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Max- How fun, I'm glad you're enjoying your knitting group!! I've been thinking about starting a support group for daycare providers, just to get some fresh ideas, and know that I'm not alone with frustrations I have

Mamabeakely- I'm glad you're feeling better! Chiro makes such a huge difference for me too, pregnant or not!

We are well here, I'm anxious for the week to be over, had some issues with one of my daycare kids, but hopefully we have it figured out Plus hubby was gone until last night, so that didn't help much either. This weekend is my niece's graduation party, so that will be fun And the weather is supposed to be nice too, yay! It has NOT felt even close to summer which has been a bummer.

Love to all, have a great weekend!!
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My laptop is on its last legs and goes through phases of ot turning on and then crashing spectacularly when it is on. So I haven't had much online time lately, especially since most of it used to be while nursing! We are settled into our new milk-free routines. Bedtime is lovely, she doesn't ask anymore and she got through the initial extra clinginess. The hardest part is that I can not get her to nap without milk. Most of the time that's fine--dh does it. But when he's out of town I can't count on a nap, which means she's too tired and cranky to do anything out in the evening. I've been listening to her read and play quietly in her room on the monitor for almost an hour. She's content, but definitely not sleeping. I hope the quiet alone time will help refuel her somewhat, because I think I'm going to need to go out to the store after dinner. I also promised her strawberry milkshakes for dessert, so who knows what chaos will ensue later!

I'm frantically getting things ready for the end of school (next Friday for me!) and can't wrap my head around personals right now. I'm also dealing with the rapid deterioration of my grandmother's health. Right now I'm just hoping she'll hang on until the end of the month when we are planning a trip to visit family. Or maybe not--Selfishly, I'm thinking maybe I'd rather the last time I see her be when she was happy and normal, not when she's vacant and non responsive.
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Hey mamas.

Ecoteat, I'm so sorry you are feeling so stressed. And so sorry about your grandmother, too. Many hugs to you!

Sydnee, mama, where do you find your energy? Seriously, do you have some recommendations for supplements or something? I would love to have your energy.

Max, I'm so impressed by your knitting acumen! I think the knitting group is a fabulous idea. I wish I could find something like that here. Unfortunately, most women don't SAH, so it's harder to organize.

I have to say, I am still really struggling. With feeling tired and depressed and lonely, but also feeling like I have no place-- no purpose-- I think partly because DH is working so hard these days and is doing so much, in comparison I feel pretty useless. I'm probably too hard on myself, but I'm just so unhappy. I feel like I need to figure out what and who I want to be once I'm finished with the birthing/nursing/caring for little ones thing. DH keeps saying he wants three kids, and I keep thinking, "at the rate we're going now, I'll never be anything but a mom". Which is so weird, because I LOVE being a mom! I've never had a job that I really loved, or even really liked. Why all of a sudden do I think that would bring meaning or purpose to my life????

I dunno. I'm all mixed up. I'm seeing the Gyn on Wednesday and I'll talk to her about these feelings I'm struggling with. I really don't want to go on meds, but at the same time I feel sooooo low.

Speaking of the Gyn thing, I made an appt for early morning, talked it over with DH, who agreed he could watch DS while I was at the apt. It's in the next building, so it's hardly far or complicated or anything. Well, DH FORGOT. And he has some super-major-mega important thing that morning. I'll ask our one local friend if she could possibly watch DS for me, otherwise he'll have to come along. I was so frustrated with DH when he told me. This apt is so important to me, and to him it's so UNimportant he forgot all about it!!!!!

Ugh ugh ugh.

Hope everyone else is doing well.
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Marylizah- Oh mama, I wish I could reach over and give you a hug! I OFTEN feel that way. My only saving grace is that my SIL/best friend does daycare also in town, so her and I talk daily and vent to each other, lol! But it IS so hard being a mom. I am not one of those moms that feels so happy all the time, in fact, the last few months I have had those same feelings of "is this what I should be doing?" I had no patience, was exhausted and just really down. So I know exactly how you feel. As far as energy goes, I eat well and I HAVE to exercise, not even so much for the losing weight, but just to have a peaceful mind. I also take a multi vitamin, fish oil pill, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, Vitamin D and L-Tryptophan. I really think this is what helps me. And I get up an hour before daycare kids come so I get some "me" time, as I'm usually exhausted by the time the kids go to bed. But I have also been on an anti anziety medication too that did wonders for me. I have been thinking about going back on it, we'll see. Just know that you're not alone, mama. We all feel like that, and just remember how much transition you've had! We love you and are always here for you!!!
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Thanks so much for your post, Sydnee.

