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Whats on YOUR kitchen counter??

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This is a spin off of another thread. What do you have on your kitchen counter? Pics would be SUPER if you would like. Don't clean it up, be honest. Maybe it will inspire or reassure other folks.

Right now I have:
Microwave-I want an over the stove.
spice rack
Salt n pepper grinders
KA mixer
coffee maker
a bunch of bananas
a wine bottle light I made

Its evening here or I'd pic it. The lighting wouldn't show it well
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dishes that need to be loaded in the washer, ha!
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A house plant
3 canisters
toaster and a loaf of bread
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imbarefoot-if thats all you rock mama!

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What don't I have on my counters?The kitchen is my husband's spot and I haven't really figured out how to get in there and declutter without freaking him out.

But to answer the question:
toaster oven
ceramic jar of utensils
Ceramic canister for sugar
ceramic canister for flour
pepper grinder
salt shaker
salt bowl
a billion cutting boards
dish drying rack
butter dish
wire basket for fruit
knife block
big jug of water
a plant that I'm trying to get to root
press pot

If your counters are totally clear what do you do with that type of stuff?
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coffee maker and grinder
vita mix (sometimes I put this way)
juicer (I have started putting this away most of the time)
a bowl with bananas
a house plant
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3 canisters
sippy cup dryer full of clean cups
dish drying rack full of dishes at all times
coffee maker
microwave ( I too want an over the stove one)
a ceramic utensil holder
a candle
a ceramic chicken filled with gum
a ceramic lamb
4 reuseable water bottles
a glass container for labels from products to raise $$ for the school
a old time scale with a bowl of fake eggs
a 3 tiered basket filled with random odds and ends that I dump every day
2 knife sets

WOW! I didn't realize how much crap I have! Off to purge!
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Spice rack
Jar of utensils
Small basket for DH's wallet, car keys etc.
Tea kettle
4 ceramic canisters
3 Cutting boards
Box of Kleenex
Roll of paper towel
Bottle of dish soap

In fewer words: waaay too much stuff...
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My counters are always a mess

Counter 1 [which has the range] has:
Bread machine
Basket of red onions and potatoes
Paisley print dog biscuit dish
Jar of almonds
Jar of oatmeal

Counter 2 [which is the main one] has:
Containers for flour, tea, coffee, sugar
Coffee maker
Dish rack
Fruit basket

And some books :]
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We have a wrap aroundy type kitchen (pretty sure thats not a real word...), so it sounds like a lot, but it looks very clean/tidy...

Counter 1: yummy soy candle, 5 small glass containers holding things like sugar, rice, flour, etc., spice rack

Counter 2: coffee maker and blender

Counter 3: toaster and napkin holder
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coffee maker, bowl of fruit, knife block, cutting board, salt & pepper and olive oil next to stove, bread machine, basket for mail that needs to be paid/attended to, small fire extinguisher. Oh and dishwasher tablets and liquid detergent sitting on the sink.
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I wish mine had less. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let 'em rip.

In one section:
coffee maker
burr grinder
espresso maker
wooden dish drying rack

The main prep area has a basket for fruit.

Another section:
knife block
pepper grinder
olive oil bottle
salt shaker
spoon rest
(leaky) oil sprayer pump thingy
ETA: I forgot the big crock of utensils is also here.

The last area:
large wooden cutting board
small lamp
biscotti/cookie jar
bridgewater candle warmer thing that was a gift (big like a canister)
Longaberger recipe box
garlic keeper
basket of napkins
ETA: paper towels on the bamboo dispenser.

Gosh, when I type it all out it seems like so much.
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How funny you should ask! We just moved into our new house. And, I have finally figured out the kitchen...yay! The counters are really clear only because I have a lot of kitchen storage and not a lot of kitchen stuff...

Counter #1 (range)

*Wooden knife block w/ knives
*Stoneware crock w/ several utensils

Counter #2 (sink & dishwasher)

*Upright paper towel dispenser
*SS dish rack

Counter #3 ('frig)

*Coffee maker

Counter #4

*Computer (usually stored in the drawer beneath counter)
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In one corner I have the hot water kettle with tea/coffee/sugar canisters.

In another corner I have my super cool cast iron teapot.

On the wall above that I have some metal racks with herb/spice jars and another with a variety of tea tins.

On one side of the oven a container with wooden spoons for cooking and on the other side on the wall a range of stainless steel cooking utensils.

In the far corner a range of cookbooks standing up.

My microwave is on my fridge since it rarely gets used.

Oh, and fruit bowl on the third bench.

Above the sink I have a wooden stick with some dried herbs hanging off it.

This pic's a bit out of date as the metal rack for the herbs/spices isn't there nor the dried herbs. Otherwise it's pretty much the same.
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On my counter at the moment:
- cutting board
- dish soap
- kitchen aid mixer
- knife block
- toaster (should be in the cabinet underneath)
- plate of grapes (waiting to be composted, lol)
- DH's tea "stuff" (water boiler, timer, teapot, teaspoon)
- 2 tomatoes
- stack of mail/papers that need to be sorted - sigh
- tulip that got broken off in the garden, in a glass of water
- a couple of dish cloths
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Cutting boards & knives, various oils & non-refrigerated condiments (honey, red hot, tamari, etc), kitchenaid, vitamix, compost then the sinks & such & drying rack, then toaster & empty space (for random stuff brought up - deep fryer, crockpot, etc), and then some mason jars waiting to go downstairs & our diamant grain mill.
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I was just thinking about this the other day after reading a thread about where do people store their cloth napkins. I keep mine right on the counter in a basket. The easy access works best for us.

My kitchen usually looks like this once or twice a day. The rest of the time there are random dishes, food, pots and pans and stuff about.


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here are my kitchen counters:

photo #1

photo #2

i keep them very clear unless i'm actually in there cooking/baking.
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To the left of the sink is my bread basket, and my coffee maker

To the right of my sink there is a two tiered fruit/veggie basket, a canister for whole wheat flour, and white flour, a candle, my olive oil.

To the left of my stove are two more canisters- powdered sugar and granulated, my knife block, and my container of cooking utensils.

To the right of the stove is my toaster, a cookbook, and my cutting board. Its a lot, but i hate digging stuff out of cupboards that i use everyday.
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