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Babies Under Wraps

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I placed an order at www.babiesunderwraps.com on December 12th. My order arrived shortly thereafter; two items were substituted (apparently HABA updated the toy, but that doesn't show on her website) and one item was not in the package because it was out of stock. It is now January 8th and I have yet to receive my refund for the item that was out of stock (I paid via PayPal instant cash). I contacted the WAHM via email and waited a few days before contacting PayPal. PayPal investigated and replied they couldn't be responsible for the quality of items received (um, the problem is I didn't receive one of the items ). She contacted me after receiving notice from PayPal and I responded that same day. After receiving no response, I emailed her from a different email account to make sure she was receiving my emails. She replied and offered a refund or a different item. I requested a refund on December 29th and have never received a refund nor another email.

I have given every opportunity for this to work out but after a month I just don't know what to do. I had hoped the transaction would work out because this WAHM sells many items that I like and will be purchasing again but I can't risk losing any more money by ordering from Babies Under Wraps.
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Babies Under Wraps

*updated to add I have just received a refund since posting my feedback*

I hate leaving negative feedback, but I gave Jessica from Babies Under Wraps the chance to rectify the situation before I posted and she hasn't. So...

I ordered 8 kissaluv contours from Jessica on 12/13/03. I e-mailed her the same day to ask her if I could choose the colours that I wanted, and she replied that I could. I asked her what the choices were and she never replied.

A couple of weeks went by and I hadn't received the package yet. As it was Christmas, I wasn't that surprised and e-mailed Jessica to ask when she sent them, so I could keep an eye out for them. She never replied. I sent two further e-mails after this asking when she sent them and she still never replied. Finally, on 12/30, I got an e-mail simply saying that she would
check on your order. I e-mailed twice more a couple of days later to ask if she had found anything else out, and still no replies. On 01/07 I got another e-mail saying that she was sorry, and she just had a DSL just installation, but that she would get my tracking number to me that day. Not sure how a DSL installation would stop her from communicating with her customers, but anyway, I waited and did not get a tracking number.

Yesterday, 01/08, I did a little research and found she has had bad feedback in the past, so I e-mailed to ask her to either give me a tracking number or refund my credit card by the end of the day, or I would have to leave negative feedback. I have heard nothing since, so here we are. I feel very ripped off. Jessica is still posting at Amitymama.com and on Mothering.com, so I don't see why she couldn't reply to my very polite e-mails.

I will update this if I ever receive my package or receive a refund.
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I too have had issues with Babies Under Wraps. In March of 2003, I ordered 2 Stacinator wool covers from her, in aqua and butter yellow. I received a package from her several weeks later containing 2 sage green covers. I emailed her to tell her that my order was incorrect. She replied that she never changed her website but those colors were not available. So, I asked for a refund and told her I would send the covers back, which I did the next day. I never heard back from her. I contacted her to see if she ever received the package and eventually she responded that she had. I asked her to refund my CC for the full amount and she stated she would take care of it that weekend. Well, my next several CC billing cycles showed NO refund. So, now several months later I emailed her again asking her for the refund. She responded shortly there after stating she would look into it. That was about 6 months ago. I never heard back, never got my refund and actually just last night accepted the fact that I was never going to see my money again. Perhaps I will email her one last time and see what happens.
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My dealings with Jessica have been exactly the same as yours above. Never recieved a package after a month, recieved wrong items, still waiting on a refund, and never got replys from Jessica. I also gave her many chances to make it up, most of which she didn't take until the end. Maybe she is coming around a bit since she offered me a cupon for 10 percent off for life. For that I consider her making it up to me and am glad that she did that, however I'm still waiting on a refund. My hopes in posting this is that she will be able to learn from her mistakes and give better costomer service in the future and also to let the cding community know that she did try to make it up, at least with me.
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I would also like to add that I have received my refund and communication with Jessica as been a lot better. Thanks Jessica.
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I've had similar problems with Jessica. In September of 2003 I ordered several items, including her one size side snap diaper. I waited two weeks, then sent an email inquiring as to how long it would take, and she then sent them out. I used the one size side snap diaper twice, (as an aside, it definitely would not fit a very small baby or a toddler), and when I took it off ds after the second use, one of the snaps came off. I also noticed at the time that the serging came loose in one area.

I wrote to Jessica (via email), and she said she would send a replacement. I waited a few weeks, and nothing came. I then politely inquired as to where it was -- and go no response. I sent several other emails to her, asking whether she needed me to return the diaper (her mailing address is not on her website), still no response. PayPal was not able to do anything, and I've resigned myself to the fact that she will never either refund my money or replace the diaper. Very bummed, will never use her website again.
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I wish I had read this thread....

....my bad. I placed a large order with Jessica on April 29, 2004, after I had emailed her and heard from her that she had large Happy Heiny's in stock or could get them for me quickly. I placed an order totalling $141.70. I started emailing her on May 10 asking her the status of my order, and also called her at her toll-free number several times. I did not hear back from her until May 16 - after I had told her I was going to dispute the charge with my credit card company.

