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Congratulations! :

I hope for a short, uneventful NICU stay. My boys were born at 34w and only needed 10d in the hospital: 7d in the NICU and 3d on the peds floor.

Healing vibes for your surgery, that must be hard.
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Congratulations! I hope they have a short, uneventful NICU stay. If you need info and support, check out the NICU/Preemie board here - it's a wonderful bunch of mamas who've BTDT.
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I posted a link of pictures to my girls on the thread I opened up above.
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Congrats on your little girls
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Congratulations! May you all be well and home soon.
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LOVED the pics, and would love to hear how things are going, though I'm sure you are crazy busy at this point. We are all here for support if you need us.
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Congratulations!! Health and healing to you all! Beautiful babes and impressive size! :
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Awww....sweet baby girls! Congratulations and a speedy NICU stay and recovery for you all!
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Congratulations! I hope you have a smooth recovery and your LOs are home as soon as possible.
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The birth story:

I was doing laundry and I felt that I needed to go pee-pee and went to bathroom to go pee-pee and I noticed that there was a small spot of blood in my underwear. I was surprised and I thought to myself, oh-no the girls better not be coming because I'm just not ready! No car seats or even cloth diapers! I was trying to remember what it meant to have a tiny speck of blood so I tried googling for it but I was not focused and I decided to come on the board to ask but I couldn't sit and wait for anyone's response so I called my doctor and she told me to see her immediately.

I quickly packed my bags because I had a feeling that I'd end up staying at the hospital and have the girls that night. I also texted my DH and told him to meet me at the dr's office then I drove to the dr's office. When I arrived the dr's office, my DH was already there and I went to bathroom to pee in the cup and I saw that I was bleeding a lot and I suddenly cried. I was so afraid of any worse case scenarios but my dr was very calm and casual about it. She told me that everything is going to be ok because my girls have been so healthy and consistent throughout my pregnancy then she performed ultrasound, measured my contraction and the girls heart. She said the girls are still in good shape and their heart sounded strong and there is no contraction. She told me that she wanted to measure my cervix and then she told me that I was dilated by 3 cm and told me to go to the hospital and that she'll meet me there later.

When my DH and I arrived the hospital, the nurse led us directly to my room in the labor and delivery room and I suddenly became certain that we were going to have our babies that night. They started putting the IV in me, and etc and put the rolled towel underneath my back to put my body in left position but it was extremely uncomfortable because it made my lower back and lower abdominal sore so I kept on taking the towel off from my back to make myself comfortable but the nurse told me that I needed to be on my left so I laid my body on left completely so I wouldn't have to have my back resting on the rolled towel so the nurse saw what I did and she allowed it. I was relieved and then my doctor arrived and saw that I had contraction according to the monitor and she asked me if I was in pain and I told her that the pain was really low grade and her eyes widen and I asked her, "why?" she said you should be more uncomfortable than you are right now then she measured me, she said 4 cm. My dr said according to the ultrasound, the baby A's head is down and the baby B is still transverse, I'll give birth vaginally first and she'll try to turn baby B's head down but if she can't then will have to perform c-section and I told her that its fine with me. Then about an hour later, she said 5 cm, then she asked me if I was in pain, and I told her that I'm feeling quite uncomfortable but not enough to cuss or etc. My dr told me that I needed to get injection of steroid which would help with girls' lungs because their lungs are not fully developed. Few minutes later she asked me if I wanted epidural and I told her yes then she told the nurse to get someone to do it. She came back 2 hours later and asked me if the epidural was already put in and I said no, she was surprised that I was not in so much pain and she told the nurse, she wanted epidural 2 hours ago and why is it taking so long. At that time, I didn't realize that 2 hours had already passed but then few minutes later, when I was about to get the epidural, the nurse told me that its going to hurt but please to remain still. I thought to myself, I had epidural before and it didn't hurt and I was right but the nurse was surprised that I didn't wince or react. My dr then measured me again and I was 7 cm, 30 minutes later, still 7 cm then about an hour later, I was 10 cm and my dr was surprised and told everyone to get ready. My dr told me that they were going to bring me to the operation room to save time if I needed c-section if she couldn't turn baby B's body. I thought it made sense and it didn't take me too long to give birth to Jayla, it took me about 4 times to hold my breath for 10 sec then push. When Jayla came out, baby b's body suddenly became breech so my dr tried for 15 minutes to turn her but she couldn't so then they performed c-section. While they were cutting me, they worked on Jayla really quickly and the nurse told my DH that they needed to take Jalya to the NICU immediately because she was having a hard time breathing. I was really worried but I told myself to stay calm and then they got Evelyn out and they took their time cleaning Evelyn and they brought Evelyn to me while they were stitching me up.

