the ABC's.

Nathan is 17 months old. Its crazy around here! They just started sleeping in the same room 3 nights ago.

I'm really confused as to how to get Matt to give up the pacifier. He's still so dependent on it and we sometimes find him mostly asleep, eyes closed, crying in the bed until we go in and find the pacifier he's inevitably dropped. I feel like its going to be a battle. I might wait until the end of November when Nathan is 2 and Matt is 3 1/2 and take it from both of them at the same time. Any suggestions are surely appreciated.

I'm also all confuzzled on the potty training. Anyone else's LO not potty learned yet? He'll go on the potty, sometimes several times a day, sometimes not at all. If he's not in the mood to deal with PL he'll tantrum if he's put on the pot. I was thinking of just putting him in underwear and buying one of those potty timer bracelets and getting him to go every 1/2 hr or hour until he gets it. Ugh, so confused!

On a happier note, we're taking the boys to Disney World in July. We're so excited and just made our final payment yesterday. Every time Matt sees a plane now he yells out "I see a plane! We're going on a plane and we're gonna see Mickey Mouse!" Its funny because when we ask him where he thinks any plane is going he says "Its going to Disney World to see Mickey Mouse!" Ahh, to be a three year old.
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ecoteat- Hugs to you, mama. I'm thinking about you today, let us know how it went

Mamabeakley- I started feeling HORRIBLE around week 22, so sore, just very uncomfortable. A girlfriend of mine lent me her Pregnancy Yoga DVD, and that made a WORLD of difference!!! I felt sooo much better even after a couple days of using it!

Max- Moderating was an awesome "job", and I'm bummed that I couldn't find the time for it. Those moderators work so hard, and I love them all! It was a wonderful experience I'm so glad that LO had such a nice birthday, they are so fun right now, aren't they??!! (Well, at least when they're not tantruming, lol)

Greenmama- So glad to see you back! We took Alayna's nuk away about a month or two before her third birthday. We just decided that Baby Jesus needed, so she put it in a bowl and set it outside. That was it. Night time and naps were hard for about a week, but then it was fine. Also, on the potty training, he's only three, I wouldn't worry so much about it yet. Emma was 3.5 before she decided to go on the potty!

It's going to be 80 here today, yippee!! I just finished a great workout, I've started running again. I've always been a walker, or an aerobics tape kind of worker outter. But I am determined to run a 5K in the Fall, and wanted to start now. I have no endurance for running, so I will need to train quite a bit. I'm up to running for 11 minutes straight!!! (That's quite a big deal for me, lol!!)
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Oops! Forgot one!!

Marylizah- I hope Geo's birthday is fantastic! I feel so bad that your so down Just know that we are here for you!!!
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Hi, everybody!

I'm in a good mood today - DH & I both worked every day last week, and DH worked a little bit today, but he's off for most of the rest of the week, so I've just let myself be really lazy today and I feel much more relaxed . . .

Hi, GreenMama! My LO is potty trained - although lately he's not so interested in the whole thing and keeps peeing in his pants just because he doesn't want to stop playing - but he totally knows HOW to stay dry if he wants to. However - DS1 didn't potty train until significantly later & not completely until about 3 1/2. I think your kids are well within the range of normal. Are you wanting them to give up their pacifiers for dental concerns or . . .?

Max, that sounds like such a fun birthday party! Marylizah, I hope the party was fun even without little friends.
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Originally Posted by *GreenMama* View Post

I'm also all confuzzled on the potty training. Anyone else's LO not potty learned yet? He'll go on the potty, sometimes several times a day, sometimes not at all. If he's not in the mood to deal with PL he'll tantrum if he's put on the pot. I was thinking of just putting him in underwear and buying one of those potty timer bracelets and getting him to go every 1/2 hr or hour until he gets it. Ugh, so confused!
You're not alone. My 3 year old is just barely interested, and isn't interested enough to want to use the potty. He likes to look at the underwear we bought him, and he likes to talk to me about which friends use the potty and which ones don't, but so far that's as far as it goes. "Would you like to put on your Mickey Mouse undies and use the potty?" gets a "no!" answer every time. I'm sometimes not sure whether I'm being responsive to him and waiting for his interest, or being lazy by not talking it up/encouraging him more.
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Wow, look at me all posting more than once in a week!! LOL!! Today is supposed to be niiice out, like 80! It feels so good to have the kids outside all day, love that! I'm busy making my list for all that I need to do before going out to the lake this weekend. The girls are soooo excited! The weather is supposed to be nice too, bonus!

Mamabeakely- Good for you for taking it easy! I am thinking about taking classes to become a doula, a friend of mine has been one for a few years now, so her and I have been chattin about, and I'm excited! I know it will be a process, but I figure I could at least give it a start now
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I don't have time for personals, but I wanted to just tell you all that we are adjusting to not nursing ok. There have been plenty of stressful moments and tears, but bedtime tonight was so perfect and lovely that I hope they all can be so nice.

Now I have a stack of papers to grade, it's already after 10, and I can't tear myself away from MDC and Facebook! One of the hard things to adjust to wth weaning is not having my time to be online while Phoebe was nursing. I'm so behind on my blogs and posting and general internetting!
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Hey mamas,

I don't have much time (just got back from a weekend trip) but I wanted y'all to be the first (besides DH, lol) to know:


bbl to tell the funny testing story!
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