I have gotten parts of my order, but they have been wrong - I got the wrong color wetbag, different soaps than I ordered, and different colored HH's than I ordered. She still owes me $36.50 for Joeybunz and an additional wetbag, and although she claims to have refunded my money I have not seen a penny of it.

Fortunately my credit card company has refunded me the money pending an investigation.

Jessica has not returned a single phone call and her email contact has been extremely limited. In her last email, she claims that she had lost my order in the stress of a move. I believe she is not telling the truth - although she may in fact have lost my order, I emailed her and called her multiple times long before she first got back to me.

I regret not reading this feedback thread before I ordered from her. It is not a mere matter of poor customer service - it is a matter of dishonesty, in my opinion.
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Jessica of Babies Under Wraps contacted me via MDC Private Messaging a few months ago (over two months after my order was placed) and suggested perhaps our lines were crossed. She offered a refund or to send me the item when it arrived (like I'm seriously going to take that chance!). I replied immediately requesting a refund. I never received a refund and never heard back from her, although MDC PM indicated that my message was received and read by the recipient!

I was also contacted by a USPS Postal Inspector, she lied about the weight of my package (she was using online postage). Sent it as an 8oz package, but it weighed over a pound. Mine was not the only package and they are/were conducting an investigation. Postal fraud?

Thankfully, this is the only "bad" experience I've had a WAHM and I'm only out $10. Others haven't been so lucky.
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Add me to the list of bad Babies Under Wraps experiences. I ordered about $68 worth of diapers. A week later there was no change of status to my order. I came here and read these reviews for the first time and then got panicky, so I emailed her several times, called & left a message - nothing. My final message and email said that I really needed the diapers asap and would just like to cancel my order so I could order from someone who could ship immediately. She never responded to any of it. I filed a claim with PayPal and she didn't respond to that either. Worked out for me because they were able to refund me the money since she forfeited the claim by not responding. Wish I had read the review section first.
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I guess I got taken too.

I really wish I had read this stuff before I ordered.

I ordered 4 things - a Raincatcher prefold with an added snap, a bottle of baby oil, a 2-pack of Avent sippy cups and a Baby Bumbo Seat. I ordered on 6/24. On 7/1 I received the first 3 items in a priority mail box with NO packing around it - the oil had leaked out, of course, since it was rolling around in the box the entire time since there was nothing to protect it. The prefold did not have an added snap.

I emailed Jessica about the discrepancies, and she emailed me back saying that she had emailed me that she had packed her snap press for her move (how long has she been moving?!), so she couldn't add the snap. The option was only $1.00, but she still charged me for it, even though I guess she knew she couldn't do it since her press was packed. When I told her that the oil leaked all over the prefold, she told me "oh, it'll wash out." When I inquired further, worried that oil would not wash out of the hemp, she asked if I needed a new bottle, but at the time I said no.

I emailed back asking why she had still charged me for the added snap, and only then did she say she would refund my money (IMO, she should have noticed right away on the order, while she was packing it to ship, that she couldn't do that and refund me anyway). I did NOT recieve this $1.00 refund from her. I know it was only $1, but it was the principle of the thing that bothered me most.

I did NOT receive the Bumbo seat from her either. It didn't come with the other stuff. She said it would ship separately from the manufacturer. I sort of half-expected this, so I said OK. Fast forward to now, and still no seat. I emailed her 7/11 and now yesterday, 7/12 with no responses. There is no longer a phone number listed on her site. Email is the only listed method of communication, and she's not answering. I paid close to $50 for the seat, and I have no way of knowing if it was backordered, or if the manufacturer ever even got the order. All I know is I don't have it, can't get in touch with Jessica, and I have a very bad taste in my mouth...

I just filed a complaint with Paypal since that's how I paid. I want to protect myself after reading this thread. I am seriously astonished that someone would stay in business after all this negative feedback. I can't believe that she does business like this either. She is very dishonest, IMO. I understand the plight of the WAHMama, but there is something to be said for keeping up communication and just being honest with your customers. If you're moving, for pete's sake, DON'T TAKE ORDERS for a while. She has on her site that everything will ship within 72 hours even though she will be "in limbo" for 4 weeks (!!!!). Well, that's a lie. She said she emailed me about the snap on my prefold. That was a lie. She said she would refund the $1, that was a lie. She said the Bumbo seat would ship... and so far, that's proving to be a lie too.

Stay far, far away from Babies Under Wraps! Given that most people who have left feedback here have given her plenty of chances to make it right and she hasn't, you couldn't PAY ME to shop with her anymore. I can't believe I lost $50 on something that I really wanted my daughter to enjoy.
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I think I have been duped a bit too.
I wont go into details yet, I will give her another week, and then fill you in.
I am only out less than 2 bucks if she screwed me, but still. We need to bring her down.
Is there a way to forewarn people?
I didnt think to look here for a review on her site, I thought this was just for diapers...like if you liked them or not. I didnt realize there are diaper stores reviewed here.
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Updated - I contacted Bumbo directly since Jessica @ BUW is just a wholesaler for the Bumbo Baby Seat and just drop ships them, basically. They're looking into it, but it's taking forever because I imagine she's not answering them either. I don't think they know what to tell me if they can't get in touch with her. Obviously the order was never placed for my seat.

