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Naturopath in Raleigh area needed fast!

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In need of an experienced Natropath for my 3yo ds. He has broken out in severe hives and has had them for 8 days now. Never had them before or any indication that he has any type of allergy.

I am very concerned. We are on all sorts of antihistimines b/c they were affecting his throat as well...and it just makes me sick to be giving him all this med. I tried homeopathic right off the bat... but didn't really help.

I am considering stripping his diet down to the basics.

If it were just one or two days fine...but he is still having them. Poor little guy is miserable and I am getting more worried by the day.

Thanks for your suggestions.
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I pm'ed you!
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Could just be pollen. I have had hives from pollen before and I'm not usually allergic to pollen. I had the hives one year I cleaned out a very polleny porch. This year has been especially pollen-y, too. It has bothered even me some this year. That's two years out of the 44 I've been living in NC, so it may be what's bothering your little guy, too.
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