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wooden scooter?

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dh really wants to get dd a scooter. I would prefer to just hold off and get a balance bike when we can afford one but he thinks a scooter right now would be fun.

At target they have all the dora, sponge bob whatever character ones. I've looked at the radio flyer first scooter which seems ok and there is a mini razor one that is also ok but so much plastic and probably lead paint i dunno

Anyone know of any wood scooters? Maybe something like the balance bikes but to stand up and scoot on?

I havent really been able to find anything
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My son loved his Radio Flyer First Bike when he was 1-3. It was like this one here but I bought it used, re-painted it, and spent all of five dollars.

These should last through at least three children--perhaps try Craigslist and see if you can dredge up a used one.

Alternatively, we LOVE our Skuut, which was around $80, if I recall correctly. It's lasted a year so far, and we predict it will last another. It's wood, although I'm sure it's made in China, but we could not afford one of the European-made balance bikes.
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This wooden scooter looks pretty sweet: http://store.imaginechildhood.com/citrusscooter.aspx

We have a wooden wagon made from this company and absolutely love it!
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Here's a Plan toys wooden scooter

there is also one at Moolka but it's out of stock.

I don't think that I've seen any wooden scooters that are going to be cheaper then a balance bike (at least the skuut version). Unless you garage sale one or make one.

I think the Skuut is slightly safer then a scooter if it helps. My youngest was given a Skuut when he turned 2, he had already been using his older sibs (all metal) razor. He was much closer to the ground on the balance bike and was way more steady.
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We have this scooter and it moves! My dd has loves riding it in the house and outside. It's held up very well. We've had it for two years now. We also have this Radio Flyer scooter but it is very slow. Needless to say, it doesn't get ridden much at all.
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Originally Posted by melamama View Post
That's a nice one! I found this one which to me is a little too retro to use as a real toy.
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