I've since sucked it up and realized I shouldn't keep waiting for it, so I bought another seat on ebay for my daughter. It's coming this week (shipped from a reputable seller who gave me a tracking # and lots of assurance, since I was shaken from my BUW experience). I think my daughter will really enjoy it. She deserves to have it, she's doing so well with her motor skills. I'll still have a bad taste in my mouth from BUW, though, indefinitely. If I ever get the seat I paid for from her, I'll just sell it on ebay or something...but it wasn't fair to my daughter to just keep waiting.
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like michelle, jessica contacted me by via PM here at MDC back in February,stating she had emailed me and i never responded. i have NO filters on my email. i get every piece of junk one can get. i never received a single email from here. so, i responded via PM and told her where to paypal me my refund. i never heard back. then she posted an ISO danaalex in diapering asking me to email her directly. so i did, i even gave her 3 other email addresses she could contact me at. she had again stated that she was emailing me and i wasn't responding. again, i have no filters on my email and bet your bottom dollar i would respond to an email from someone who owes me money.

that was about a month or so ago, i have still NEVER heard back from her.
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We try to assume the best but I am contacting the owner of Babies Under Wraps to see what the situation might be. Thanks for your input and hopefully your unresolved issues will be resolved soon. If they have been please do post again to update your review. Thanks!
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Things are still the same in my situation

Absolutely no resolution in my situation (which began last December). She did PM me after reading my initial review, but when I responded she never replied nor sent a refund (receipt showed it was read). Never been able to get replies via email and the phone number I had from her contact information in PayPal has been disconnected.
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I ordered from Jessica of Babies Under Wraps about a year ago. It took me three months and repeated phone calls to her home to finally receive my merchandise. Items were not shipped until I requested a refund. I would not reccomend this seller to anyone nor will I be buying from her again!! I do not feel that MDC should allow her to advertise here given her reputation of repeated delays and just overall bad business practice.
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Updates, responses, etc...

I have just not PM'ed and emailed everyone here. A few of you I emailed before I scrolled down to see the update, sorry! Please use the gift certificate regardless!

Julia, I understand your frustration, it appeared to have been a complete miscommunication between the company that ships the Bumbos, the lady I place my order through, and me. We were all waiting on one another, and the whole time I thought everything was taken care of. There were a few waiting with you and it was very frustrating. I'm sorry your daughter missed out on the seat for that time.

Dana, I just got your PM now, I don't log in here very often...

Anyone else I missed, please understand that I am in the middle of a very stressful move, I am not at my home yet, we are in limbo until the second week of August... until then, PLEASE feel free to email me at babiesunderwraps@aol.com . The other email has been disabled due to the amount of porn and spam it was receiving. Thank you!
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Wow, I sure wish I had read this thread before I purchased Fuzzi Bunz for my dd on the 14th. I scrounged together the money to buy my dd some new diapers...I mean SCROUNGED! I came here to find out some "reputable" companies and noticed that Babies Under Wraps advertised here and offered members a 10% discount. I was stoked. I ordered 6 White FB and they came with free inserts since it was her anniversary sale! I was so excited because I am on such a limited income since deciding to stay at home with my new daughter. Anyways, I still have yet to receive my diapers and I am rotating only 6 diapers on my daughter right now. I have emailed Jessica several times and all I have gotten back as far as responses are that she mailed my package last week and she sent it Priority Mail and that she would get me a tracking number. 2 days later still no tracking number. I emailed her again and I was given an excuse that she was moving and had been for 5 weeks and that she was sorry my order was affected. Does this mean it has not shipped and she lied when she said it shipped the first time???

After reading here and finding out more info I went to the Better Business Bureau and looked her up. Her rating is listed as unsatisfactory and she has had 9 complaints in the past 12 months!!!!! I submitted a claim with paypal and I am waiting to hear from them.

I am so upset I am ready to cry. I have no more money to buy my daughter diapers. Her not responding and treating people like this affects little lives. My 2 month old daughter should not be affected by this!!! All I expected is that my order be shipped in a timely manner and if there was a delay to get a straight answer! I prepaid for my diapers...now I need them badly.

I will post if there is a resolution. I am so hoping there is. I can't afford to shell out another $85 on diapers.

A very diappointed,
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I did not recieve any pm, or email.

[admin note: inppropriate personal comment removed]
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refund (finally)

OK, so it's been ten months since my original order, but finally I received a $12.00 refund for the defective diaper. I think I paid more like $14, but I guess since DS got to wear it twice, he got $2.00 worth of wear for it. One other thing to add: I realize now that her prewashed prefolds weren't all that absorbent just because they needed a couple more washes, now they work just fine.
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