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Homebirth in Biloxi/Gulfshores

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What is the homebirth vib there? Do you guys have homebirth MWs? Just wondering what the "feel" of midwifery was in your area.

Oh and FYI I met GULFPORT!!
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I have lived in the area for a year now. When I got pregnant in November I looked and looked for a midwife. I found one in Lucedale, but it was too far to drive for the appointments. I found one in Van Cleave, but she can't do anything "medical" such as stitches or injections, but she is also a doula, so I chose to have a natural hospital birth with her. There is another midwfe in Mobile who will come this far for homebirths, but you have to go to her home in Mobile for appointments. I would have done that, but she chose not to take me as a client because I'm "high risk". She also works with a nurse practitioner and an OB who are homebirth friendly, so if you needed stuff like prescriptions or ultrasounds, etc, you could work with them and have their support in your homebirth. If you want names of these midwives, just pm me!
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I am in Ocean Springs, MS - due in the next 2 weeks. I have use the CPM in Lucedale for prenatal care and she will come to my house for the delivery. She has clients from Gulfport to Hattiesburg to Mobile.

I know there is also a midwife that does homebirth located here in OS.
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I just found this posting while searching for something. Could you provide the name of the Mobile midwife you referred to? Thanks!

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Hey BlueandGold:


I sent you a PM with the name and contact info for the midwife from Mobile that Handzfull was referring to.


Best Wishes,



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    I am also looking for a midwife in the Mobile/Baldwin County area willing to assist in a homebirth. Could you please send me the info for the midwife in Mobile and any others you might have.


Your help would be greatly appreciated!!!



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Friends of Ms midwives Directory.

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