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This is practically an "august TTC" thread!
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Originally Posted by Rhiyaya View Post
This is practically an "august TTC" thread!

Uh yeah..... :
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Originally Posted by elonwy View Post
We won't be TTC until the end of 2010, but I'm starting prenatals now. My doc said I should be on them for at least two years before trying, so that's pretty close. I'm also going off birth control in August to give myself a year to get my cycles in order, I've been on birth control for about 16 years, so I predict it'll take a while to level off. I'm getting the last of my metal fillings removed and replaced in September (have to save up the money), so that should be good as well.
So many things to think about.

Be prepared to get pg right away too. I was on BCP for 15 years and got pg on my first try with DC#1 and round #2 with DC#2. My midwife said some women actually more likely to get pg after being on BCP.
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Count me in for Aug TTC too! I've been on a "getting my body back for me" kick and just lost 13 pounds, working out, eating better, getting rid of processed crap and eating more natural, slow foods. And then all of sudden I decided we should have another! lol But it's basically what I would want to do to prep for TTC. I need to get vitamins into my routine. I keep thinking I'm missing something, but looks like I'm on the same page as everyone else.

So here I am. Game on this august. I got pg super fast with both kiddos, hoping to do the same again.
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I'm at least a year out from TTC, but still thinking about things I'd like to have done for a year or so before we are at "go."
  • dental work (I have 4 fillings left to get done)
  • dermatology check-up (I had skin cancer several years ago and haven't gone back to the derm.)
  • already got my general health/gyn tests up to date and have a yearly appt. for both.
  • need to get back on track with eye appts.
  • I am working on the vitamin-every-day habit
  • I'd like to build an exercise habit that includes cardio 4x a week and a little strength and flexibility training
  • I've been doing a ton of reading and research, which I will continue
  • I've started trying to eat better -- more veggies, fewer processed foods
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Update on the oops: Did an "early" test this morning (haven't missed my period yet), negative, so now we're back on for August TTC, assuming my period comes . Taking vitamins, getting a little more exercise, trying not to eat crap, etc. Kinda disappointed, but it's all good.
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i am TTC #2 in the fall, prob november. i can't wait! DS was a surprise so the idea of trying for it is something new!

my goals before ttc:
  • build up my nutrition, i just weaned my ds at 2 yrs. i want to build up my omega 3's, ca/mg/zinc, vit D, and iron, as well as b12. i plan to have my ferritin checked.
  • get heavy metal testing. i really wish i had done some chelation before my first pregnancy. i have had amalgam fillings in the past and didn't have them removed properly.
  • more yoga and meditation. i have some emotional blocks that i need to work through.
  • a food allergy challange. i have been avoiding wheat for 6 years. i would like to challenge now that i am not breastfeeding and see where i stand. i may do a full food allergy test.
  • boosting my body, i have some ideas, herbs such as withania, rhodiola and eluethrococcus. i have also used the chinese tonic tang kuei and peony in the past, good stuff. builds the blood. i might do a round
  • track my cycles (BBT, CM) so i know what's happening and when.
  • learn more about 'conscious conception', there is a book i'd like to get.
  • having some fun! now that i weaned i want a weekend away with my DH. also some fun with friends, evenings out. and possibly some intoxication.
  • oh and my goals with ds. now she is weaned, i also plan to move to big girl bed as soon as i get a mattress, and today is potty training day 1!

i think that's it!
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Count me in. Assuming my "oops" this month doesn't lead to a bfp, we are planning to start in August. My goals:

Get in better shape. I slacked off with the yoga and I really want to have a good routine going before TTC.
Eat better, of course. I haven't been the kindest to my body when it comes to nutrition so I need to get back on track.
I just re-started my prenatal vitamins and plan to re-start my fish oil, chlorophyll, acidophillus and RRL tea.
Ds is still nursing (will be 3 in July). I don't plan to change anything there.
I also have some negative energy blocks that need to take a hike, pronto!
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Gee- wish we could ttc in August, too. We're planning to ttc the end of the year- November or so. In preparation, dh & I are doing a few things & planning to do a few more.

- We are working out financials so I can quit my job, and hopefully we can move closer to family (if dh can get a good job in Greensboro, NC area).
- I have started exercising regularly & I hope I can keep that up- I would like to try for a HBA2C, so I need to ready my body for the task!
- I NEED to start eating better. I have a really hard time with this one- I love processed sweet stuff, so I need to focus and try to curb that.
-I could probably stand to lose a couple of pounds, though the toning is more important, imo.
-I have been thinking about prenatal vitamins. I have some leftover from ds, though they may be well out of date, I'll have to check. I was thinking I'll start taking vitamins seriously in late August.
-I'll have to have an annual, and have my IUD out- in August, I think.
-I'm glad a PP mentioned dental work. I guess I should get that done, too. Another one I've been avoiding & dreading!

I guess that's it, other than reading & getting involved in MDC again. I guess I'll have to get some books for DS about becoming a big bro. Oh, and I need to research HBA2C & find a midwife.
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Me Too!

I am so happy I found this site! I am TTC in August as well. #1 for me.

I've started taking folic acid and I'm continuing my b-12. I'll probably start an actual prenatal after I get pregnant.

I'm currently obsessing on not obsessing about getting pregnant. I was on the fence for so long, once I made a decision, I want to get pregnant right now! But, we are going to see if we can't time things, so I can get a decent mat leave. I'm in Hong Kong so I only get 10 weeks, but if I mix it in with my summer vacation, I get a month extra.

I've been eating mostly vegan and trying to go to the gym.
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We won't be trying till 2011, but before we try again i'd like to have my wisdom teeth removed for sure. I'd also like to get back to the chiropractor and make sure my back is in shape BEFORE I conceive this time. It sucked trying to fix my back while I was pregnant. I'll of course continue seeing the chiro while pregnant, but hopefully this time around I won't be in as much pain! Also gotta start up yoga again. It's so freakin hard when there's no one to watch babe so I can peacefully get to doing my yoga routine. I'm an evening yoga person... but babe has been staying up late. I never have time anymore! Ugh!!! Also want to get hiking again and do lots of that so i'll be in super great shape. hehe. I don't know what else. I don't really have any weight to lose at this point. I would like to firm up my tummy... but I guess it's gonna be all stretched out again anyway.
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What about a detox? "Chelation"? I have read up on this and am thinking about it to get the toxins etc out, I think it could be a good thing, but I don't know much about it at this point and I think it might be expensive. At least a general detox soon (still wanting to TTC in August). Any thoughts?
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Off the top of my head, I'm thinking of taking my prenatals again, getting some dental work done, and starting to hit the gym again so I'll be in good shape. It'll probably be a few months before I feel like my body is ready, but I want to do it right.
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