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Jessica PM'd me Sunday night asking for the paypal addy to send the $10.50 refund, promising to refund me Monday night. No refund as of Wednesday at 11AM CST.

I truly understand that mothering is a full-time job- hence why all my neat ideas for WAHM things I could make and sell stay just that- ideas. I have taken on more than I could handle before and it's very stressful, but I find ways to delegate or find someone to share the burden. I hate to let people down.

If your life is that complicated Jessica, I would STRONGLY suggest a note on your HOMEPAGE that there will be communication and shipping delays on all orders placed. A note hidden in the FAQ section of your website is not sufficient. Good luck with sorting things out.
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Still no response here. I was told I would receive a refund but nothing yet. I am hoping that I can get my refund thru my Paypal dispute and I have had another kind WAHM that has offered me the same deal that I was going to get thru BUW even though I think she would probably lose money on the deal. What a sweetie she is. I just hope I get my money back so my daughter can have the diapers she needs.
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Babies Under Wraps advertising has been removed and it will not be returned until all complaints have been resolved satisfactorily.

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ok i have received my refund from jessica today, after promising more negative reviews at other internet review sites, as well as with the BBB, and with the possibility of a class action lawsuit.

i thank cynthia for taking positive action in this matter.
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My issue was resolved today and I was given a full refund. But I will never recommend or do business with BUW again.
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My refund was promised last weekend and 5 days later, no refund. I sent an email to Jessica last night stating that if I was not refunded by 5 pm today, I would be filing with internet fraud and the BBB. I really hope that works, because filing with those places gives me the skivvies, but I truly see it as my only option.

I sent Jessica a money request through Paypal for my refund, to make it as easy as possible for her to refund my payment. I sent it to her business paypal address, which is still active and still verified. She has yet to respond, it is still pending. I figured that was the easiest way to do it, if she gets an email from Paypal maybe she'll be quicker to respond since it's taken her a week and still no response to my 3 emails since her post on this thread.

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no resolution yet. :
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I am new here and imagine my surprise when I saw this thread. My dd was born in April 2003 and we ordered CPFs from BUW. What an ordeal. Same as everyone else. No tracking numbers, blaming it on her supplier, etc. I don't have a lot of money and that was the reason for purchasing CPFs and we really needed the larger size. I ended up scrounging up enough money to buy some bleached CPFs, (so I could use them right away) and chalking up the unbleached CPFs at BUW as a loss. After much stress, which I didn't need with my daughter having many health issues, we received them months later.

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Jessica contacted me in response to this thread offering me a $25 gift certificate to her site "no strings attached" (direct quote). I told her I didn't want a gift certificate, I wanted the $36.50 she has owed me since May. I have not heard back from her since.

How do I go about contacting the BBB and Internet Fraud, anyone know? I would love to get the word out there. I am very happy that MDC will no longer carry her advertising, I think that will protect a lot of mamas, but her website still pops up quite high on Google if you search for the things I was looking for (Happy Heinys and Bummis) and I do not want other mamas to be cheated as I have been.
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Why is she picking and choosing who she refunds? Some of us have received refunds and some of us haven't. I've been waiting for my refund since DECEMBER. :

And what good is a GC if she never bothered to send all our items the first time?
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Just an update.... nine months later and I STILL don't have my refund or my item. She contacted me awhile back around the time MDC kicked her off their advertising and was supposedly going to refund me the next morning (my mom said why not right that moment?).

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I have removed 5 review posts that were made for Babies Under Wraps as the posters were not qualified to post on this board. However, it is worth noting that the reviews were of the same negative experiences that many others have posted.

Also I received a request from a new member this week to post her negative review which I declined to permit since she does not meet the posting criteria. I am making note of it here so that everyone will be aware that issues with BUW customer service are still occurring and unresolved. I am advising everyone to contact the appropriate authorities to submit their complaints and to also do the same with the Better Business Bureau.
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I submitted a complaint to the BBB via online and received email confirmation. Should I ever hear from them again?
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Babies Under Wraps

One more negative experience here also, unfortunately.
It actually happened about 2-2 1/2 years ago, but very similar to the other ladies' experiences.

I made a large order consisting of Fuzzibunz, JoeyBunz and a few other things (she seemed to pretty much have the best prices on everything!). I waited a couple of weeks, then proceded to e-mailed and call repeatedly (giving her several days inbetween each) with no replys.

Finally, I wrote a very polite, businesslike e-mail saying that I would need to report her if things did not get resolved soon.
She did eventually get back to me after that one, and I actually got my shipment after over a month.

Sent me the wrong size of one cover (which I desperately needed!), I contacted her again and I believe it took another 3 or 4 weeks to get the replacement.

I wish I would've known about the reviews this site had before I ordered, and not had to go through this ordeal!
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I am just sick! I got Babies Under Wraps and Bum Wraps mixed up. I have now waited 3 weeks for 2 dozen UBCPFs that I waited way too long to order in the first place. My son has so few diapers that fit that I'm washing more than daily. I am furious about the lack of response to my emails. My dh gets bent out of shape if something takes longer than a few days to resolve and this is taking forever. I feel so duped and naive. I'm asking for a refund. I wanted to do business with Jenn anyway.
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A report has been received that the owner of Babies Under Wraps also owns AtoZBabyGear.com and TrainsNToys.com

A whois.net check of these companies reveals this to be true though no information about either company was found at the better Business Bureau website.
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Oh,boy. I wish I'd seen this thread earlier...

I ordered three diaper covers back in December, and she sent three, but not any of the brands I ordered. I emailed her to tell her and got one back saying "So sorry for the mix-up, how can I make it up to you!". She offered to send a pre-paid label the next day. Two weeks later when it hadn't arrived, I told her I would just send the covers back at my own cost and she could refund me my total cost + shipping. She said, "Great!" (of course...)

Well, she emailed that they had arrived and asked to what address she should send a refund, which I gave her.

It in now April, and I have had no response to my last 3 requests for refunds.
If she is accepting orders but not filling them...and then not offering refunds, isn't that just blatant stealing????

How long can a 'business' go on when all they do is steal?
I would LOVE to be a part of any class-action suit that might be in the works. If there isn't one, there should be.

I didn't know that this thread was here. Boy do I wish I had known. I feel like such a sucker.
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I found the paper where I submitted a complaint with the IFCC on 9/27/2004. It gives me a complaint number and password, does anyone know how I can pursue this? It gives me a link but when I sign in I'm only given the option to add new information. I would like to know if the case is being pursued.

I can't help but wonder why nothing is being done when it's apparent that this is an ongoing issue. In addition to not receiving all my items, I was contacted by the Postal Service regarding postal fraud in regards to the package she sent me (and apparently other packages as well).

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I also wish I had come here first before I ordered from this company. Live and learn!

I ordered some baby clothing and diapering accessories totaling about $65.00, 5 weeks ago. I never received any of it. The owner never responded once to my direct emails. The only responses I got were from the 3 disputes I placed through her cc processing company, 2checkout.com. Unfortunately they were not so helpful, as her responses included my "order being lost in cyberspace", and then that my order had shipped USPS in two portions--neither of which I have received, over a week after they were to have arrived (no tracking numbers provided). The 2 checkout say they offer a resolution, but they are clearly on the side of the seller, as every time she provides some vague response, they say the issue is "resolved".

Luckily since I used a credit card, I will probably get my money back. But what a hassle. I am so sad that there are people like this out there, flat out stealing from other SAHM's, like (supposedly) herself.
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