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Sterling, VA questions

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Hubby is interviewing for what seems like a great job there. Is it super expensive? Are less expensive areas rough areas? I just want to be able to go for walks and feel safe about it. In CA we could not afford to live in a very nice area and it was not a good feeling. We had a drug house across the street, etc. Don't mind a small/medium commute (an hr at most I think). Is that reasonable?
Online it seems like we can afford to live in Sterling (realtor.com) but a friend of my mom is saying we need to be making over 100K to live there.

Any thoughts/input appreciated.
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You do NOT need to be making 100K to live here, especially if you are just buying now. We are two towns over in Leesburg and also moved from CA. I'd start by searching this forum for old threads on the area (don't just search Sterling:also try Ashburn, Leesburg, Loudoun County & Fairfax County)

If start seriously looking at the area and have specific questions feel free to PM me.
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also we like cbmove.com to look at local listings.
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I just moved here from CA too, and find it much much more reasonable, feel free to PM me too.
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If your husband is going to work in Sterling, Ashburn is a great place to raise a family. SO many kids. The housing has gotten very reasonable too. There are a lot of forclosures around here and short sales. I was actually looking today and a decent sized townhouse (like 1200-1300 sq ft with 3 br's) can start at under $200k. You can get what some people might call a "luxury" townhouse for $250 or less.
Ashburn is sort of new. The town has been here for hundreds of years but within the last 10 or 15 years it started becoming developed. LOTS of shopping around here, many shopping centers, schools galore.
Leesburg is also an old town but with more older housing.
There are questionable parts of Sterling and Leesburg, but also wonderful parts. There are fewer questionable parts of Ashburn compared to those two towns in my opinion.
Good luck!
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