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Thank you so much for sharing! I have had a lot of trouble finding Waldorf blogs to read because most I come across are very materialistic..posting about the beautiful Waldorf toys they bought and lovely natural yarns and fabrics to craft with, and not much else. I don't mean any disrespect, it is nice to see those things, they are beautiful, but for me that isn't what Waldorf is about. I really like Frontier Dreams because although these beautiful things are present, they are not the centerpiece. I am glad to have many more blogs to read!
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seattlewaldorf.wordpress.com has a great blog!
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this is pretty wonderful....
The Children's Year Craft-Along blog
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Originally Posted by mommabeehilly View Post
this is pretty wonderful....
The Children's Year Craft-Along blog
Oh, how wonderful!
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this one is not specifically waldorf but i think there is a lot that is "waldorf friendly"...

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so inspiring.

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I'm not very knowledgeable about Waldorf, but I have and use The Children's Year; Festivals, Families, and Food; and All Year Round.

My blog includes some of the festival ideas that we use from these books, as well as homeschooling and folk music stuff. Not too exciting, but I'll share anyway!


I'm excited to find these other blog links. I'm always trying to make our festivals and traditions richer and more beautiful, and I see some great ideas already.
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Thanks for the great collection of blogs...I found some new ones that are really great!
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Oh, I have not been to the Waldorf forum in so long, but what a treat to come here today and find all of these treasures! Thank you for posting. Am looking forward to exploring more.
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so many inspiring blogs out there. i don't have any faves that haven't already been listed, it seems.
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Favorite blog

My current favorite is:

I want her to be my mommy and grow up in that home myself. I quess reading abut it and seeing her pictures will have to do.
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Yeah I like many of the ones mentioned ... My current fave for eye-candy is the unschooling blog childhoodmagic . Makes me wanna live in Florida - or be unschoolers.
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I was just about to head off to bed... then I found this post and ALL the wonderful blogs,many of them being favorites of mine as well.

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This is a great collection of blogs!

I would like to add:


Donnies Discovering Waldorf Articles are true treasures. So many different views on Waldorf education and philosophy.


My own blog is mainly about Waldorfdolls and dollmaking but I have some "Waldorf crafting together with kids tutorials"

to share on my blog as well as some posts about our yearly rhythm and festivities as a waldorf schooling family:


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I've got a blog, too, now! I'm not a homeschooler but I am a Waldorf teacher and I post about things I do with my 6th grade class. I also share teaching resources -- mostly things I used last year in fifth grade.



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I bet some of these are posted but I am going to share those I'm reading/catching up on tonight!







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Coolness! Thank you so much for posting everyone!!!! Hugs! 

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My friend has a lovely blog over at www.chocoeyes.blogspot.com.  She has some great tutorials on making wooden gnomes, crafty girl.


I have one too... www.cedarringmama.wordpress.com. I tend to blog about what we do outside for homeschooling, nature lover that I am... but sometimes I get philosophical and every now and then throw in updates on the Waldorf Supply Co-op I run.  We just had an incredible launch of Grade One with a scavenger hunt in the woods for hidden math gnomes... fun times.


Has anyone mentioned Twig & Toadstool yet?  It is not active anymore but they left a ton of content up. www.twigandtoadstool.blogspot.com.





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I'm so sad because my favourite blog - red dirt mother - was taken down a while back. I used to be so inspired by that blog and loved reading about that family.


Not sure if either of these two were mentioned...

A new favourite of mine is Little Home Blessings - http://www.littlehomeblessings.com/

I also love Uncommon Grace - http://uncommongrace.typepad.com/


It has been mentioned several times, but I am still loving Frontier Dreams. Such a beautiful blog!

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I am a lurker, too!  :)  I also have a blog, http://joyfultoddlers.com that is Waldorf/LifeWays

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