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My son will not stop hitting and kicking. Hes doing it to people and animals. he corners the cats and and dog and just goes to town. The dog will walk by and he will just punch her in the face. or haul off and kick the cats if they get close enough.

He also hits people. and not usually when hes angry either. youll get close to him and he just starts swinging and then starts hollering that hes mad at you.... but you did nothing but cross his path.

I'm at my wits end. I tell him no, i put him in time out, make him say sorry. get on his level and explain that we have to use gentle hands... and hes says hes very sorry and then walks over and kicks the dog.

We live with my inlaws and they have 4 cats and a dog plus 5 other people... I feel like I am constantly correcting him or hearing someone yelling at him.... its just non stop!

I need help!