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the toddler bed!

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Tonight is the first night Paige is sleeping in her new toddler bed


She's been a great sleeper for awhile; we did the family bed for a good year and a half, and then she went to the crib on her own. Last week or so, she demanded to "come back to bed" so I let her, but today my husband put her toddler bed together, and she's in it!

Her room is as safe as its' going to get for now, and I have the gate in front so she can't wander outside for a walk in the woods, but I'm STILL nervous that she's going to get hurt or something

I just wanted to share. I hope I can sleep tonight, pff
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Our son will be doing the same shortly... let us know how it went!
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She was okay until she heard her father and I laughing over a repeat of "The Office" we were watching, and she woke up and realized she was alone, in her dark room.

She fell back asleep, but woke up once more, and we ended up co-sleeping the rest of the night. This morning though, she was "reading in bed" and loving it, so tonight we will try again.
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I remember when my boys went to their own beds, the first few months we were paranoid about how they were doing in there. of course, they were fine. it was dh and I who had the issues
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We just bought a twin for DS yesterday! We tried to put his crib mattress on the floor a couple months ago, but it didn't work out. He was sick at the time though, and really restless, so he had a hard time staying on it
Last night I was worried I would be up and down all night, but he didn't make a peep for 12 hours! Woohoo! I hope your transition is smooth also.
Now lets see how naptime goes... it sounds quiet in there....
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