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WOW! oh my goodness, Lindsay!!! I'm so glad that she's here & she's safe {{{HUGS}}} I can't believe how positive you sound about the whole thing- amazing

(p.s. I got your paypal)
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Originally Posted by Lindsay1234 View Post
Little update:

I pretty much have no update, we sit down with all the docs and specialists today. From what Ive heard in passing, she actually will probably have to have the surgery sooner than expected, maybe in next couple weeks BUT our cardio surgeon is amazing and she is so big, it makes her heart that much easier to work on. She has a pulled muscle in her neck from the dystocia and still is on a ventilator. The docs say her lungs are "gorgeous" but the heart problem is making it hard for them to work. But shes stable and thats all I could ask for at this point in time!!!

Oh yeah, ans shes is freaking adorable. Like, REALLY adorable!!!

Im pumping and rented a hospital grade pump so thats going really well!!!

Talk with you soon!!

Heres a couple pics and dont be scared, theres a lot of tubes, but they are for good!


Thats wonderful Lindsay! I'm so thrilled she is ok! She is a cutie! Thanks so much for the update. Hope her surgery goes well.
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Wow, Lindsay, she's incredible! Good job making a big baby so the docs have an easier time. Seriously, she looks like a 6 week old! You are incredible and she is beautiful! And what a full head of hair!
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Lindsay, she is gorgeous! I have had 2 in NICU before so I know its not easy, but your attitude is great. I'm so glad you have great doctors! Congratulations on your beautiful daughter::::
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Shes doing GREAT today!!! Needs surgery next week but we knew that might happen, so no biggie.
We got to see her move a little today and "cry" (no sound cause the tubes) but seeing her cry was just as sweet as hearing it!

It was a great day today.

As for the attitude, I have no choice than try and be positive, the negative one Ive had was NOT healthy for me or the family!
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Oh wow, she is huge and beautiful, she hardly looks like a newborn! Like you said, its probably for the best for her to be so big, right? Helps her stay healthy through everything that is coming up.
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My gosh, the fatness! SO CUTE

(And I updated the announcement thread with her birthdate )
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I'm in love with her! Talk about one cute baby. It sounds like she is doing very well. Make sure you take care of yourself too, easier said then done, eh. I'll be thinking of you guys, do keep us updated.
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Julian would like to get the first marriage proposal in....

She's beautiful, mama!
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s mama

She's beautiful. That's great news she's bigger so it's easier on the doctors. I guess she was bigger for a good reason.
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Wow Lindsay! You are amazing!!! I am in awe of your attitude! What a lucky baby to have such a wonderful mama!!! I will say prayers for your little girl! What a beautiful baby!!! THanks for sharing the pics!When she gets older she will be amazed to see what she overcame at such a young age!
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Thanks for all the kind words guys!!!

Sophia has been incredibly stable the past few days. I got to hold her for the first time 4 days a go and yesterday afternoon she OPENED HER EYES!!!!!! She has been so swollen from the meds and the birth that she was unable to open them. DD and I were at her side when she finally did and then last night she stared right at me for 40 min. I have never been so happy. She grabbed my finger with her fat hand and squeezed and started sucking on her ventilator. I have a feeling breastfeeding will be a snap for her to pick up.
I remember that feeling of connection with the baby from when dd1 was born. It literally clicks and I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Im incredibly blessed.

So tomorrow she has a shunt placed and then 5 to 7 days of recovery and then we can assess if she is ready to come home! The shunt will be placed through her femoral artery, not a heart surgery.
They have been letting me change her, clean her, take her temp, little things. When the docs do rounds, they laugh because hers are the shortest cause shes doing so well!!
Otherwise, everything else is going well, Im pumping pretty successfully, and that fog of sadness and fear has lifted. I cant wait to update everyone on the post-op and the homecoming!!!

Oh yeah, and she has CURLY hair!!!!!! Like me!!!!!
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that is wonderfl to hear she is doing so well!

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow when she needs the shunt put in
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Look at all that gorgeous hair!!!!

WTG, mama!
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Oh Lindsay, congrats! She is simply perfect! I <3 her! You're all in my thoughts and prayers. If you need any frozen breastmilk, let me know i have an over abundance sitting in my freezer.
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go, go, sophia ::
ggod luck with the shunt!
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Wonderful to hear!
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Sophia is soooo beautiful!
I am glad to know that she is doing well!
I will be thinking of her and your family tomorrow.
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I am so glad that she's doing well! : You sound so calm and strong. I don't know how you do it, given the amount of worrying I've done over my baby's really minor heart problem. You're my hero!
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What a great update!! I will be thinking of you all tomorrow .
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