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Hi, I am sorry you were so upset. I read this and felt very distressed. I also wondered if you really even know what sense of play I speak of. If you talk of pillow fighting and tickling .. Then I don't think you do understand. I have a 5 year old as my oldest but I know many older kids. It seems the toys and shows targeted for the 8 year olds and olders are the ones I am talking about. Think about it this way better; Mitt Romeny took his grandchildren .. I think 11 and 13 to see "the hunger games" and if there had been a rape scene in that movie - it would have been rated R instead of pg-13.. Does that make more sense? It is somewhere before that at the age of 8-13 where the play seems to be enough to prepare "kids" for something that violent in our culture and I do feel that way because of video games I have seen kids play.. It all seems to domino into this play and I did jump ahead to that kind of play - older than pillow fights .. To set my question. If you had a lot of experience with older kids (that have parents that allow and support this mainstream kind of play) I think you would not have had such a hard time with my question. I totally get why you did though. This is way more about gun and play killing than your children are into. It is a very hard place to be in the group when you do see and hear play that you know is not coming from the child's heart but more from some sort of mainstream show or movie lines they just saw but was pushing the limits for even the child. I am very much pointing at the power and the ego that it builds up and I think that a mom and woman being uncomfortable with it is a huge sign it is not comparable with our hearts, as peacemakers and also as the real power of love in this new world conciseness of global respect. I think it is very much looking at our worn torn past to see and hear the ways of men and children having their play therapy. I do agree it is okay.. But I think the age group should be much higher. I am not sure why they think it is so fun though. I often wonder if they would invite Budda, Ghandi or Jesus Christ to pull up a chair and a pile of GI Joes? And would they give their children a toy gun at a birthday party? It is okay for me to allow some of the play in my home but I will never allow it to take over or get over 25% of the toys and also want a huge amount of childhood to be played cooperatively and kindly, curiously and creatively before it goes into a daily amount of destruction. Maybe 10.. And still have to make sure that society isn't dimming the light in my children. I have read so many quotes about the importance of play too. I do love rough housing and playing "cubs" with them.. But bare fist fighting in a duel at a older man age, or aikido seems to be such a more human way to "figure out the world" then to practice some sort of high powered weapon. But that is just me..
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Hi, I can see your point.  It's so hard to read it and digest it without paragraph breaks though!!  I don't have much experience with older kids playing fighting games, we've been pretty sheltered with the 8 and under crowd. 

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