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Alternatives to Latex condoms?

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So, I've always hated condoms - with a passion. The latex ones hurt - they rub all the wrong things all the wrong ways, and they sting, and I'm always uncomfortable for a few days after using one.

A friend recently suggested that I might be allergic, just not enough to have a really bad reaction.

I think it might be possible - what do you think?

Also - how good are the alternatives to latex condoms? What is the success rate when used correctly? If you have pain when using latex how do the others feel?

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You can try polyurethane condoms. Trojan makes some under the name Trojan Supra and Durex makes them under the name Avanti. The female condom is also made from polyurethane. LifeStyles makes a condom made from polyisoprene called Skynn.

You also have the option of lambskin condoms but they are not effective in terms of protection from any STDs.

You may want to check out this link if you want to read about the different kinds of non-latex condoms, there are even some reviews.
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You also may be allergic to spermicide. I figured that out when me and xh bought a tube of spermicde and it sent me into hysteria!!! I thought it was latex also.
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Against pregnancy, I think all kinds of condoms are equally effective. The lambskin ones have microscopic holes (natural to the lambskin itself) that's large enough to let viruses through (STDs) but too small to let sperm through. If you're looking for STD protection, you'll want latex or polyurithane.

The polyurithane ones aren't as stretchy and can be a bit harder for him to put on. They also don't come in the same range of sizes (which means that if you need to purchase trojan magnums, the polyurithane ones aren't really going to work.) Or, at least, they didn't come in any sizes other than "one size fits most" when I last used condoms- that might have changed by now.

If you're looking for contraception within a mutually monogomous relationship, you hae a few more options: besides the different kinds of condoms, you could use NFP/FAM(watching your fertility signs and avoiding sexual contact during your fertile time/using a barrier method ONLY during fertile times.) You could get a diaphram, cervical cap, or contraceptive sponge. I know the sponge is latex-free, but I'm not sure if diaphrams or cervical caps are available in latex-free versions. You could use a spermicide by itself (if the spermicide isn't what's causing the irritation).

You could also look into something like an IUD or oral contraceptive, but honestly I'm uncomfortable with anything that messes up your internal biology, especially when you've just had a baby. Oral contraceptives can interfere with your milk supply.
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I have the same issues with regular condoms. The only ones that don't hurt are the lambskin ones, but they are expensive!! There's just not a lot of options out there .
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I'm latex allergic, and really like the Avanti condoms. My husband prefers them to latex, too.
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First, try to make sure that you're not using condoms lubed with N-9 (Spermicide). Lots of folks have a problem with irritation from that stuff. Either get unlubed or regular nonspermicidal lube.

Second, try the lambskin. Way more expensive, and may not protect against STDs, but in the context of a mutually monogamous relationship where pregnancy is the only thing you're trying ot prevent, just as effective.

Third: Problem with diapragms is 1) only about 80% effective, 2) only effective if filled with spermicide. For that, see first paragraph.
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Wah, two posts in a row on the same subject. I must sound like I'm selling them or something.

Female condoms are way better than the male variety for both people involved. The price is not so scary if you buy online. :
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I get the same reaction to latex. Don't keep exposing yourself it will make the allergy worse. You could find yourself with a really severe reaction suddenly like I did! We really like the polyisoprene ones.
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Thanks everyone. I'm going to try the alternatives. For now though it doesn't look like sex is on the horizon We tried last night for the first time since L was born (17 weeks ago) and we couldn't do it His penis just wouldn't fit

I was awful and awkward (which neither of us care about, but it was) and so now we have to try and figure out how to solve the problem.
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