Then they brought me up to my room and I told the nurse that I wanted to go downstairs to see my girls but the nurse told me that I need to stay in room to recover and that I could see them in the morning. I tried to go to sleep but I couldn't because the anthesia made my face SO ITCHY that it kept me up ALL NIGHT LONG! Then in the morning when I needed to go to pee-pee the nurse assisted me walking to bathroom and I was shocked to see my face RED because I had been itching my face. I told the nurse that I needed some kind of anti-itch cream to soothe my face but the nurse wouldn't let me because of stupid policy. She kept on saying, its not in the dr's order so she gave me shot instead and it didn't work. I went down to visit the girls and saw that they were in different room and I was upset about that and I told the nurse that it does not make sense that the girls are seperated and they're in different room. I told the nurse that I want the girls next to eachother because I can't be at two place at one time. The nurse was trying to give me reasons why they were seperated but I woudlnt' have it then they said ok they would put them next to eachother. I went back upstair to my room and I tried to go to sleep but the itch still bothered me all day long as I tried to sleep and then the night nurse told me that she is going to double my dose of shots and it should work then finally I fell asleep so soundly that night and the same nurse let me sleep in until 11am that following morning! I was like, why didn't someone wake me up so I could have eaten breakfast and see the girls, The nurse said, you reallly needed the rest and you were so exhausted so I told everyone to leave you alone and let you rest. JI'm glad that she did because I really did need that sleep. Then few hours later, my dr came to visit me and told me that I could go home and I was surprised because at first, she told me that I would be staying at the hospital for 4 days but the dr said I was recovering really well and that I could go home if I wanted to. Of course I wanted to be home but when I did, I regret it and wish that I did had stayed at the hospital for one more night because my 6 yrs old daughter was really misbehaving and I felt like I came home to chaos and was really overwhelmed. My friend came to stay at my home for the weekend told me to go to bed and rest while she take care of my daughter. The next day, my DH took my daughter to her counseling appointment while my friend drove me to the hospital to see the girls then my DH and daughter met me at the hospital afterward and my daughter continued to give me hard time so then my friend decided to take my daughter to her house that night so that I could rest and recover without being stressed. It was nice of her to do that and then the next evening, my friend brought my daughter back home and my daughter apologized for giving me a hard time and she told me that she was mad at the nurse at the hospital for not allowing her to see her baby sisters and she felt that I should have told the nurse to let her because I am the mother of her two sisters. My dh and I explained to her that we really do want her to see her baby sisters but we have to follow the hospital rules just like she have to follow the rules at home. It made me cry that evening because I wanted her to see her sisters so badly but I couldn't do anything about it until the girls are ready to come home.
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- you've been so strong through everything mama
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Wow - what an experience. I am glad the babies are doing well and you are on the road to full recovery. Take good care of yourself. Congratualtions!!
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They did echocardiogram on Evelyn and it showed that PDA was small yesterday and this morning, they told me that it is closed. They increased her feeding intake. They also said Evelyn has improved a lot and has shown great progress.

Jayla is moving to intermediate care tomorrow.

I will start breastfeeding them next week at the hospital and they will have car seat challenge where the nurses will observe if the girls can tolerate being in the car seat for 90 minutes and also will observe us how to use car seat. And we will be taking cpr class.

Looks like they're coming home soon : BUT... ack... we've got no $$ for car seats and no cloth diapers! Looks like its time to say "mommy..daddy...we need $$ for those!!"
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oooooooo - exciting ::
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That is all good news!

Don't get discouraged if bfing is a little rough for awhile. It can be tricky for preemies. Your girls are nice and big, so hopefully they will get the hang of it quickly.
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I breastfed Jayla today and she latched on just fine. She looked so satisfied after eating and burped so loudly. : Tomorrow, I'm gonna breastfeed Evelyn and hopefully it'll be successful but at least, I do know that I'll get to kangaroo care with both of them so that is also exciting.

Also for mother's day gift.. one of the nurse took pictures of my twins and created a poem next to the pictures. I was so touched and cried when I saw a picture attached to their isolette (sp?). So sweet!
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Congrats on the breastfeeding and your growing girls. Thank you for sharing with us!

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That's great!
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: Congrats!! Awesome weights !! We are all sending you good thoughts!!
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