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Originally Posted by shaquanamillridge View Post
Thanks for the idea about joining the Luzerne mama's group, I hesitate because I am not a new mama, breastfeeding or a mama to be as of this time, but if others with preschoolers can tag along then I will check it out.
I also joined the group at the same time as earthymato2, I am not a new mom and am not breastfeeding anymore either. I have a 5 year old daughter and 19 month old son.
I am really hoping to get involved with homeschoolers that would like to do field trips and the like, both of my kiddos are packed full of energy and love making new friends. :
I think you are the one that just joined the group but I wanted to throw this out there since I just saw it after I welcomed you to the group.
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Well, I'm currently stuck on the edge of NEPA. I'm trying to get out but my finances have other ideas.

Yes, the "brain drain" effect and the provincialness are no secret. I see it in discussions all over the internet, the reputation is pretty far spread. Heck, look at all the state campaigns to keep young people in PA... everyone moves out looking for jobs, cultural opportunities, and good schools for their kids. Local government corruption is rampant. There are no jobs to be had, not even for skilled labor. They stick you at a couple bucks an hour above minimum wage and there you sit, just barely scraping by, year after year. It's been a year and a half since we got out and we're just finally catching up on all the debt from all those years of not making a living wage. I have no idea how all those poor unskilled laborers, the people frying your donuts and ringing up your groceries, survive. Yet that's what the vast majority of the people living in NEPA are doing.

I'm sorry that the thread got derailed, but I'm just commenting on what it is now. I've been here for almost 31 years now so I like to think I have a pretty good perspective. I've been poor, different, and an outcast for most of it.
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serenbat i'm sorry you're offended- i don't think anyone had intended to create an arguement over this. however, it can be very frustrating and upsetting to be new to an area and get such negative feedback. most don't have the option to just move back to sepa. i think the info you provided would be more beneficial to someone just considering the move rather than one who is already here and trying to settle.... when you're in the latter position, it's more helpful to learn of the more positive aspects of nepa (and there are many). again, i really am sorry that any of this upset you and i'm sorry you had such a bad experience here... i do hope you have found your place in sepa. :
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I must say that I must be incredibly lucky, as I have lived up here for more than a year and have not encountered any closed minded people. Actually, we moved up here from South Jersey and we love it. I don't miss SEPA/Southern NJ at all.

There are good points and bad points to any area. And you are going to come across judgemental people from all faiths, creeds, lifestyles, regardless of where you live geographically. I think that this area of PA lends itself to waldorf/unschooling/charlotte mason schooling in particular because of all of the nature that we have at our fingertips that is harder to find in SEPA.
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