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How often do you bathe your child? - Page 4

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In the fall and winter every other day because her skin gets dry, but in the spring and summer every day.

When she was an infant I bathed her every other day regardless of season and washed her with a wash cloth frequently in between.
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Originally Posted by pinksprklybarefoot View Post
Huh. Maybe I am expecting too much. I try to get both kids a bath twice a week. More if they are dirty.

I, for the life of me, could not figure out why my stepdaughter's mom seldom gives her a bath when she is there (she lives with us one week, then her mom the next with the odd extra day or two at our house). She arrived yesterday with greasy, matted hair again and told me that she didn't have a bath all week. But if her mom subscribes to the once-a-week theory, then that would explain it. She could just leave all of the baths up to our house.
I also bathe my girls once or twice a week. However, if either child was stinky or had greasy, matted hair then they would get a bath that night. So even though I'm a "once a weeker", the situation with your DSD would bother me if I were in your shoes.

I do have to mention how relieved I am that I'm not alone! My girls love baths, but if they don't need or want one then I don't give them one.
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DSD gets a bath every night when she is with her Mom. We typically do every other day here.
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Now that the weather is warmer and we are playing actively outside it is almost daily for us. Some evenings we skip and just wash hands and faces. In the cooler weather about every other day. DS washes his hair about 3-4 times a week. DD hates it, so we wash hers once a week. Myself on the other hand, I can go for days without a shower(that is when I'm not working). Yikes, a little too much info lol, I can get pretty nasty
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Winter time - 2 times a week on average. One reason is DS has skin issues even with a plain water bath. Also, baths get him totally wound up and excited so it is not an ideal pre-bed activity and the only time we have to do it is before bed.

Summer - when ever needed, which is often. Sometimes it is every day but during rainy or extremely hot periods where he is indoors, it is an as needed event.
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I have a 16 yr old boy, a 15 yr old boy and a 5 yr fold daughter. My boys get to make their own decisions now on showering/bathing. When they were small (and now with the daughter), I have to admit, our kids rarely got regular baths/ showers, because they just didn't get that dirty and they weren't at all stinky. Generally, it was often as rarely as once a month, unless on the rare occasion when they played hard and got dirtier or stinkier than normal.  The most frequently they got a thorough scrubbing was once every 2 weeks. Even now, our 5 yr old dd normally gets her once a month bath/shower (which she HATES with a screaming passion, by the way) toward the beginning of each month.There just truly isn't any need for more frequent baths / showers for her because (as I said) she just doesn't get very dirty or smelly. But hands and face are washed daily.

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I tend to let by children decide when they want to take a bath or shower, they are three and five year old boys. Usually it could be once a week which works well for us. They are barefoot children, so their feet get filthy every day, but regular showering just doesnt work in our house!

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