Interesting about the vitamin D. After 4 straight days of rain, yesterday it was nice out and DS and I spent 2 hrs outside. I felt like a new person when I got home, I think it's because of the sunshine. I guess I really need it! I'll talk to the Gyn about vit D at the appointment.

This group has been such a huge support for me in the last three years. I don't know what I would have done without the May mamas!
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Mary, You know we are always here for you, just as you have always been here for us. I hope your GYN has some helpful ideas. How's Geo doing through all of this? Does he know about th baby?

Amy, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. That sounds like a really tough time for all. Sending you both peaceful & comforting thoughts. And I'm glad to hear weaning has gone so well, except for the nap situation of course. Perhaps it's just time for Phoebe to transition out of naps? But I can understand how after working all day you'd like to have some extra hours in the evening to get things done. Maybe once you're both home for summer you'll find a rhythm that works for the two of you.

Sydnee, I think that sounds like a great idea about setting up a support group for daycare providers. I bet there would be a lot of interest & that it would be helpful for all involved. Oh, and something funny - I dreamed the other night that you & I went camping together! You were in your RV & I was in my pop up, but I could not remember your real name & kept calling you Sydnee! :

Kathryn, I hope you are happily settling in to life in Texas!

Mamabeakley, it sounds like your pregnancy is going really well. I'm glad your work has slowed down. Take good care of yourself mama!

We are home this weekend & plan to put in our vegetable garden. Now, if only we can find a way to keep the groundhog out this year!!!!
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Max- That is hilarious! We would totally be calling each other by our MDC names, and then saying things like, LOL, DH, etc!!! It would be so cool to be able to meet you ladies. Ah well, someday when I win the lottery, lol....

Marylizah- Yep, when I was researching feeling blue, that was one of the first things I found was a lack of Vit D. Definitely something to ask your OB about

Today we have our nieces grad party which will be a ton of fun. And, it's going to be gorgeous out, woohoo! Have a great weekend!
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Just giving us a quick bump! We are well here, we have FINALLY gotten the rain that we so desperately need, yay!! Brad left this morning for Wisconsin and is gone through Saturday, ugh. I hope this week goes well.
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Just bumping us up, mostly!

DH has been working hard on our bathroom this week and the major stuff is done except the sink. We have not had a sink or a finished floor since we moved in 3 years ago and in one more day of work we will have both! I'm excited! I also want to frame the window, paint the walls & woodwork, get a new light fixture, put in a heating vent cover, replace the lightswitch, and put up towel bars and a toilet paper holder . . . can you tell I have entered the nesting phase ?

LO CRACKED ME UP the other day. DS1 was mad at him in the car and wouldn't talk to him. So DS2 started talking away to himself, and listening carefully, after a while, I realized that he was having the entire argument he would be having with DS1 if he would just talk to him, by himself. Like this: "You a dummy!" "No me not!" "Yes you are" "No me not" "Yes you are" "No me not" etc. etc. :!
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Bumpity bump!!! Whew, must be summer, as we're not as chatty lately, lol!!! No big changes here, I'm just happy as a clam as our NEW laptop wouldn't work right, so it is not fixed and Brad got the wireless hooked up so I am actually sitting in the living room right now!!! It's so awesome, lol!!

Alayna is doing great, she is still super high needs, but I think I'm adjusting well to it. She is one that when she wants something, she wants it yesterday, ya know? It's very frustrating. But she is super funny, and cracks me up!

How is everyone else???
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Hello May Mamas! How is everyone doing? We are officially on summer vacation now, and I think it is going to be a great one. We are camping a ton of course, and I have the kids signed up for a couple half day camps to break things up. We'll be going back to our pond beach club, starting today. Other than that, we'll be working in our vegetable garden, reading, knitting (that'd be me), bike riding, doing a bunch of kids' library programs, and just hanging out. Oh yeah, and potty training! We have family coming in for a week next month for a wedding, so that should be really fun.

What does everyone else have planned for the summer? Sydnee, does daycare slow down for you a bit, or pick up? Are you all going to the lake again?

Amy, you must be on vacation too by now. What do you & Miss Phoebe have planned?

Mary, how's France? And are you feeling well?

Mamabeakley, that car converstaion between ds & himself was hysterical! I can just picture it. The joys of older sibs teaching lovely words to the younger ones. LO already says "stupid". Of course she says her s sound like h, so she actually says "hupid" which makes it pretty darn funny. She especially enjoys saying it at the dinner table. Dh & I try to be all stern about the language, but then we look at each other & try so hard not to laugh.

Have a great day everyone!
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