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A BAD day

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I'm having a terrible day
I'm exhausted, uninspired, and cranky

Anyone else feeling like crap and want to start a rant post with me
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I have a head cold and I feel like my head is inside a pot with my 2 boys banging wooden spoons on it. It's been a long day.
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Complete crappy day here with way too much yelling on everyone's part.
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I'm a bit late.. but damn I know what ya mean : I had to go to a travel agent today to pay for tickets to visit my son (the last time I saw him he was coming out of a 5week coma so I REALLY need to see him now that he's much better) and could my 7,5,3yr olds behave for the 10minutes it took to do that? NO : They were FERAL *sigh*
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I was going to start a self-pity post.
With everything going on in the extended family and everything I need to get done for all the company coming, work and without dh's help cuz he's got a gout flareup...I suddenly came down with a toothache, a molar. The pain is radiating to my ear or I have an earache too. Going to have the doc check my ear tomorrow. I'm really not sure but I didn't waste anytime and I have the first available dr and dentist appt. I just can not be out of commission.

I came home just wanting peace and quiet and there were FIVE children here. Only 3 of them supposed to be here.
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Sigh, I have a head cold. A teenager whose being a total pain in the butt and an uncooperative husband.

Yes, I'm having a little pity party. I'll get over myself soon.
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Dh is out of town picking up things for our new house, we have 2 mortgages right now, money is tight, I'm trying to potty train my 3 y/o twins, they are both in crabby moods and will not stop screaming at nothing. I have a terrible headache from listening to it.....AHHHH!
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I'm so sick of my mean neighbors. The teens follow me and call me "fatass", and spit gum on my asphalt driveway. The adults stand in the middle of the road when I am trying to drive somewhere and won't move unless I get out my phone and act like I'm calling the cops. There are two old men with vicious german shepherds that they let run loose. I am so sick of it all.
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(hugs all around)
I have to update that I have a great dentist and my tooth feels so much better I only needed 1 of the pain killers. Wish I would have had them friday though. LOL.
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Awww. Hugs. Hope you are fine now.
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My crazy aunt and I mutually cut each other off when she disowned me for not liking my cousin's abusive boyfriend and I ran as fast as I could away from their craziness. Now that I've removed myself from her, she talks crap about me to the rest of the family. My entire life my cousin(not crazy aunt's daughter) and myself were pitted against each other because of Crazy Aunt and her drama. I would like a relationship with her but she believes what Crazy Aunt says. Should I just give up on having an extended family or send her dead rats in the mail?

J/k...I wouldn't do that to the postman. Or the rat.
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I had a bad night, not a bad day (yet). I woke up every two hours to pee and had a splitting headache and hip cramps that kept me awake. For a few minutes I tried to imagine taking care of my baby, housework, husband, etc., while enduring the pain. Just to see if I could hack it. Turns out I can't! I have about three months left of pregnancy to become inured to my own discomfort...

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I am hugging everyone in my head, seriously!
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